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Who else is excited to see Hisoka slaughter all the spiders on the boat? It'll be even funnier if any of the prince's nen beasts ends up killing some of them as well.
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Chrollo is such a pathetic cuck he couldn't even kill Hisoka even after months of planning and cheating like a little bitch and then gets two of his friends killed since they helped him cheat.
It doesn't make sense why he would just go on a killing spree like that. The only times Hisoka seems unable to control his, um, "thirst," is when he hasn't killed anyone in a while.

I mean, even when he gets really excited, he's always been able to control himself. If he goes fully unhinged with the spiders, I think he goes from being an interesting sociopath to just a mindless serial killer.

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She wears shortskirts

I wear t-shirt.

She's cheer captain and im on the bleachers.

Thinking about the day when you wake up and find that what youre looking for has been here the whole time.
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Wrong board

Taylor Swift is a pathological liar
#Protectyeezy soundoff!!!

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Are we ever getting Show By Rock 3?
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Hopefully not.
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I would love more Tsurezure songs

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3x3 thread
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2/3, but I think I'd enjoy The Cat Returns if I were ever to watch it. Very visually crowded presentation, though.
2/3 but very nice 3x3 design
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>>160935950 you are bad
+/-Haruhi, Higurashi
-Gayass, Sakurasou
+Erin, Tutu, Shiki, SSY

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Hey. Dumping a couple of Dark Horse's issues. This also got an anime, but I don't think it was ever subbed.

>What's Michael follows the adventures of a ginger tabby called Michael. The stories often change setting: in one, Michael may be owned by a young Japanese couple; in the next, Michael may be owned by an older couple with children, and in a third, Michael might be owned by a yakuza.
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Oh look this shit again.png
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>Non-English speakers doing English TL's
Why is this allowed?
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Why don't you go learn gook by yourself, you autist
>>Non-English speakers doing English TL's
>>Non-English speakers
They can't TL into English. They don't speak English.
>Why is this allowed?
There is no law against translating.
If you don't like it, just read/watch the raw.

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If your waifu grows older, and you don't like who she has become, can she still be your waifu?
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Was it ever really true love if you can't accept new faults? That's a tough question anon, aging is one of those shitty things 2d relationships often avoid.
I know some people consider some aged versions to be completely different characters (nanoha for example), so there's probably some waifufags that are only married to the younger version and ignore her canon future.

Picture unrelated right?
Chisaki didn't change much and no one loves her anyway.
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What would change anyways?
This doesn't even makes sense. When you make a girl your waifu, her state becomes independent to that of the author's and any other anon who waifu'ed the girl. She doesn't change unless you want her to.

Would you try tail meat?
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I don't know, you tell me.
Didn't she say it's poisonous?
of course I would. Its a once in a lifetime chance, when would you ever be able to try dragon meat otherwise
plus it grows back. win/win.

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Kaidou is silly.
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First for SaNa
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Big Mama > Kaidou
Fuck off with your general garbage.

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They look unironically better like that.
Pinches prietas culeras
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How do you feel about anime opening remixes like this?

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That's extremly comfy.

Mantains the love alive.
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more stuff like this pls

What does /a/ think this one?
There are new episodes every week, yet i didn't saw any threads about them.
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Journey to the west: fujo edition.
More or less the same episodes with the same occurrences, nice to watch but nothing to write home about.

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This will be the next big thing in anime, and you know I am right.
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Devilman was already big though.
Not ever since the live action movie came out. People wanted to forget its existence. Dont even get me started about the west. I wager only 1% of people have actually read the manga or know it exists.

But it will defnitely blow up next year.
Anyone know if they're planning on adapting the manga from beginning to end? Love Masaaki Yuasa & sure he'll do a great job regardless, but I'd be kinda disappointed if things stray too far from the original (which I haven't read).
It's been 40+ years; why haven't 5 volumes been fully animated?

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Zeke will appear in next chapter as a police to defend his brother from clean product dealers and prostitutes
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Why do the insist on chasing Eren around when he clearly just wants to be left alone? Are they autistic?
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>Warriors until the manga end.
How mad would tumblr be?

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It's 3:00
Sleep tight Anon!
Kongou is so cute.

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