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Is this the best girl in anime history?
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>Tells everyone to NOT go save their kidnapped classmate because muh legal bureaucracy
How did this failure even managed to get into UA?
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Pucci Edition
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First for the Rock Humans did nothing wrong and you should stop rock hate posting!
Rock niggers must die.
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I think I really like JoJo you guys.

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I feel like watching some Gintama. What's your favourite comedy or serious arc? I want to rewatch some Gintama but don't know where to start.

Also Gintama thread.
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As a relatively new comer to the series, I find it quite weird to watch the first season again. The cast feels still so rough and so green, and some of the set details of the series are not even introduced yet.

That being said, the first ""recap"" episode, ep25 I think, is still pure comedy gold, and the point where I think I truly fell in love with the show. It did get even better with the Benizakura Arc. The first Yoshiwara arc and the Four Devas arc were also some total highlights of the show.

And speaking of which, if you somehow haven't done so yet, do check the Benizakura movie adaptation. It's great.
Same with that other film, Yorozuya yo Eien Nare, ("Be forever Yorozuya").
>What's your favourite comedy arcor serious
don't know but i rewatch the otaku marathon arc and the elisabisu olanet arc every now and then
> seriou sarc
the kabukichou arc (1st arc from s2)
The Monkey Hunter arc is good entertainment. Otsuu arc, the one where they all want a Wii, the dating sim game arc etc are all good.

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>Quwrof Wrlccywrlir
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What do you guys think about Gay Dragon Maid?
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Love that is forbidden by The Holy Bible; absolutely disgusting.
I don't watch yuri shit, harem shit, or especially moe shit.

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>even after all these years people still think Eva is good
I blame m00t and his asukafagging

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Am I too smart or too dumb to enjoy Princess Principle?
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You browse 4chan.
You don't deserve to enjoy it on principle.

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It was the right thing to do

Only good T-M anime besides KnK.
There's nothing sinful about it.

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It's finally back in the anime!!! SSG!!!
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It's only in this size for now. Have to wait for the 104th episode preview.
Call me when SS4 comes back

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images (73).jpg
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What did we do to deserve this? Why couldn't they just give us Barakamon season 2?
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You don't like it?
Shit taste.
I don't like the direction they took with it.

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Tfw we never got erotic chapters of soul eater with Crona pleasing men.
Why live?
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Was it a man or a woman?
It doesn't matter anyway, does it? It's gonna be even lewder if it's ambiguous.
Ambiguous. Imagine the assjobs though.
A write fag needs to get on this. Crona seems like such a push over. Easy to use to get off. Hnnnnng

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Didn't think Japs could make something I could watch with my younger siblings AND be well written. I like the feeling of nostalgia from watching Harry Potter when I was younger too, with a dash of something new.

I want to protect her "yay"
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>Little Witch Academia
I don't follow.
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A thread without starting about some rape hentai I mean anon, I'm sure some malignancy will leak in eventually
Also, is it bad I'm starting with the 2017 series and not the movies?

Would you this clock?
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Doesn't seem like a very convenient timepiece.
How do I check the time on that?

Where's the chronometer also? Is it waterproof?

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What did his mother mean by this?
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God I wish that were me
She is implying that her ass is perfect.
>Hello son, your father loves eating my box while I choke on his dick
Literally the last thing anyone wants to hear from their mother.

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Remember to relax and take it easy.
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I Kind of Dig Crazy Chicks.jpg
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Requesting Tharja and my SI playing music together, with her playing bass and me playing guitar please.
Use this song to get an idea of how we'd be playing together; slow music, but still emotional.

This got a good delivery done before, so I'd like to try it again.
Listen to this song and kind of let it be your muse on drawing.
Draw Tharja in a way you'd feel would fit well with the song.

Draw her in a style resembling a style you personally like.
Mangaka/Video game design/animation studio/fanart/etc

Wearing cute casual clothes or anything in this album.

Anything cute with SI. Playing FE Heroes together.

Or combining any of the above requests together.
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Reference Image #22.jpg
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Rias in this swimsuit http://www.imgur.com/a/TbzJL please and thank you.
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Cosmos request 2.png
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Hello to everyone on WWHD! If anyone has time, can somebody draw Cosmos from Fairy Tail?

-Trying on some stockings like this (http://i.imgur.com/r3CWJuG.jpg) Can also be NSFW if you wish
-Dressed as a nurse (http://i.imgur.com/JvApJO7.jpg) or a neko nurse (http://i.imgur.com/yYxoWQ4.jpg)
-Or wearing Saber Alter's dress (http://i.imgur.com/mtlkHMK.png)
-Almost anything else cute or lewd is also appreciated. Make sure to ask beforehand.

And hope you enjoy your weekend as I.

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