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What went wrong?
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>it's another zero-effort "what went wrong" thread
Kill yourself.
Your taste

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bri for me!
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is the time to hold back near?
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I'm ready to dick her any time!
Reminder that Son Goku is beautiful.

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Anyone got the Vol 3,4 etc... Online ?
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My calculus teacher loved this shit.
Fuck the new edition, when is that big fat fuck gonna release new chapters for the regular series? Is he dead? Fucking hagiwara, berserkfags and hxhfags don't know what it's like.
I've only read up to where I think an angel destroys everything or takes over. I haven't read anymore after that since I couldn't find any english translations.

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Who was in the wrong here?
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More importantly, how would she taste like?
The author for giving her feathers
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Confusion will be my stand
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As I crawl a cracked and broken endless death
21st century bipolar man

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Not 1, but 2(TWO) Naruto ripoffs are being published in Jump RIGHT NOW and are immensely popular
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If it makes you feel better, I agree. But tears in the rain bro
BNHA is nothing like Naruto
As long as One Piece and Nanatsu no Taizai exist, it doesn't matter if there's any other good one or not.

>I'll watch it later
>I'll watch it tomorrow
>I'll watch it this Weekend
>I'll watch it after it finished
>I'll watch it when the BDs are out
>I'll watch it right before the sequel airs
>never watch it

How to escape this viscous cycle?
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I only seem to get to shows like that if I have literally nothing else to watch
and that doesn't happen a lot because my backlog is huge
theres just too much goddamn anime out there
Sounds to me like you didnt actually like it, otherwise you wouldnt have to find a reason to keep watching but youd be interested in what happens next naturally. This is clearly a case of
>i am supposed to like this right? everybody says this is good so it cant possibly be that I dont like it right?
Hyouka was shit so it doesn't matter

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Have you ever been worried about a character or your waifu before?

I don't think there's a special ed witch school for poor akko...
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>When she had only one day left for her final exam that would determine her fate at the school, but she just now learned what the course was about, leading her to cry in despair
Fuck me, that stung very hard.
This show would be so much better if akko was less fucking useless.
I'm just here to save a reaction image. How the fuck do you have sympathy for someone who takes an entire course without realizing what it was about?

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EMA not so soon
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What's Ymir doing with the rest of them?

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>I can't protect Berutoruto, he'd have to get into my armored mouth but it's a whole meter away!
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What the fuck
A nice Frodo actually

Why didn't Reiner just open his mouth and threw Bert inside?
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>hey armored titan, so I know youre being attacked by titans right now and the whole situation was just set up to be extremely fast paced and intense, but luckily all the titans that are currently crawling all over me like insects are just gonna freeze frame for a second so that the cast can have a quiet conversation on your body, but thats ok because as soon as mr one arm gets here he'll turn time back on and everything will become animated again.

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Yearly reminder that Kurome did nothing wrong!
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>AgK manga spoilers routinely went over the bump limit by a factor of 3 when the anime still aired
>The last few chapters passed with barely a notice by /a/
>Now AgK discussion is fucking dead
What happened? Why did this show's popularity suddenly nosedive?
It gave away its twists.
Dropped it the moment the author stuck Mine safely in plot stasis after that bullshit with her at the execution, and glad I never looked back. Now I'm just happy this series is Akame ga Dead!

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This movie was great.
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I read the manga, which was pretty good. I heard the movie compressed it a lot though.
I don't remember much about it but I thought it was pretty retarded.
It was dumb. Twists were unforeseeable and inconsequential, didn't have an understanding of when and when not to use CG, ending was a clusterfuck original.

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I want a harsh girlfriend which I can bully
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You are shit and nobody will ever love you.
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How do you go from this...
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To this
I'm a BnHA fan but even I think there's too many threads at this point
He stopped being a chuuni

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Is Big Daddy bones "dead?" Also how is Albedo going to "rape Ainz if he has no dick?"
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Im curious about the state of the LN, is there no one translating it? seems like the WN its being worked on.
The entire LN has been translated, from volume 1 to volume 11.
What do you mean, all available volumes(1-11) have been translated? If you are talking about the 12th volume it isn't out yet?

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