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>started watching it for the OP
>got Tomino'd

never again

should've just watched one of the Getter OVAs

The ending is actually a happy one. Stop being edgy anon.

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I double dare ya to give me better slice of life manga than this.
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>WAOTS confirmed in one (1) episode
How did they do it? Legit surprised.
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your are an idiot
That's not LWA.
>Rolls up a joint
so DUDE it's like alternative history DUUUUUDE
>Lights it up
But get this DUUUDE the guys are like Nazis and there's magic cyberpunk flying boots that are completely out of the place
>Whole room bursts into laughter
and get this DUUUUUUDE the main character is a trap DUUUUUDE
>Everyone is holding their stomach whizzing for air as they laugh

Why Evangelion is only a dirty Space Runaway Ideon Rip off
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have you actually seen ideon
The same reason Gunbuster is a dirty Aim for the Ace ripoff. Anno is a plagiarising Hack.

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Who are top waifus of the season?

I cant decide between Aki and Mashu
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You seem to be using the word "waifu" to refer to your "favorite/best girl". Stop being retarded, don't do that.
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>waifus of the season

A decent anime or a shit excuse just to show tits and ass?
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Decent excuse to show tits and ass
It's deconstruction.
Empowering show furthering the rights of asses and titties globally

Was TO BE HERO too good for /a/?
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Last episode was a bit messy hearing Min-chan cram up all her lines as fast as she could, but it was a refreshing series all in all.
Watch the chinese original version it's longer and has a clear ending.

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They can finally fuck.

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This scene is fucking bullshit, they should have let him take the revenge he deserved.
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>I can't understand basic things
he is a better person than that
but /a/ will not understand
"If you kill him you will become just like him"

No way.
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No way the heroine just disappear forever.
Who can write this kind of ending?
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The way author milks this shit is just pathetic.
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Shiraishit is a fucking trash girl and I don't see what Yamada likes about her so much.

He is surrounded by perfect girls and chooses the worst looking one that also happens to have a tomoko personality/autism.

Pic related, it's best girl

This show was very good, and the manga has only gotten better since.

OVA 3 subbed, before OVA 2. Subs are a bit shit but it's the only option.
>[UrbanTbc] Akatsuki no Yona OAD 03 [DVDrip 848x480][SoftSub]
Zeno is best boy.
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Yona a cute!
Oh, cool. The first OVA was the onsen episode right? Also S2 when?

Good thing watching viet cartoons for years made me not desperate for subs.
>S2 never and the manga gets exponentially better

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Is this a jojo reference?
Is this a jojo reference?
>jojo opening
>gets sound effects in the last episode

Does this have potential?
It's different but could you see yourself watching more shows like it?
Not specifically talking about the CGI either.
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who is that brown slut
delete this!!!!
unironic rwby threads are the best

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>Looks like a girl
>Sounds like a girl
>Acts like a girl
>Is a boy
Why does Japan ALWAYS fucking do this?
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Shut up you homo.
Not with these hips.
Because your penis gets hard and Japan knows you don't like it.

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Looking back was it really THAT BAD?
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It was great

One of the best on the medium
This show if for people with IQ higher than average. That's why anime community hates it.
Yes. The manga wasn't even that good to begin with.

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