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It's cute how she has a crush on him now and gets jealous with other girls around. I think she was afraid to admit she was like them all and wanted to get dicked by him too.
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Jealous/territorial mode

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Let's solve this once and for all
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Fuuka. No question.
Asagi to be honest
shit personnality but hell of a beauty

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Maken Ki!.jpg
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Anybody still keep up with this series? Or have most people complete forgotten that it exists?
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Scans are pretty much dead, and we have to wait for the volumes to get released even to read the raws. Aside from that the plot is bland as fuck and the only entrainment comes from those omake chapters. The only reason to read this is for Hiromitsu's thicc girls. But even then you can just read his hentai for that.
Yeah the manga bouncing around between groups with several month gaps between releases prety much kills the momentum
still in my backlog I should get on that

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Who wins?

Tsukasa > manlet

Rindou > Ramen

Giga and Sushi can go either way.
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Rebels are all fucked anyway
Could GigaNigga have beaten Ryou and Hayama on the autumn elections?
Hayama has his bullshit sense of smell that he can't copy, and Ryou is bullshit instincts, I'm starting to think Subaru isn't that good actually.
And Takumi was a huge jobber.
Probably would have lost to hayama and probably Ryou.

Giga might have had a chance against Ryou.

Souma already knew about giga so he countered with ad lib b.s.

Chaika on the front page!
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That would've worked better if you'd altered the filename.
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Why the hell there are Spanish scans of this, but pretty much no English scans?
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>check summary first line
>MC is an otaku adicted to eroge
>MC is an otaku adicted to eroge

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So now that it´s confirmed that Armin is fat, will his titan be fat too? Can he sit on the whole Marley?
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why did you make this thread this early you literal retard?
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>150kg and balding

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Why is she bullied by everyone? Just because she has no smartphone and is shy? I don't think so...
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Because she's stupid.
Stupid people are meant to be bullied.
don't be rude. She doesn't seem stupid since she is in normal school at that age.
>not even the memento trope was allowed here

Why so much foreshadowed suffering?

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Manga discussion thread.
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>no new manga chapter
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How did you feel reading this panel?
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The manga is superior to the anime in all forms.

It's consistent and has good battle scenes. Toyotaro is the hero we need AND deserve.

How can Toeianimefags even compete?

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Could this line have been a metaphor for an erection? The symbolism is truly quite deep.
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Happy Birthday to the REAL Hina Hikawa - Ari 'Aririn' Ozawa
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Hope she comes back for KanColle roles soon.
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I can no longer find the webm where she bullies Oscar2.

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Haha praise mod for deleting that shitty thread.
I wonder if Sushio drew Mako in the Trigger artbooks even if it was supposed to be for LWA.
My wife Akko is very cute.

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Sayaka did not kill those two guys on the train. There is no blood on her blade to indicate using it for ill purpose.
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Manga says otherwise
Sayaka slayed my cock.
That sounds painful.

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Why are manlets in anime the biggest edgelords ever?
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Because manlets are edgelords in real life too.
Because they're manlets?
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Because it's cool.


What do you think?
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>no Hermes's voice
sequel cocksuckers begging for mercy
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I fucking hate that generic A-1 pictures aesthetic.
There's no fucking excuse, if Mushishi can come back more than 10 years later and look the same then so can Kino.

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