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Is this possible in real life?
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Go on, try it.

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Being a Finnish human being the way she keeps saying moi is the wors thing since sao
also shit character desing, ok personality.
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>she's no more Finnish Mugi

yes, I know Mugi's half-Finn
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Don't ever talk shit about Räikkönen anymore or you're going to be in trouble
post the one youtube video about anime itsenäisyyspäivä. The one with Korpiklaani's music

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Where will you be when Your Name overtakes Spirited Away?

How does one even follow this up?
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Is it the Avatar of anime?
Is this deflation adjusted?
No, Avatar was forgettable.

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Why hasn't there been an anime about substance abuse from drugs and alcohol?
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There has...
Japan is a relatively drug-free society, so it's not something most writers are familiar with.

And even then, a lot of the time drug references are completely removed in adaptation. Might have something to do with censorship laws.
because anime is for kids

top lel mate
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Kazusa a shit
welcome to the party

Now accept there won't be any continuation

enjoy your Saekano overlords
True, She's also autistic and lazy. While Setsuna was adorable

Thank god. I'd never watch a sequel with that cunt of a mc

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Just a few more days.
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I hadn't realised
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Can't wait for more Darkness repeating the same joke every episode.
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its time.jpg
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It´s Monday.

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Greatest jojo character ever? Also, greatest stand (looks or abilities)?

<------------ (its him)
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Tusk is fucking great cause it's basically finger guns which is cool as hell, and it's got golden ratio stuff which is cool.
Looks wise for stands D4C or The World I reckon I'd say
Diavolo is pretty dam good character wise
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Poor man's Giorno

So why does /a/ exactly hate this show? What's wrong with it?
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It went mainstream.
exactly is not an adverb, dummy
it's popular

anyone seeing this? its in theaters only today
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Kill yourself
Was thinking about it, missed the subbed one on friday though and I'm a bit bummed, it's only dubed today.

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It's not underrated if it was really shit.
it is shit, anon.

Rushed and shallow story. Can't enjoy it.

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Why do you make this when you know no one replies to this.
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Its called dedication.
Thank you, Fuko-chan!

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I am the fin of my fish.
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Be careful when eating fish.
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Sempai noticed me.jpg
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>I will serialize this year.
But is the world actually ready for another Mizukami Satoshi manga?
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Wonder what it will be like
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I'm ready
My body is ready

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I'm starting to realize that there's not that much story left to tell:

- We might be one chapter away from Casca getting her memory back.

- Rickert just joined people that also don't wish to follow Griffith and all of them will somehow help Guts in the next fight against Griffith.

- During this possible final fight we might see what exactly caused Griffith to pursue his dream the way he does.

Will Berserk end this decade? Who knows, but I'm not seeing what else Miura needs to wrap up story-wise beyond these points.
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>Will Berserk end this decade?
you're here forever pal
>Will Berserk end this decade?
Miura shits like 2 volumes every 3 years.
What I'm saying is it might take only a few volumes to wrap up these loose ends.

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I just watched Wolf's Rain. This shit's better than virtually anything anime released these days.
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How new.
Attack on walrus was cool as fuck, I'll give you that.
>when you look up porn of cher from wolf's rain and find porn of real life cher instead

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