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Reminder that Sakura is now homeless and in debt.
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Why is cuckura such a cuck?
Sakura is a cuck
Karin is the real mum
Sarada is a boring character
Class Rep is canon and will win the bowl
Isn't she the hospital director or something?
How is she not financially secure?

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Characters you want to have peel you an apple.
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Why would you peel an apple? the skin is the best part.
Scanlations when?!

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Movie hype goes here
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Is Mika a good older sister to Alice? Why are the Shimada sisters so perfect?
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more ribbon warrior when
i'm hyped, so hyped

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What does /a/ think about the Metroid mangas?
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Yeah, mangas
Metroid is /a/ content too
They're pretty good

Read the guide before asking questions.

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Why did they do this? Both of them look terrible.
Because they can and they know fans will buy them
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3rd for IKEA Is literally empty space with cardboard

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Under the moon, loli to issho.
I'm the one on the left.

BD when?
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Such a shit ending
When will HBO finally do an adaption of the work?
Great ending. Tenma's ideology was the right one in the end, because he wasn't the one who shot Tenma, it was some fodder drunkard who ruined Johan's calculations, and yet he still got saved by Tenma once again. The ending scene could be either interpreted as the Monster dead because Tenma killeld him after he saved Johan once again, or a metaphor to the fact that no matter how much you try, evil's still out there

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Hey this movie was pretty good.
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I just watched the 9th movie and it was a clusterfuck.
Who else was hyped for Ch1000 but is disappointed now? :^)

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Say her name!
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Say his name!
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Promiscuous bitch Galko?

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Name a better villain. Protip: you can't.
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Ahhh, Mazinger Z. Out of all the classic mecha series that get a remake, why isn't Mazinger the one?
Because they need to save cash for the mazinger zero anime
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What is with people saying that this little middle school girl is their wife? Is there a joke I missed out on?
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She's also my daughter.
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will you be my father in law?

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Hey this looks good
>idea factory
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I don't know what you're implying but they've been making otome games for a long time
I'm talking about them producing the anime. They were in charge of the masterpiece called diabolik lovers
Oh shut the hell up, you ho.

Code Realize is one of the good otome games with all great boys and a good MC who isn't a big dumb blank slut insert.

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Chapter's out, dumping.
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27 pages.
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>you will never take your waifu to Koshien
Why even live, /a/?
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Kisarazu Sogo v. Nihon Koku Ishikawa starts in 10 mins

*turn off your adblock to watch the stream/also don't press the play button, let the stream start on it's own when you load the page
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your waifu

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