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Hey /a/, I'm leaving my Rui here for the night.

Things she likes:

Take good care of her!
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Don't worry, I'll take great care of her
I don't understand her character at all
remember how she began as some sort of slut
now she's some untouchable ice queen

I havent fapped in over a year, and I did today, becausw of this beautiful special, Grasaia no rakuen special 5, this was the only thing that could make me fap after a year without doing it.
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t. Juicy Yuuji
delete this comment instantly
Sounds like slander by Makina or Kazuki

[xPearse] Neo-Human Casshan 1973 Episodes 1-12 [720p]
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Get it here, and please help to seed so even the leech niggers can get it, too.

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big robot cocks.webm
2MB, 640x480px
Why? The remake is a million times better.

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>mfw Rei will never EVER be better than Asuka
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rei cucks should just fucking kill themselves
Rei fags are truly the lowest of trash

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Gogeta because he has a functioning nose
Power scaling gives it to Vegito.
Feats gives it to Gogeta.
It's a tie. now fuck off.
ssj4 isn't canon


Well? What's the hold up?
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You need to be at least 18 to post here
>inb4 I'm close enough!
>How do I use greentext?
Lurk for two years before posting, newfag cancer.
kill yourselves

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Wow, this guy is completely pathetic, indecisive, whiny and it's only been 4 minutes.

Way worse than that guy from Amagami, Junichi? I forgot his name, it's been so long.
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I rate i comment i subscribe
You can post your opinion in the show thread, no need to make another, retard.
He's not all that whiny, though, and what is he indecisive abput, exactly? He hasn't figured out what he wants to do after school which is pretty normal for a highschooler, but at the moment, at least, he seems to b working on his studies decisively enough. I sure hope you didn't mean he's indecisve about romance, because he doesn't yet seem to have any clear romantic feelings.

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>no short hairs

Thank you Japan, I can't stomach disgusting short hairs, especially if they're shorter than shoulder length, absolutely revolting, that's not how a woman should look like.
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Faggot and gay.
More like newfag and underage.
If you want short haired 'tomboy' whores so much, make it a trap, don't pretend like a girl with buzzcut is a fucking female, it is not.

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Is this one of the sweetest moments in Ghibli history?
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I don't really get what the point of this movie was.

Life is an uphill road and its easier if your wife has your back while you pedal.

My favorite Ghible desu fampai.

Is Tomoko a Les?

There's been a few times where she's tried to cop a feel or grab some ass or asked what underwear someone's wearing, wondered if she turned out to be Yuri
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Exhibit B
no she's just weird
She's so desperate she's tried to double her chances by also being into girls

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Post characters that did nothing wrong
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>characters who did nothing
fixed it you retard
Technically he was just following orders, so yeah pretty much did nothing wrong. Those corrupt military bigwigs he killed at the end of the war deserved to die anyway.
He only wanted the best for the country. XD

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White Album 4
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well you're not wrong
What was 3?

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Considering that anime are just cartoons, I find this description stupid.

How does one describe different artstlyes in broad categories?
Can it be split into eras, when there is more anime being made then before (meaning a higher variety of artstyles). Was the variety of artstyle bigger, before anime became more mass produced.

Are Imayashi artstyles a throwback, or is it just an anime artstyle?
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The Japanese don't appreciate the expressiveness and exaggeration of standard animation because they themselves are not expressive. Without them there are only bland characters and bland movements so they prefer to beautify everything. Imaishi cartoony style is just his personal preference and does not represent any part of the Japanese animation.

Who the fuck is talking about animation. This is artstyles, and pictures.

Animation is supposed to cheap in Japan

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New chapter is out on batoto
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This guy looks like a bro
Zenitsu is best boy
I thought the girl wanted to make friends with demons.

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01 11.38.12 AM.png
2MB, 923x918px

Saizen strikes again!
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For real or just bad upscale?
I forgot anyone was even subbing this, thanks anon.
It's an actual BD release, being released VERY slowly.

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