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So I'm three seasons in (watching in airing order) and I like it, but is it just me or are there some moments in the dialogue where characters use the most retarded and backwards logic possible, namely in conflict scenes? Is this done intentionally, or is it shitty writing, or am I missing something?
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give an example or I will assume this is bait.
There's this one scene in season two towards the end, where Araragi is fighting those two Aberration hunters, forget their names, but they're fighting him because it was uncovered that one of his sisters wasn't actually his sister, but an immortal phoenix, yada yada yada. So anyway, while they're fighting him, one if the aberration hunters is basically drilling him because he's "forcing his ideals onto his family" (irony) and that he's wrong and should let the sister be taken away, to which he ridiculously agrees to. Then, the aberration hunter does a 360 and pulls out some half-baked philosophy bullshit that literally makes no sense and walks away
There are a couple of other scenes, but this is the one I remembered most clearly

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>described as a nice guy
>did everything for his country, his comrades, and the woman he loves
>'sold out' a lying, scheming, manipulative, brainwashing, mass murdering scumbag
>even said scumbag allowed him to live
>became prime minster of Japan and created a family with his beautiful Britannian wife, truly a symbol of reconciliation and healing between nations

Why do you hate him?
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>sold out to get nation back behind all of his allies backs.

>harbored a amnesiac enemy agent who shot his dumbass when she regained her memories who only stayed her hand and didn't finish the job because of her messed up feelings for him

>betrayed the so called lying, scheming, manipulative, brainwashing, mass murdering scumbag who happened to be the only way his group got powerful enough to challenge the strongest world power on the planet and failed to thing logically that if they were brainwashed by him to serve him they shouldn't be able to act against him.

>didn't even think about the chance that the evidence presented to them that led to said betrayal could had been selectively chosen to leave out key details that would had derailed the case.
Ohgi is a cunt and nothing anyone can say will make him stop being a cunt
breddy gud taste in waifus though, if only he didn't have to betray Lelouch to marry her
It's very unfortunate he got best girl but I suppose not everything can work out well.

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2017-01-09 11_22.png
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I want a loli mother too goddammit.
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>That diet chapter
>Loli not so loli anymore
Woah mama
Wait, what?
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I want a super-powered, caring, single loli mother.

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Is this the best romcom anime ever made?
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Lurk for 2 years before posting and watch more anime.
shut up bitch toradora is one of the best anime of all time kid
Thats not Golden Time anon.....

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I watched the Deen Fate anime back when it was airing and it was so shit, the MC was so dumb, that I never bothered watching other fate shows.
But since 2017 will have so many Fate stuff, I decided to watch the UBW anime and HOLY FUCK.
Shirou is probably one of the best anime protagonists out there. Pure GAR. I love him now.

Let's talk about other franchises you despised at first but that eventually conquered your heart!
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Boku no pico
Gotta agree with that one, I also think that PicoxChico was better.
I use to despise Monster Musunme and faggots who watched it. Now I watch it and just hate myself.

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Only 10 hours left until most bullyable girls of the season makes her appearance.

Are you readdy, /a/?
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Every girl in this series is super cute.
Ever since Yuru Yuri, Dogakobo has been my 1 stop shop for cute girl anime. Can't wait to see what they do with this one.
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So did this slut get impregnated after tempting people with her body?

I didn't know this anime was supposed to be realistic and include a pregnant teenager in their cast.
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>supposed to be realistic and include a pregnant teenager
Must be living in one hell of a shithole.
I came expecting a pure show and all I got was a 15 year old doing indecent things and being pregnant with a baby already.

This is not what I was expecting at all
Nothing as disgusting and degenerate as that.
Its just good, old-fashioned cum inflation.

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Is it one of Togashi's better works?
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It's the best, and easily my favorite shounen.
Is cool, and he did a good job finishing this series, why he cannot do that with his actual work?

>Showa 92
>some people still think that Rumba > Ringo
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>BC -2017
>people think the Showa emperor is still alive
will I ever stop posting this?

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I can not think of a single one?

Pic unrelated.
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Jet love can't melt steel beams.
i never finished it, but what about

terror in resonance ?
but were they the protagonists, even if what they were doing was bad

If that's the game that we're going to play, then Lupin the III.

Who was best boy?
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Max, no question, best bro
I vaguely recall liking the blonde one, whatever his name was. So him i guess.
This. The others aren't even an option. Well, maybe Ray a little but still < Max

I've lost the will to watch anymore.
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don't worry mittermeyer, murai, wahlen, annerose, poplan, dusty, bittenfeld, mecklinger, muller and hilda will also die.
fake spoilers are great

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How popular was it back then,how popular is it today?
Started watching this,10 eps in very good so far,the show started putting everyone together
Very typical 90s anime too
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I was popular on my country when it aired
It* was
It was very popular in New York when it aired on Toonami
so popular in fact that I remember the entire schoolweek after Toonami abruptly stopped airing it in the middle of the arc my entire 6th grade lunch period would start chanting "BRING BACK URAMESHI" obnoxiously as fuck

This should be making me cringe but its actually a fond memory

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>Mou ikkai
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>Kocchi muitei~
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Who are you quoting?

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Why did Mio's pantsu-club consist mostly of females?
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yui chan is so cute
I want to pet it
All girls school
Now this is the real headscracter here

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