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I'm going to kill myself if Dog Days season 4 isn't announced by December 31st 2017.
I want to visit the bunny's snow kingdom so much...
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Season 4 will have a new Kingdom ruled by a king based on Trump and the entire kingdom will be a parody of America
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>season 4
I'd pay a fortune and one of my limbs to fund an indefinite amount of Doge Days seasons. Though hopefully they'd be about heartwarming family fun and headpats and cuddles and not about dumb flying whales.

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This is your waifu
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i have no complaints
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Best washboard just got better.

I'm stuck with fucking HorribleSubs shit for nearly everything from the past year or so that I've wanted to watch. What happened to subgroups?
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Horriblesubs didn't release LWA so asenshi subbed it.
CrunchyRoll simulcasts slowly killed off the fansub scene. The early 2010s was probably the last time that fansubs were still prominent and something you could expect for every show.
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Change one thing in an anime's starting episode which would completely change the entire rest of the series. The smaller the better.

Starting with the obvious one: Index lands on a different balcony.
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>Mio doesn't show Ritsu her literature application
>joins the literature club
>K-On never founded
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>Kite doesn't visit Whale Island
>Gon either gets killed by the Foxbear mother or never becomes a hunter
>mfw without Gon, Kurapika and Leorio would die in the Hunter Exam. Killua would probably kill one of them.
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>Nina shoots Johan twice.

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Name a better male character. You can't.

ps gilgamesh a shit
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Fujos should leave /a/
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>tfw every fate character ever is retroactively ruined by the piece of shit that is FGO

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I'll start.
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>autistic bacon hands
>best anything

Bebop, Champloo, or Dandy?
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>is shit

How do you determine what your favorite anime are? By how entertaining it is, regardless if it makes sense? Or about how thoughtful it is despite how slow it can be? Or maybe by how you're able to watch it over and over again and not become bored.

What's your favorite anime, and why? You don't have to choose one. Personally, Ebichu for me is always at the top because I can watch it over and over and still be entertained, while Seikon no Quasar has great plot.
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Really gay thread.
I have two ratings for anime- 1 and 10. If I enjoyed an anime, it gets a 10 and if I didn't it's a 1. If it is boring or confusing, I drop and don't rate it.
My personal favourite is Haruhi. I admit it isn't THE best and that it has flaws, but its the first anime I ever watched. I have read all the novels, rewatched it 5+ times along with the movie, and I enjoy it everytime. For me it evokes a really nostalgic and comfy feeling.

Who are the best catgirls in anime/manga?
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She used to be my waifu before Gon had her way with her. Why do all my waifus end up dead?
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A simple manga about a misunderstood delinquent girl and the artist she poses for. And yes there is the watermark bullshit.
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Chapter 1
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Who on their right mind thought this is a good anime? This mess of a plothole filled with fanservice and pointless kawaii shit.

what the fuck is wrong with you /a/?
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I thought it was fun.
It was good at first but the ending was fucking shit
absolute garbage
cant believe i got conned into watching it

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So we all agree she's best girl of the reason right?
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Easily the best out of what I've seen, and I don't believe anything will surpass her. She's just too perfect.
Vampire a best.

Dropped just so I don't have to see the idol cry.
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>autistic MC and autistic heroine

I kinda like it

A chunk of character development is dropped in the anime when compared to the manga. Obviously this is necessary to get any sort of story out of 12 episodes, but it does make the MC's look way more retarded than they already were.
>voiced by Hayamin
I'll enjoy her suffering.
She really is cute though.

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what went wrong
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not enough reign
Absolutely nothing.
Unless it doesn't get another season.
Biting off slightly more than it can chew.

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I already went to the Jan 5th showing (Japanese Dub) but I am not sure if I feel like going tonight (english dub). Aside from the fact that it's a dub, this may be the last time to see this movie in theaters in awhile. However, I already saw this movie 3 days ago, would have to shower, and drive 40 mins just to see it again. The only plus here is that i'll be taking advantage of it's short lived return to theatres, which i already technically took advantage of 3 days ago. should I go tonight, or stay home /a/?
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bump I need help making my decisions anons ;_;
Unless the sub was your first time seeing it, it's not really worth going again. I'm only going because I missed subbed and don't want to miss it entirely.

Also we already have a thread about this ya dingus use the search the catalog next time.
Sub was my first time seeing it! I should go tonight then?

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