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itt: Manga that you are close to finishing that you dont want to end
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Just enjoy it while it lasts everything good needs to end.
I hope the ending isnt shit or unnecessarily sad
You know I've found myself with a conflict with long series that I get really invested in

On the one hand, if it makes sense and builds character and all that, I think stories should have the sad ending they are supposed to

But then when it does get really dark in the final moments of a series as it often does, I get really fucking depressed so maybe the fact authors tend to pull back at the last second for an out-of-nowhere happy ending is okay

I think more realistic endings would give a story more potential to be recommended reading material for generations but it's also unfair to think someone could literally follow a series as its ongoing for like twenty years and then just get their heart shit on at the end

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Why Lain is praised so much when this is better?
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I know you wanted to start a niea thread, I get that. We've all watched and told ourselves it isn't boring, but you can't just be silly and say stuff like that.
After 10 episodes of whacky hijinks with only a few scenes of super dark and depressing plot, I decided I wasn't going to like this show and dropped it. Lain was pretty shit too
it's shame
this show is actually the rare case of perfect ending

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For me it's Furuta Nimura Souta Kichimura Washuu. Intelligent, Nihilistic and with a Wicked Sense of Humor.
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He's going to die soon anyway
i like tokyo ghoul, but furuta it´s just a bad imitation of the joker
amon when

Continuing vol 1 dump

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danke vol 2 when?

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Episode 17 preview

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New preview pic.
Nothing can save this show anymore.
I guess I'll pick it up for this one week if something is actually happening.

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Which season had the best "true" final duel and which had the worst?
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Anything worst and final has to be Arc V
OG Manga > 5D's 1-26 > Arc-V 1-51 > 5D's 27-64 > DM > GX > Zexal II > 5D's 65-154 > Zexal I > shit > Arc-V 52-148
The second duel between Reiji and Yuya was certainly the better between it and the last one.

5D's feels like over the top bullshit and GX basically nerfs Judai to give Yugi and easy time. DM is fine, but the manga version is better paced.

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>been reading manga and LN's for years
>now instinctively try to read everything right to left
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>Read manga.
>It makes no sense.
>It was flipped to be read left to right.
All the fucking time.
haha! it's so relatable!
Kobato a cute!

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Toughest fucking spy, hands down

Marry, Fuck, Kill??? (No pic needed, you know who)
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Ange, Doro, Chise

or maybe ill choose to kill princess just to bully beato
Fuck Dorothy because tits
Marry Princess because wealth and power
Kill Beato because she's a robot and won't feel pain
Is that the doujins we've been so desperately waiting for in there?

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People will defend this
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They're both shit.
What's responsible for this? Different studio? God it looks so bland, the hair is just one ugly bland turd color with a darker shade while the top looks like it has a bit of a gradient
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The manga really needs more Endeavor.
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Reminder that fags are banned
Is Arcsys making another game?

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Why are maids so ridiculously cute?
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Because they're designed to be.

Also is it me or have maids and cat-girls become less common in anime as of recently?
Thanks /f/

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Minutely desu is more like it.
Thanks doctor desu
That isn't the real Desu.

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Yo. Since we're allowed one meta thread per board, I just have to ask. When did /a/ become a weekend board?
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What does that mean?
What did anon mean by this?
Explain further.

Misunderstanding your misunderstanding
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Chiaki > Chiaki's imouto > Nina > Aguri >>> Karen
So is Chad gonna fuck that blue haired bitch?

Chiakis imouto shows up eventually?

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My Fetish.jpg
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Who read the manga/watched anime. Thoughts on series? Favorite moments?

>Favorite Moments
Pic related.
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I watched the anime before it just went off the rails and this is prob my saddest drop. Usually I'm glad to drop things when they go to shit. Might read the manga one day. Does it get any better after we meet her sister?
Main character dies and the cripple girl loses so I wasn't to happy. Beautiful art and the only thing I like about the anime is the ost
I agree that it gets wackier once Reverse starts; personally I think it does get better after meeting the sister (albeit a lot more action oriented in the anime), but that could be bias. But there was interesting backstory I suppose.

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