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Prettiest gyaru ever drawn?
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I hope she doesn't cook with that fucking nail polish on.
>fails all tests
>principal be like - why you even at school for you damn ho, go make me samich
>cooking with gyaru
I hope she really can cook shit that not instant ramen or a fucking egg.

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Pick your waifu
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Quick, the goddess is about to cry!
Stop whatever you're doing right now and say nice things about Aqua instead!
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>say nice things about Aqua
But I heard that it's not nice to speak of others behind their backs.
Cute hairpin
Her butt.

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ITT: identify a manga from only one panel
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The main character is a bird though.
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Are those girls drooping over Sensei because he's got muscular arms?

>It would probably feel amazing to be held by those strong, muscular, masculine arms!!

The semen demon teacher, too.

I like this. Whenever a female anime character shows interest over a male, it's always over something like "He's nice to me" or "He saved me that one time". Seeing highchool girls being lustful is refreshing.
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And it had to come from demon like girls for some reason.
But I agree, the nice shit just makes me angry now because in reality is the complete opposite. Nice guys get nothing at all.
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Vampire-chan likes his office and messing with him is fun. He's hairy, so biting him is gross.

Is there some kind of fujoshi element that's getting tired of pretty boys and want beeg, muscular men?
In easy times of economic opulence women prefer effeminate men
In difficult times or when its perceived that rough shit is ahead like right now specially in Japan women prefer big guys that can protect them

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Yurika isn't on the last page!

Something's wrong when a cosplayer is better at being a magical girl than Isegai MGs.
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Volume 25 when?

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Based anon cracks the code

Thankfully it wasn't real voynich runes
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Also: the text on that page is Lorem ipsum.

Its just filler text that doesn't actually mean anything. Better luck next time!

All we need now is for another anon to make this into a font
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>it wasn't real voynich runes
>yfw the Voynich Manuscript is just Lorem Ipsum on every single page
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The actual letters come out almost exactly in order.

Also please note that this is not what the actual voynich manuscript reads.

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Post them
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Hello friends

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What makes her a good "Rider"?
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Riding dicks.
The fact that she's literally perfect in every possible way.

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How bad would be Anime series if they were First-person view?
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That sounds like an improvement to me
Shitty pandering to the botton 1% of Japan.

There wouldn't be any plot since you would never fucking talk and everything on the anime just goes.

And the only way to make it watchable is with VR, learning the words like if you were an actor and be THE anime girl in that anime.

Screencap this, this is the future.
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imagine being from the point of view akarin and now your form of escapism is mocking you for how unnoticeable you are

What kind of hero stab people in the back ?
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The best kind.
A true hero always ends up becoming the villain.
Stand in the blood of the dead and ask them if heroics matter.
Lin muh waifu cause she shot that fatfuck Greyfield right in his stupid face even after he surrendered.

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>the next clannad they said
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pizza sauce was a qt
theres no way in hell you can produce anime as boring as clannad was ever again, you should see it coming
so what's the consensus after all this time
is it actually worth going back to watch it today, or was it just another seasonal show which is only worth watching at the time but can be dismissed and forgotten afterwards?

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Post films or series that people pretend to like.

I'll start
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Gate thread...
Rewatched and anime still better than manga for me.

I would also like to request that doujin ive seen some time ago where Rory sits on Itami misionary style... i couldnt find anywhere (is not like im good looking for ;_; )
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>Wasted Potential the Anime
No thanks
>subtle /r/ thread for one of the easiest gat doujins to find
What do you think of pandas anon? Do you ever get tired of staring at them.

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