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Ready for some Criminale dump?
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Love this fucking cover.
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Anyone else get little bitch shivers when they heard Yuki for the second OP? That's some real nice homage
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Momo a best. It's a shame no one gives a fuck about this. /a/ taste for you
no lie I cried a bit the first 3 times I watched the OP
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Me too, it was great.
yfw Suneohair insert song

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Why do Eva fans suck his dick?
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because he looks like Akagi
With a neck that long you can only imagine his dick.
He's 14 you pedo

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"Akemi fucking dies"
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Well, okay, maybe not.
It looked like Carolmom wanted to come along
Title: I won't stop you
Panel 1
Tomo: It's been a while since someone other than Jun came to my house! Do you wanna stay the night too?
Carol: A sleepover?! Can I?
Tomo: Yeah!
Panel 2:
Carol: Mama, mama! Can I go stay at Tomo's house?
Carolmom: Yes, dear! Mama won't stop you from doing what you want!
Carol: I love you, mama!
Panel 3:
Carolmom: Even though I'll be reeeaaalllyyy worried, and I don't like it at all!
Carol: Aw, mama!
Panel 4
Carol: Alright, Tomo! She said yes!
Tomo: Did...that really mean "yes"...?
I'm kind of nervous.

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Why doesn't she just put her head on?
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This has been bothering me too. If she has some weird setup to eat, why can't someone fabricate a cradle that sits on her shoulders?
She has no neck if something is in the flame she feels weird.
Even if she didn't, imagine trying to balance a football full of bone between your shoulders all the time. It's like the walking with a glass of water on your head times a million with the added bonus of pain and risk of concussion if you let your head hit the floor.
It makes her uncomfortable if something is touching the flame

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Vol.12 never ever
Why wouldn't 8man go with Yui? She is totally into him and she will age like fine wine.

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>not first girl
>not the childhood friend
>not a tsundere
>not a submissive doormat
>still winning

How is this possible? posting on the right board this time
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First (main) girl always wins, anon. Aqua is the one on the merchandising, Aqua is the one who will win.
Kazuma is tsundere to Megumin. Until she becomes a legal loli in this eyes, anyways.
I don't read LN's, but isn't Megumin basically dating Scumzuma by now?

Where the fuck have we been? We ran out of raws, raw provider isn't able to scan anymore, and we had to find a new scanner, buy/send him the raws, and get everything running again.

Also no redraws again because redrawer is kill.

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Fuck yeah i dont need a 3rd season anymore

>no ps3 version

Youtube is going to save me right?
Hopefully the translation won't be shit and they'll apply the same policies used for their Persona translations that didn't Americanized the script completely.
Isn't vita emulatable?

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Thoughts on this new anime?
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It's comfy.
It has cute girls.
The atmosphere is chill and relaxing.
The uniforms and food porn are great.
The politics and twists are enough to keep me interested.
Jean is a pretty cool guy, but his lungs will not last.
Imouto is best girl.

Just reread this.

The fight was amazing.
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Most strategic fight I've ever seen
But why didn't Hisoka just glue the fuckers to the ground
>Thicc muscular Hisoka

Does togashi even know what gender Hisoka is at this moment? seems like he just draws whatever he thinks looks good and end up making him Tumblr
Hisoka has always been fit as fuck. His midsection is stylized by Togashi.

Fuck Kuroro for not fighting honorably.

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but it do.jpg
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How come the vast majority of /a/ doesn't fucking read?

Everyone and their mother is capable of shitposting about anime but when it comes to manga discussion suddenly gets a high turn in quality
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Go to any shounenshit general of your Choice, doublenigga
Also this fucking shit >>152408931
The only manga discussion you see is about shonenshit

Thanks for proving me right

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Why can't you believe the simple truth?

Are you a heathen?
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I wish those non-believers can reach the enlightenment I've had.
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Bonus if they have certain assets as well.
While we're at it
>Short hair > Long hair
>Ass > Titties
>DFC > Cowtits
>Glasses > No glasses
>Brown skin > Light skin
>Skub > Anti-Skub

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Lu a cute
Looks like shit.
Bad taste

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Would Love Lab have been better if it was yuri?
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No. Would've been just another generic CGDCT yuri bait title.
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Should have been 2 cour

I wanted to see more romance

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