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Papika become your imouto.
What you do anon?
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Fuck her.
Can't wait for Papika doujin's
Ask her to introduce me to her friend Cocona.

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Reminder. Purple > *
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Purple was the least bland when it came being tropey.

Then again when the self-insert MC is higher quality than normal the girls tend to take a nosedive in quality

Is it true that in the LN, the author killed the rest of the girls so that Red could win?
If this is true then bravo. Even though Red a shit.

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Mugi is best girl
Prove me wrong
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W-what did you do with Nodoka, Mugi? Why do you have her glasses?
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Mugi is friends with best girl.
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Mugi is boring!

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did you post this thread?
Why what?
A thread died for this.

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Are you niggers ready for the SemenDemons the animation?

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>loli's can't be semen demons

since when? Also, they're JK's, not loli's

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Oto no
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I always loved this ED. I can't believe I used to watch it on TV back like 16 years ago now. What the fuck happened?
Is there any more of this artist's work out there?

I loved the sci-fi fantasy feel of it.
Which ED is better, the first or second one, /a/?

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Accelerator on the front page!
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Is Accelerator a virgin?
Science dictates yes.
when will based god /a/ccelerator become relevant again?

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FUCK the ending to this show. Taiga said she was on good terms with her mom, so there was no reason for her mom to act like a total bitch when seeing her again. I get that Minori wants her friend to be safe but really? Her life's savings? What about all that shit she said about backing off and letting people find their own happiness? What the fuck was she planning to do from then on? Because you can't go to college without a penny to your god damn name. And if Taiga was so happy that she had finally found a place where she belonged and felt like she was a part of Ryuji's family, why the hell would she just through it all away and leave to go be with her bitch of a mom without even saying goodbye? And to add the cherry onto the shit heap, why the fuck did she headbutt him after he said he loved her? He hasn't seem her for goddamn months and still loved her, so she drops her dere completely and goes right back to being tsun? What the FUCK is character development, amirite? Kind of fucking ruins the moment. Hell, if they showed just a few more minutes of interaction between them, they could've ended it on a sweeter note and it wouldn't have left as sour of a taste as it did. The journey was enjoyable, but the destination sucked ass. Minori best girl.

Also, Toradora thead.
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I think her acting tsun was just because she was so nervous after not seeing him for so long, but didn't it show her acting bashful after head butting him?
If you count her saying "What are saying embarrassing stuff like that for?!" two seconds before the episode ends then sure, she was acting "bashful."
I do

>he wasn't invited to LWA's launch party
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which is the one that draws all the smut?
>me on bottom center
His smile and optimism: restored

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ITT: characters who deserve their own series
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Good characters are good because of the way they interact with the rest of the cast. Remove kumagawa from the context of opposing mekada and he just becomes shounen protagonist#345. He's not good if he's not a villain.
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I agree but I can also see why people would want more of him

Probably going to go reread medaka box now, its been awhile since I've read it
Nishio set multiple mangas based on him you know.

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It's out

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about time someone else started doing shit
why is this epic series not popular on /a/?
lack of plot

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>KyoAni doesn't have a single memorable design
Defend this.
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>>KyoAni doesn't have a single memorable design
Yet you're making this thread with a certain design in mind, what did you mean by that?
troll harder you worthless pathetic autist
it's a troll you idiot
Oh, if you don't tell me
I'd never knew it, thanks m0

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Is it bad that I wouldn't mind being a house-husband to her?
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Yes, you should be an adventurer right along side her so you can be a bantering battle couple instead.
House husband is the most redpilled occupation.

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Take a look at this. This is a baka.
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No, that's a retard.
For breeding.
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What is this then?

Rossiu was right.
He was a sane man in an insane world, there was no changing the fact that humanity was doomed, there was no way he could put his faith to "spiral power" when Lordgenome is proof that it had failed against the Anti-Spiral before.

The only thing he could do was keep the peace, maintain public order.
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And get best girl kill

Fuck Soda Sr
>Rossiu was right.
No, he wasn't.

>He was a sane man in an insane world,
Failing to accept the physical laws of your universe is illogical. It's unscientific. In everyday life, it's called insanity.
Rossiu was the insane one.
except spiral power defies all scientific and physical rules ( at least as far as the humans were concerned, im sure the anti spirals has some equation that could explain it)

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