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What is this expression meant to convey?
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"This cake is delicious. Would you like some, darling?"
"Nah. Not when I'll be enjoying your sweet icing all over me tonight."
>this damier chocolate spongecake is a little too pedestrian, don't you think?
>i know right, my mother made those back in the 2000s
"Hey, this cake is fucking gay."

Kirito should have made a cool build like Shotgun Spiderman.
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It may be lame as far as anime standards go, but as far as in-universe he had a pretty amazing build. He went full melee in an fps. He was probably one of like 2% of players that picked those types of skills and he did well with them.

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I'm a dreamer. I have to dream and reach for the stars, and if I miss a star then I grab a handful of idles.
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Ako will confess her love to Kirara next episode.
I want to lick Lala's cute feet!
Very fine image, but can you please make a version without Ajimi in it? Thank you in advance.

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The band of the hawk were mostly raiders and murderers for hire, with no real ambition of their own but to follow Griffith, so was he really wrong in sacrificing them?
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>welp, guess Im wrong for hating the guy who condemned me and all my friends to eternal torture
This has been done to death and it still hasn't gotten any less retarded.

All that might have philosophically debatable but then the rape revealed the pettiness of his heart
Femto himself could emerge from the Abyss to rape their mothers, kill their pets and put sugar in their gas tanks and they'll still say "Griffith did nothing wrong!"

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I'll start: Twintails
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your opinion.

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Are you guys ready for Best Boy Souichi's Animated Hijinks?
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Oh man I forgot this was happening. I am excited all over again.
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>TV anime
>Glorious OP image drawn by the director herself
>"My dream has turned into my goal, then a miracle happens. Now I am able to make anime adaptations
of the manga series that I have fell in love since my teenage years by my own hands. I have already
imagined how I should animate them in various ways. I am a truly happy person that I can see it really
happening. I want to express my gratitude everyone who has supported me. I'm looking forward to working
with the anime staff members. And I would like to ask continued support from the fans of the manga series
who are looking forward to the anime. I will do my best to take the passion and spirits that Ito-sensei put
into the manga into the anime as well and to create a good horror story."

Holy shit, hyped as fuck. Nothing more amazing than an anime director who's really passionate about the source material. Especially after that shit Gyo OVA adaptation we got a couple years ago.



Who will be your Katanafu? coming winter 2018.
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So, Sword-Girls? What's the story like?
They're not even tanks or fighters? How boring.
I'm looking forward to this. Too bad the PV had almost nothing in it though.

Leave the whole multiverses to me!
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Do people actually like super?
I know some who love super, and they're aware of all the flaws of it as well. They love that shit unconditionally.
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Yes, it's basically Toriyama having fun with Dragon Ball again. If I had a series that made it this long, I'd just fuck around and do whatever with it, too.

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Is Flip Flappers objectively the most complex anime ever made?
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Yes by a factor of about 883.
Yes, people will still be analyzing it 883 years from now.
Stop posting this shitty anime

So was she raped? The rest of the episode acts like she was, but the door was still closed despite the damage and her clothes aren't torn or messed up or anything.
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The toilet just had a severe malfunction off camera.

Jigoku Shoujo is as subtle as a brick through a window. That's why you got the earlier scene with the grope.

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If you could look like any character, who would it be?
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It most definitely wouldn't be a girl, you fucking degenerates.
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How come all admrials ate powerful devil fruits? pure coincidence?
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Same reason most basketball players are tall, absolute coincidence.
Because by eating powerful devil fruits they became very strong marines in the first place which led to them growing strong enough to become admirals. Are you fucking retarded man?

This sounds like a fucking awful level
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>making the underwater level a stealth segment instead of some dumb pseudo-platformy shit
I dunno, might be cool
OP can't into tactical espionage.
why nobody has any weapon in this world?

When MC falls for Hotaru (A.K.A. best girl)?

I find it impossible to MC end with this secondary plain looking girl.
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Saya is not only best girl, with a nonetheless bangin bod, she can give Coconuts the life he wants. If he doubles down and marries Hotaru, he's going into the Dagashi business, which he hates.
Saya doesn't care if he's a dagashi manager or a mangaka, she just loves him for him.
Who would you rather marry, a good looking girl who loves you for you, or a hot(ter) slut who would subvert your dreams for hers?
He's already fallen for Hotaru. Saya is forever destined to be a beta orbiter.
Not only that, but the confession she was waiting from him ended up becoming a "I want to be with you, and everyone!" spiel.

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Are her eyes supposed to be green or blue?
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Doesn't matter. Only thing you should be staring at is the top of her head or the back of her head.
Greenish blue
Maybe bluish green.

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