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>Asuka is such a sweetheart she changes the steak place to

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>Asuka is such a sweetheart she changes the steak place to a noddle shop so the evil R*i can come and Misato don't have to spend too much money
>still everyone hates Asuka
Both Asuka and Shinji are actually pretty good kids who care about others deep inside (Shinji jumping into volcano, rushing to Rei's plug coming back to fight Zeruel, Asuka visiting him in hospital, this scene) despite their serious inner problems
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Fuck Asuka
People mostly remember the Ramiel fight and the last few episodes, but the "breather" episodes of Eva actually make the characters come out as actual people instead of just sad sacks of mental issues.
You mean Asuka has no choice but to go along with Rei and Misato because otherwise she would be all alone.
>"breather" episodes
I'm not familiar with that term. What's a "breather" episode?
Reminder that the Rebuilds are better than the original.
Maybe not the right term, just episodes where the characters fuck around and have fun. In Eva's case the post-Asuka arrival episodes where the monster of the week fights aren't that heavy or desperate and they get to interact more.
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Rei is best
not true btw

Prove it
you have shit taste and should kill yourself
I always liked those, Shinji finally becomes more assertive and talkative, before it all comes tumbling down.
why do you people still discuss this show every day? I mean at first I thought it was just a meme, but it can't be a meme. memes eventually die. Eva threads continue day after day, month after month, year after fucking year. Why can't you just let it go like every other anime?
because it is not generic anime of the season that have 10 threads while airing to never be remembered again
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>I have no arguments so I'll shit post instead lmao Xdddd
>Why can't you just let it go like every other anime?
You mean, like Cowboy Bebop or Madoka?
Because it was made by someone who knows psychoanalysis to engrain itself in your brain. Eva fans are like the manchurian candidate.
don't get me wrong. I still watch Eva every couple years because it was a good show from my childhood, but there's all kinds of threads every single day.
you guys can't possibly have anything new to bring to the discussion. this isn't healthy. I think you people need help.
bitch every board has these kind of threads
/tv/ has indiana jones, star wars etc threads
/co/ has sponge bob and watchmen threads
I mean I liked both of those. and yes they still get threads from time to time. the difference is that nge threads are here every single day.

I mean I've watched it, but I don't feel compelled to watch it every day. Even if it was because of some psychological brain control, you people would still have to have problems for it to be this strong.
A better question is why there are still Bleach threads every day. From what I've seen of the threads, nobody even liked the manga, yet the faggy ass fanbase can't fucking let go and still discuss shipperfaggotry and other garbage.

At least Evangelion had some impact on the industry.
It's one the most popular and most entry-level anime.
Every day someone will watch it for the first time and a start a dumb thread because he didn't get something and it will eventually dwelve into an argument between "haters" and defenders of the show.

Then there are the occasional Rebuild hate thread, the Red vs Blue thread, the 'Anno is a hack' thread etc.

Some of them are more or less memes but they never fail to attract posters because everyone has watched Evangelion and everyone has his own opinion on the subject that he wants to share, thinking that he is the only enlightened one that really understand Evangelion, so people keep making them because they want to get (you)s and they want anonymous persons on the internet to acknowledge their opinion as the superior one.
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Asuka did nothing wrong
She did, she got someone into breathplay and almost got killed because of it.
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Asuka confirmed flawless angel
This image always makes me want to rape Rei so hard, and Misato after.
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I'm so used to the shitty movies, that I have pretty much forgotten about the stuff that happened in the original series
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rei shouldn't you be busy dying for everyone's sins or something
>I mean at first I thought it was just a meme
You thought it was a meme for the last 13 years?
It's a great show in its own right and has the most bitter fucking waifu war going to keep it going even further.
rei is the devil
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kittengirl asuka or
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kittengirl rei
Don't tug on my feelings anon
Rei and Shinji are good kids.

Asuka is a dumb cunt.

OP is a lie.
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Sassy Asuka, of course.
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I don't remember this scene. When did this happen?
rei is the devil himself
episode 12 when the orange eye angel fell from the sky
Misato promised them a steak if they didn't die, but R*i doesn't eat meat so the sweetheart asuka changes de place to a noodle shop
but no one likes Asuka, poor Asuka
literally the best show ever
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Rei was so much better than the rest as a character that Anno has spent the past 15 or so years trying to subvert Rei. They've even given Asuka her own lance, bandages and eyepatch plus angel powers, and now they're selling figures of it too.

Reminder that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
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LOL, no wonder R*i scum would like those garbage ass movies
It's okay, they might let Rei win Shinji this time because asuka got him all to herself in the original.
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The Rebuilds-series is Anno's own wank-project mate. Ain't got nothing to do with no Reifag, as Anno's own jerk-off pet is Asuka.

Basically what it means is that Anno was so butthurt about Rei being the best that he rewrote the entire EVA universe, implicitly admitting that Rei is best girl and Asuka is the worst. Asuka fans are just envious of Rei.

Rei won in the original.
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Best girl Rei just gets the job done.
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>Rei won in the original
Kill yourself or live in lies, reiscum
Your waifu is shit
She only manages to stop being Gendo's fucktoy when she's told by homo twink that she isn't even herself but some cosmic horror wandering the Earth, and even after that she runs to her precious Shinji
She is no human after all
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You're just mad Rei won in the original. Even if your BS there was true, it'd still make her better than your shitty cumrag waifu. Unlike what you said, Asuka was actually a canonical lifeless masturbation-aid in EoE. Maybe it's supposed to represent how Asuka fans only want to fuck a cartoon girl?
Misato's looking fine.
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Lol, Rei is literal shit and she doesn't win anything, she just ceases to exist, like in every other Eva medium. Her only development ark is asking stupid questions since she doesn't even understand who she is, and when she kinda does (with the help of another) she makes a decision of her own. How fucking convenient! She finally reached a bit of independence! She did what a child does when it's like 5! Oh, but wait, she isn't even the same Rei! The old Rei would just go suck Gendo's dick if she didn't blow herself up because she's expendable! A literal doll who can be easily replaced by the exact copy! Face it, your waifs is shit and Anno confirms it himself, you just can't handle real people and want a fuck doll who will whisper to you how she doesn't like to eat your meat. I'm not even an Asukafag, but Rei a shit

Asuka is ok, but all I really want is a girl who's a Rei in the streets and a Misato in the sheets.
>Lol, Rei is literal shit and she doesn't win anything, she just ceases to exist, like in every other Eva medium.
Sad Asukafan delusions.

Rei is there in NGE. Rei is there in EoE. Too bad!

>Her only development ark is asking stupid questions since she doesn't even understand who she is, and when she kinda does (with the help of another) she makes a decision of her own.

That's not her only development arc, but it's one of them. Then it's not a stupid question at all, it's an intelligent question which Rei managed to answer by her own. It's the most important question asked by not just Rei, but by everyone at some point. The difference is that unlike e.g Asuka, Rei managed to take it seriously and answer it.

That's why Rei ends up as a God, while Asuka ends up as a catatonic wreck who people just sexually abuse whenever they want. It's why Rei still goes strong all the way, while Asuka just lies there being a burden.

>How fucking convenient! She finally reached a bit of independence! She did what a child does when it's like 5!

She reached full independence and was always more independent than for instance, Asuka. Rei lived by her own, thought by her own, and acted by her own. Asuka lived with her parents, was cared for and used by NERV as a puppet which they discarded in episode 24.

>Oh, but wait, she isn't even the same Rei! The old Rei would just go suck Gendo's dick if she didn't blow herself up because she's expendable! A literal doll who can be easily replaced by the exact copy! Face it, your waifs is shit and Anno confirms it himself, you just can't handle real people and want a fuck doll who will whisper to you how she doesn't like to eat your meat. I'm not even an Asukafag, but Rei a shit

wut, nothing of that was even true. It's Rei as usual, and she did the smart thing in that episode, saving your crappy waifu's ass even. Be grateful, without Rei your waifu would be dead far earlier.
>I want a boring ass girl
rei would be terrible to hang around
asuka would be fun as fuck
>mommy issues + daddy issues would be fun

Trust me it ain't
>asuka would be fun as fuck

She's boring as fuck in the show, why would she be anything else? Asuka is dumb, annoying and an extreme pleb to boot. She doesn't know shit, doesn't want to know shit, she just want her ego stroked.

Rei is fucking awesome, could speak with all day plus Rei would actually benefit from it. Doesn't need her ego stroked either, plus Rei gets shit done.
>not wanting to go on a date with asuka
>not spitting on people's head with asuka in a bridge

lmao have fun with rei
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>lmao have fun with rei

oh, I will...
Prove the rebuilds are better first
>out of character fanart
can rei trash go even lower? I don't think so

They have better pacing and all the useless shit was cut out.
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>character development is useless shit

kys millenial

I wish.

I bet I'm older than you faggot, how old are you.
I'm 80, my lil' m80

Yeah well I'm 81 faggot
>out of character fanart
Rei crushes gendo's glasses in NGE
She looks hot
Is naked a lot
has bandages

Hot rei
what is daan?
better question, why couldn't they afford Hey Jude for EoE? are Gainax just stingy fucks?
hey jude is trash compared to komm
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it takes 13 hours to watch through all of the series, and it's an enjoyable 13 hours

it takes 6 hours to watch through all of the rebuilds, and it's not enjoyable most of the time

It seems like an obvious choice which is better
>that awful fan art body
What is Rei's appeal, it has been a while since I watches evangelion, but I remember her just being deadpan 99% of the time and just doing what Gendo said.
I kinda get why people would like Asuka since feisty redhead being a tease and all, but I have no idea what Rei has going for her.
I am not an asukafag or anything I personally don't care for both of them, but I can see why people would latch onto Asuka, but I don't see why would latch onto rei.
Rei's a cute quiet girl, I'm a Misato guy myself though.
I wouldn't let Asuka near a bridge. Wouldn't want to lose someone like that.
I can also see why someone would like Misato, but Rei just seemed dead inside to me like she was just a robot almost.
Maybe I am just not seeing something other did see, but I don't get it.
Rei is thoughtful, smart and has guts. She's mysterious and she has some smart insights to share. She's self-sacrificing and helpful, people like that are generally well liked, also in the real world. It's why Rei is #1.

Asuka being "feisty" is only true if you ignore half the character. People who think she's feisty miss the point of the character, she's only arrogant and self-absorbed, by the time we cross half way into the story she's going downhill and by the end can't resist anything at all.
>like she was just a robot almost.
this is why these retards want a rei
they want a lifeless doll not an actual person, asuka would be fun as fuck, and she also likes videogames and most likely like black humor
Asukafag projecting. Reminder that the only lifeless doll in NGE is Asuka herself.

Rei has eternal life and the vitality of Goddess - literally the canon.
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>literally a doll who got killed 2 times
>not a doll!!!

oh boy would be so much fun to go on a date with rei to her just sit there standing still and talking about nothing
She would, but that kind of person is impossible to find. It's the same as saying how cool it would be to build Zeon with Char, or be a cowboy.
well one is basically a cover of the other sooooo
Rei is so awesome she can come back from death. Asuka is a crappy doll that gets replaced when it's broken, just like she got replaced by Kaworu when she broke.

When Rei breaks, she literally rises from the dead and blows everyone the fuck out in EoE.

>Asuka is the one who is pictured as a doll in flashbacks
>Asuka getting mindprobed by Arael reveals she's selfconscious about being a doll
>Asuka was literally likened to a doll by NERV in her flashbacks
>even Asuka's own mother can't tell the difference between Asuka and a doll

Asuka is the doll.

>Rei is never called a doll by anyone but Asuka
>Rei was attempted used as a doll, but it failed spectacularly despite all the brainwashing
>Rei searches her own feelings constantly and tries to understand everything rather than rejecting it
>Rei turns the tables on the Angel mind probing her, saves the world, comes back and then becomes god for good measure

Asukafans are literally incapable of understanding the irony of Evangelion. Asuka was always shit, anon.
Hmm, I guess Anno was right, Rei is just an unrelatable and boring girl who's trying to probe herself all the time. I have zero emotional attachment to her. Asuka on the other hand is a living conflict of emotions, she's so interesting and full of life, yet vulnerable it's amazing. All she needs is some support from others but she's constantly given up by people. I relate to her and I am emotionally attached by her. Even though she suffers throughout the series, she doesn't try to downcast someone with her, she still tries to be friends with Rei, cares for Shinji (she truly does, she doesn't even try to gain his attention, she hides from him). I love Asuka. Truly best girl. Now I understand why the Master himself waifus her yet calls Rei a shit
It's just shipping and waifu wars, oddly for characters with no romantic charm. Really gives credence to Eva being the most otaku show ever, as people can fill the gaps themselves.
File: mp eva frogpost.png (364KB, 853x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
mp eva frogpost.png
364KB, 853x480px
Well, this post is definitely going to gain attention, although probably not the kind you want.
Asuka is just for waifufags and little else. Rei is a more vibrant, life-like and living person than Asuka. Whenever Rei reflects on something, changes herself or acts on her own, she is much like a real person. We get to see Rei think, feel and confront life's harsh facts.

Asuka on the other hand never does anything but remain a static bore. She never changs or acts like a person does. It's like she's just a program with "anta baka" on repeat. In all aspects more of a static case study than an actual character.

Rei has a journey that she makes and eventually concludes, and that makes Rei the most interesting character - easily explaining why she was more than twice as popular as Asuka.
>no romantic charm
literally what
eva is built purely on themes of love
File: thinking-face.png (53KB, 256x256px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Rei is a more vibrant, life-like and living
while (sanity > 0) {
cout << "ANTA BAKA???" << endl;

asuka a shit.
>eva is built purely on themes of love
If that's what you got, you watched it wrong.
Rei changes over time, Asuka just stays Asuka.

To live is to change. I guess that's why Asuka dies and Rei lives eternally.
stop saying bullshit fag
>can't deal with the truth
>throws insults and bitches about it

Wow, just like Asuka. Can't wait till you try suicide anon.
what you wrote is literally white noise, literally no meaning, stop coming up with bullshit dirty rei scum
It's not even BS. Rewatch Evangelion, and feel how much better Rei is.
i've just rewatched it last week
Hmm, I guess I get why Rei was so popular in Japan. After all, the Master himself, the person, who actually created this character and knows exactly what she is, said himself that Japanese manchildren can't handle real women like Asuka and Misato and want mysterious silent dolls who will suck their cock whenever they are told to. Oh wait, also he told that Rei's arc was eventually over the moment she smiled in episode 6. Yeah, Rei is forgettable. After all, she opposes Gendo only when she realizes that she's not even herself but some ancient horror from outer space, that's right. Even then she glues herself to Shinji and obeys his will like an obedient doll she is. What a surprise, I guess. Did I mention the Master said she's schizophrenic? I guess it's already obvious. Sheesh, she can't even become friends with person if she's not commanded to.
I think exactly the same about you, and I'm absolutely sure I'm on the right side here
File: 14352343167.png (974KB, 1440x2560px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
974KB, 1440x2560px
I want some Rei trash to write down how would a conversation with R*i would go, just go easy on the cringe and imagination
>real women like Asuka
literally a whining 14 year old girl who wishes she were older and lusts after older men
>"I-I'm not your doll"
>"I'm Shinji's doll, I want him to grope my tits, not you"
What a slut
Joke is on you, rei was already dead by the time this happens
I guess you didn't get the character then, because those are the words of the Master, the person who created both Rei and Asuka, those characters are literally parts of his mind. Rewatch and try to get it right, anon
>Rei is the most popular character
>Rei has an great character arc right up until the end

>It's not fair that Rei is popular, it should be MY favorite character!!!1one
>Rei's character ended at episode six, despite being there until episode 26 and EoE!!1one

Asukafags are such pathetic creatures.

The """master"""" is an old butthurt otaku who clearly bullshits about his own work.

Typical asukafag to just be some masters puppet, you even call him "master" and repeat whatever he says.

>Rei is an obedient doll who's ready to sacrifice her butt for her master
>Rei does something herself only in the end when she realizes that she's not even herself, but completely alien creature
>Rei even then does something not for herself but for her personal tit-groper Shinji

>Rei is strong
>Popular means better

Sheesh, those Reifags are such poor and delusional animals, I almost feel sorry for them.
I'm rewatching it right now, I get Asuka perfectly fine but she has the mindset of a child
Oh, so you know better? Tell me what exactly Anno meant when he created those characters! You are the one who wrote them, aren't you?!
she IS a child
if you can cast your mind back to when you were 14 and not be mortally embarrassed about what kind of person you were then I envy you my man. I was a fucking mess.
File: how embarassing.gif (1021KB, 500x484px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
how embarassing.gif
1021KB, 500x484px
Are you sure Anno didn't say that Misato and Asuka act like real people? Because Asuka acts nothing like a grown adult. Rei acts like an autistic robot. Misato is the only real woman in that bunch.
Everything below is canon and can be sourced.

>Rei was attempted controlled by NERV, but Rei had her own reasons for living and dying and ultimately trumps it's commander
>Asuka was controlled by NERV, and didn't have any reason to live besides doing what they told her to, to pilot
>Rei is the strongest of the children both physically and psychologically, going through nightmarish hells and death
>Asuka is the weakest of the children, literally collapses and goes catatonic the second people stop giving her attention and freebies
>Rei never sacrificed her own butt for any master
>Asuka isn't capable of self-sacrifice to begin with, but ends up pointlessly trying to kill herself anyway because she has no personality

>Rei is a weak character despite the fact that NGE shows the opposite!!!one
>Asuka is a strong character spite the fact that NGE shows the opposite!!11one
File: wallpaper misato.jpg (135KB, 1024x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
wallpaper misato.jpg
135KB, 1024x768px
That's my point though, saying she's a real woman implies that she's mature enough to not try hitting on guys twice her age and being a general nuisance. That being said, I was an Asuka guy myself when I was 14, but then I saw the light and Misato has been the light in my live ever since.
>acting like a grown adult
yeah, no
Everyone who isn't trying to be retarded, trying to be stupid or is a biased, butthurt Asukafag knows better.

Anno can say whatever he wants about his work, but his work is the real thing to consider here. In his work, Rei is a fully fledged, original and beloved character, while Asuka is simply his own fanfiction version of Kushana.

Asuka entire backstory is a ripoff. Isn't it sad Asukafags? How reality betrays you?
If you don't like the Rebuilds you don't deserve your waifu.
Misato has her own issues, but she at least takes responsibility for her actions and tries to doing something productive by taking in Shinji and Asuka.
Reminder that Rei is nothing more than a plot tool and was only remembered in the end when she's used to start Instrumentality
File: hideaki.jpg (28KB, 390x290px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
28KB, 390x290px
Anno pls leave
>Hideaki Anno, who worked on the film of Nausicaa, had planned to do a manga side story centered around Kushana's military exploits, but Miyazaki refused him permission, believing that Anno would only use her to "play war games".

Wow, Asuka confirmed for Anno's own jerk off pet fanfic character. Asukafags are already into used goods.

>Mr. Anno previously sent a note saying that he would like to write a story with Kushana as the heroine. I feel that it would be a rather interesting story.

>MIYAZAKI: No, I don’t think so. It would be boring. He just wants to play war games. I don’t dislike playing war-I think that the battle scene I did in volume 3 was done perfectly. It was done well enough that I could say “See! Told you so!!”-but that’s just overweening pride. When it comes to depicting war, I think that I can do it just as well as anyone else. But Nausicaa is not a manga about war.

>But [obstinately] what’s wrong with having an hour and a half long fighting scene with Kushana as a peerless front line commander?

>MIYAZAKI: It’s useless. Terrible. Well, that goes without saying, doesn’t it? If that’s the only plan that’s been made then it would be much better to just give up the movie entirely. [laughs] Lots of movies about peerless front line commanders have already been done in America. ‘Combat’ for example.

>Yes, that’s true.

>MIYAZAKI: If you’re going to make a movie, you have to come up with your own ideas.

Anno confirmed hack.
File: hsuRB4p.jpg (278KB, 1280x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
278KB, 1280x768px
Reminder that Rei is the only one still remembered, as everyone have already discarded Asuka, Kaworu and the other shit characters with their reworked Rebuild version.
Reminder that in the end Rei clings to Shinji even though she has cosmic powers, while Asuka finally finds herself and rejects him like a little faggot he is, showing her independence from others and later backs that up by returning to hellish world, ready to face any hardships, like a strong girl she is
>not reworked by Rebuild
Rei is literally the shit of Rebuild, she's just seen as a copy of Yui there, even her surname is not her own.
>Poka Rei
what a disgusting character transformation
Reminder that it is sad fanwank coming from an Asukafag, as in the real world Rei became a goddess after accepting a side of herself that was difficult to comprehend and accept.

It's poetry mate. Rei accepts herself and moves on, and is rewarded with godhood.

Asuka shit herself, tries to kill herself and blames everyone else for her failures, and is therefore at the mercy of everyone else.

Rei saves Asuka's pathetic ass again in EoE by giving her a second chance of life. Because that is how good Rei is.
>people still draw and love the original Rei
>basically no Rei Q fanart except group pictures

meanwhile, in asuka land

>shikinami everywhere

oh and by the way, even though Reifags accept that Rei went to shit in Rebuild, she's still a better character than Asuka and that's a fact. It only proves that Asukafags aren't into Asuka for character, but just as a fuckdoll sex toy.
>rewarded with godhood
there's your answer, she's as human as Kaworu i.e. absolutely non-human unrelatable alien creature
any opinion on human personality is discarded
thanks for the argument
Do you really think I care what others think? It's usually only you, Reifags, who need to refer to "fanbase" to back anything up, how sad
>Do you really think I care what others think?
seeing as how you're replying to that post, and you're in a waifu thread, I'd say you do care
Yeah, I think you care. I think you're super-fucking butthurt about it too. It applies to you as well, as all Asuka fans simply exist to ignore Asuka's actual character and personality as if it didn't exist, to jerk off to it.

Just like Anno presented you as in EoE, where you abuse and take advantage of Asuka's shitty character simply to get yourself off.

That final line, "kimochi warui" ? It was meant for you.
Rei is super-human. She's more relatable to people than Asuka, and that's a fact. Asuka is just a bunch of specific traumas that doesn't even play out like that normally. I can't relate, and pretty much no one can relate.

But Rei? EVERYONE can relate, because EVERYONE has existential questions at some point in their life, some even have it all their life. In so many ways, you are Rei.

This is also part of what makes Rei an objectively superior character, because Rei provides answers. Asuka doesn't, Asuka just ends.
>"I am me"
what an amazing answer, never thought of it
you have God powers, anon?
Yes, the God Power to change myself and actually do something about my life.

Something the failure Asuka doesn't have. If Asuka is your favorite character, you didn't get EVA. She's supposed to represent escapism and failing at life, because she makes up a fantasy in her mind about being a "#1 pilot", when she's in reality shit.

Then she gets a reality check and dies.
That's a reiscum stereotype. As usual, you reifags can't even have an argument without referring to fanbases, how pathetic.
If you're wondering, I, being a dedicated fan, value Asuka for her character, not looks. She's relatable and I am emotionally attached to her. And I am not attached to Rei. She's totally forgettable and boring character. Thank you.
As for Rebuild, it's shit, and I wasn't even the one to mention it first. It was done by you, reifags, as usual.
File: 57446007_p0.jpg (902KB, 1500x2480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
902KB, 1500x2480px
>what an amazing answer, never thought of it
Neither did Asuka, which is why she died like a doll. Fighting for her puppet master.
(random anon interrupting)
>asuka has no personality
and rei does? she is literally a lifeless fucking clone who doesn't feel anything. she could never love you where as asuka is scared of being hurt. once you've broken past her barrier and earned her trust then she will love you forever. also the fact that asuka has a wall proves she isn't a slut like rei who would fuck a horse if Ikari asked her to
>That's a reiscum stereotype.

It's the real-world facts. Because you're so embarrased by it, you come here and pretend to be a "good asukafag", while in reality you're just as bad as them. No one values Asuka for her character, because Asuka is an abrasive bitch no one likes in the series. She constantly fucks up and has to be saved by better characters like Shinji or Rei.

Rei OTOH is valued for her character because she's nice. Just like people like nice people in the real world, people like Rei. She's got mystery, intelligence and unlike Asuka, she made a difference. She made an impact in more than one way.

Asuka will never be more than a shipping pet for otaku scum, she's even doomed in the future because that's all Asukafags want.
lel, Rei is literally driven by others, as I said. Its either Gendo or Shinji whom she clings to. Asuka, on the other hand, is rejected by everyone, but still tries her best to fight, until she's driven to the ground emotionally. But even then she decides to deal with it herself, even when she sees no point in living. When she receives support by her mother, she rises again and is ready to fight and she never gives up even on the blink of death.
Of course Rei has a personality. Do you even know what a personality is?

Rei has a personality because Rei herself defined the boundaries of who she is, she is herself and not something someone else made her be. Rei is capable of changing herself at her own will. That is the essence and beauty of Rei's character, despite her expressionless appearance - it's all there, and it's hers.

Asuka does not have a personality because her whole reason for living and existing is to be an EVA-pilot, which is something NERV molded her to be since a child. Asuka doesn't have anything on her own, and when NERV decided to take piloting away from Asuka, she literally ceased to function and attempted suicide.

You messed up by judging the dog by it's tail. Rei being generally quiet doesn't mean she lacks personality, and Asuka being loud doesn't mean she has one. Remember, empty barrels make the most noise.
File: image.png (2MB, 680x990px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 680x990px
>ok here is a real hot girl
>Whaaaaaaa I know who you are, you're bad, baaad, we, refags are good booohooo
that's how you sound, reiscum
opinion discarded, your character is not human, she's a tool for Shinji's vision of Impact
thanks again
>petite graceful pose
>strong masculine pose
>slutty come fuck me legs-spread-open pose
>normal pose

>still everyone hates Asuka

>lel, Rei is literally driven by others, as I said.

Proven wrong by the multiple introspection scenes Rei has, where she considers all around her and herself.

> Its either Gendo or Shinji whom she clings to.
Rei doesn't cling to them, they clung to her until Rei told Gendo to fuck off.

>Asuka, on the other hand, is rejected by everyone, but still tries her best to fight, until she's driven to the ground emotionally.

Nope, never did her best. She wanted it her way, or no way, and that's the way she got it: no way. She's a failure.

>When she receives support by her mother, she rises again and is ready to fight and she never gives up even on the blink of death.

So just like before, Asuka is fucking useless and can only do something when helped by someone else. She needed to be saved by Shinji, Rei, Misato and now her own mother, and she STILL fails.

Then Rei saves her again with instrumentality. Why don't you go down on your knees and thank Rei for your shitty waifus life?
>No argument

Asukafag btfo again as usual.
>saved by Rei
she was saved by the power of her own unbreakable will, anon
stop giving your tool character credit she never earned
she would end the World if her precious tit-groper Shinji, who was actually a good person and decided to reject Instrumentality, told her to do so
>she doesn't cling to them
of course she does! and you can't prove otherwise, sorry. Remember unit 00's berserk scene? that's my proof
>she wanted it her way
Yes, and she did it as she wanted it, like an independent person she accepted her loneliness
>No argument
I didn't see one either
are you schizophrenic, anon?
File: Asuka-tub.jpg (50KB, 716x539px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
50KB, 716x539px
>she was saved by the power of her own unbreakable will, anon

lol no. She broke like the doll she is. Then Rei saved her in EoE. She DIED in EoE, and Rei made it possible for her to come back by literally saving her soul.

>of course she does! and you can't prove otherwise, sorry. Remember unit 00's berserk scene? that's my proof

You mean, the scene where Gendo rushes like a madman to save Rei, burns his rage in desperation to open the plug, and then in a shaky broken voice screams if Rei is all right?

When Rei just nods apathetically back?

Yeah, good job proving yourself wrong you knob.

>Yes, and she did it as she wanted it, like an independent person she accepted her loneliness

No, she did it as her masters NERV had commanded her to. They trained Asuka like a bitch to love the EVA, and like the mindbroken doll slut Asuka was, she couldn't live without the EVA.

>stop giving your tool character credit she never earned

Asuka was the tool, Rei was the free willed individual. That's why Rei denies those who tried to use her as a tool, while Asuka literallly dies a tool fighting a pointless fight.

Like a tool, Rei picked up Asuka afterwards. The canon.
>he didn't get the berserker scene
>literal fanwank: the post
And you call yourself a reifag? Go rewatch apthe show at least, you're embarrassing your own kind. This argument is over, you're useless, this shall be my last post ITT
You're finished Asukafag. Everything in >>152444244
was completely true.

Your lack of arguments and butthurt retreat only makes a nice punctuation mark for Asuka being humiliated by an Asuka fan who doesn't even know her character.

Hey, next time, say "thank you Rei" for saving my waifu.
File: image.jpg (100KB, 426x426px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
100KB, 426x426px
When will this Asuka vs Rei meme die?

Rei is the best girl, and that's a fact. That gives people motive to defend Rei.

Asuka is the most pandered girl, and that's a fact. That gives people reason to defend Asuka.

It's realists (Rei fans) vs escapists (Asuka fans).
>Rei fans
Holy shit I'm dying here
File: image.jpg (305KB, 740x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
305KB, 740x800px
Well... Kek speaks.
never ever because filthy dumb normie scum can't understand introverts and autistic weebs can't understand extroverts
Rei is a realist in NGE, Asuka is an escapist.
File: IMG_0059.jpg (1MB, 2000x3500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 2000x3500px
>that reifag who constantly shot posts and can't even get his seemingly favorite character
Reifags are the saddest sacks of shit
Thanks Sadamoto
Confirmed ban evading autist asukafag. SAD!
Which release does /a/ like for the series?
File: Eva.png (81KB, 1366x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
81KB, 1366x768px
Does anyone else feel like the main cast of Eva is built to serve as textbook examples of the attachment theory (picrelated)?
Shinji is a textbook case of fearful avoidance. ("I don't want to be hurt, so I run away.")
Asuka us a textbook case of dismissive avoidance. ("I'm an adult. I can live by myself. I don't need anyone.")
Misato is kinda a case of anxious preoccupation. (Uncomfortable being without close relationships)
Where would Rei fall on the table?
The children are both Fearful Avoidant. Asuak pretends she's Dismissive-Avoidant, in truth she doesn't want to be alone. Hello, this basically spelled out for you.

Rei is Dismissive-Avoidant but longs not to be.

Misato is fairly secure, but doesn't truly fit either.
You people are fucking pathetic and probably barely function as living beings to begin with.
The Reifag is the only one on the money about Evangelion though.
> Asuka pretends she's Dismissive-Avoidant, in truth she doesn't want to be alone
Being dismissive-avoidant doesn't mean you ACTUALLY want to be alone, it merely means you've convinced yourself so. The theory is kinda based on an assumption nobody wants to be alone.
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