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Pick 2
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Panty & Kneesocks.

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Lurk moar

Fuck, gook moot ruined my aligning of demon.
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I'd honestly run the fuck away.
Horny girls are scary.
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I got nothing

You can't deny it.
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I can. It's shit, shit eater.
Close but no cigar
Just like your posts you retarded newfag.

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Who is the most powerful Magical Girl and why is it Cardcaptor Sakura?
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The Erase Card
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Golden Rule of power levels: the more powerful the character is, the shittier he was written.

Nothing beats the story of a simple, humble guy who can take down power demons using cheap tactics and dirty tricks

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record scratch.png
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Well, all's well that ends well, I guess.
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The ending for the manga was much better than the anime. Shame Leone still dies. And poor Akame.
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What a little crybaby. He's totally not cool.
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Also: damn, she must have done some serious yoga or something to take that D.

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Just finished this show. What did I think about it?
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Have you jerked off to the show?
You thought it was a masterpiece in direction animation, writing and art.
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>What did I think about it?
You probably thought that Irisu was the best girl, but you were quickly proven wrong via IM.

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How pretty is you're waifu, /a/?
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this simply proves that beauty cannot be objectively measured desu
impossible... it's a Perfect Smileā„¢
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this is better, but still not good

also, stop bullying Mio about her forehead

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Are you all ready to return to Chaos World?

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the only question is will it end up like chaos head or stein gate
Should I hold off until I finish Chaos;Head's VN or should I just jump in when it starts airing and continue playing Chaos;Head along side the anime ?

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Should I watch this?
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If you want.
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>tfw no re:zero episode today
Watch until the end of episode 15 and pretend the rest of the show doesn't exist.

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Why is she my wife?
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Because you have shit taste.
All the other new games are already taken or gay.
I'm sorry man.
Because you have good taste.

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Is Nico a crack addicted?

It's not normal for a girl with her age to be this bony?
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She's not actually very bony.
>Nozomi bullies Nico with crack
Why would that not surprise me
I've got something bony for her.

Akane-san=best girl, don't even bother trying to prove me wrong
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why was this show so good?
>delicious brown
Don't even know what this is and I believe you
It is Flying Witch, 12 episodes long from last year

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Why the hate, /a/?
/a/ seems to forgive and even defend anime like Naruto, Bleach, School Days and SAO.

However, I've never seen nothing but absolute hate and ridicule to Inuyasha.

Was it really that bad? I can't remember any reasons as to why it would be any worse than SAO.
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Not /a/ but fucking loved Inuyasha, don't even care if it's for chicks.
Loved it as a kid and did too when I watched it again recently (even though TFA is shit, sadly)
B-but I love Inuyasha!

Also, just join the Rumiko generals.
I thought it was fine (or at least the manga was). I don't really think there's that much hatred for it anymore. It's just "that old romance/shonen that went on too long."

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Show me your face, /a/!
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