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What is your favorite episode ?
Mine is the shroom episode
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Hard Luck Woman, still remember that shit even though I watched it three years ago.
I always really liked the one with the chess master. The episode with fayes childhood video is up there too.
The one where Spike and the others are chasing that cowboy, it's amazing

Just watched this.

So it's basically going to be like True Tears except with Noe winning? Can anyboy who has ready the source material confirm or deny this?
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Oh you silly guy

If this is a bait thread it still makes me feel good
Why do you assume that no girls are watching it?
What the hell is her problem? She's the one who was running like an idiot, not paying attention to her surroundings, and caused the collision. Instead of hitting him, she should be the one apologizing to him. I hope she gets what's coming to her one day.

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I don't care about other girls losing or about incest. But do people actually think this was a good, well-written romance story?
No, that anime was shit. Such anime shouldn't exist, free the space for the good titles, you nips.
Sure was. Too bad it took a side story to make it true.

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I did not expect /ss/ in this anime.
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>tfw no qt Dauphin/Oscar anime
Why even live?
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>antoinette's son looks like a carbon copy of oscar
Rose of Versailles remake by Kyoani when?

How does this make you feel, /a/?
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>couldn't get the smug right
I feel nothing. She's too small to procreate with.
I doubt she'll survive childbirth.

Why do animators do this idiotic bullshit?
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They forgot to remove it
That is, drawing a character's eye through their hair when the hair should be covering the eye. It looks stupid, and if the animators don't want to do it they should just avoid drawing frames where hair covers the characters' eyes.
The eye still showing? Well because that's sort of proper.

At least they made it an outline and not fully color it in or make it look like the eye OVERRIDES the hair.

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Episode 12 still hasn't been subbed yet. I wonder what /a/ thinks of it. For a show about little girls, it sure has a lot of drama and focus on many growing up aspects like puberty for the girls. I was quite surprised that we even got a episode about a girl getting acne. Was very interesting. Who's your favorite couple /a/?
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little girl anime are the only anime actually worth viewing
Episode 11 was subbed just a couple of days ago so there's no need to panic yet.
Do you know what are the chances of us getting a 3rd season? Did the show even have good sales at all?

I don't know what the fuck you're talking about. This shit is gold.
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Looks weird but why not, I'm more concerned about the rest.
It's pretty good so far but I feel that it's one mishandled plot point away from collapsing on us.
Her voice is annoying.

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Trickster Thread. I can't believe pic related is a real thing. It better lead to something.
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Made me google, though its not surprising after reading about it.Well, time to watch the episode.
I had never heard about it either, which is surprising considering this sounds like the sort of illness anime would love to exploit. Can't imagine why they gave it to Hanasaki though, hasn't he been kicked enough?
>hasn't he been kicked enough
He still have his angst, so no. Though Inoue is quite troublesome as well, he probably needs some dicking to mellow out.

It's nice to see that Kobayashi's humanization is progressing well. But I really hope the club drama arc will end soon, it's getting quite tiring.

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why is /a/ hyped for this mediocre moe shit more than gintama ?
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Go ask to 2ch.
because gintama is family guy tier humor
konosuba is the most patrician anime to ever be created, of course people are more excited for it than "lel vomit and dicks and memes"
Please stop making Gintama fans look bad.

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Why is she so spankeable?
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her ass is nowhere near that big in the actual show (and especially not the manga), regardless of perspective
That is a butt that I want to fall face first into.
I want that ass to take me into heaven.

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Well, not exactly "D", I'm a little busy and super unmotivated since the only series in WSJ right now that I read regularly is BnHA. No World Trigger, even, if's hurtin.


Here's almost everything in the magazine. Includes:
Boku no Hero Academia
Shokugeki no Souma
The Promised Neverland
Owari no Seraph
Blue Exorcist

Double pages are not joined, 1568 for spreads.

You can dump things here if you want, or not. All the chapters have probably been seen by everyone last week, though, since someone broke street date REEEAAL early (as usual, around this time).
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Author Comments
Thank you.
Instead of Wan Piss and RWBY there are parts of the Dance Manga in there. What do you mean by this?

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ITT: Completely pointless characters
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Holy shit I completely forgot about this guy, it's been like 10 years since I had his image appear in my head. I can't believe those neurons are still there. He was like the kingest of kais, right?
>A filler character
Of course he's gonna to be pointless
Not even. As soon as he rode off on his motorbike, he was immediately outranked by the Supreme Kai.

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The anime is really good so far. Has anyone read the manga ? Is it worth watching ?
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You want to watch the manga? And yeah, it's great.
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When does the actual season start? The one-shot they put out is amazing and I want more.

Also, threadly reminder that this pimp is voiced by the same guy who voices Ushiwaka in Haikyuu.
I have all manga vols. It's great. Can't wait for quality TV.

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Witches, witches everywhere.
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>flying witch storytime
Good show, OP.

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