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Is /a/ excited for this upcoming anime? It's a comfy manga about two girls wandering around a post apocalyptic city.

Dumping the first chapter.
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This is a birb.
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I like birb.
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I wanna do indecencies with that bird, would it count as bestiality?

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What was the most aesthetic anime of 2016?
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US Election
the urine tapes
The post-election arc has laid the schadenfreude a bit thick, though. I also would have liked to see more development of Scaramucci but he was gone after one episode.

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Did you guys see this on the news today? "Amazing 13-Million-Year-Old Ape Skull Discovered". It seems that we all could've ended up with huge anime eyes if we would've reproduced more with these guys. Where the hell did everything go so wrong!
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>tfw born 13 million years too late for anime to be real
>tfw born just a bit too early for realistic anime VR
>tfw born just a bit too early for realistic anime VR
I wouldn't be so sure, at least in terms of image and sound.
Nature decided that having a big brain was important so we could create and do things to give ourselves depression, anxiety, sadness, and self-loathing.
Instead of being dumb happy animals.

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Jesus, why is this allowed? And then they ask why he kills them.
W-will he make it?
>supporting bestiality

You should only fuck your own species.

Why are the anime studios turning us gay
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>looks like a girl
>acts like a girl
>talks like a girl
>written like a girl
>voice acted by a girl
>stats are shit in FGO because girl

But NOPE! He's male because the writer said so!!
When is this fucking franchise going to die?
This is a male? God help me.

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abyss 05.jpg
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>peoples' main complaint is that the show is about kids

Is everyone gay or something?
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You'd have to be gay to be attracted to something with no boobs, hips or ass.
Nah, people who bitch about the characters not being adults are usually people who are embarrassed at themselves for watching anime, and wants to delude themselves that they're watching something mature by virtue of the characters being adults.

Also, maybe they're not lolicons/shotacons.
My main complaint is that the kids aren't even sexy.

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Natt did nothing wrong.
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He truly loved Riko, but knew he couldn't compete with the robot.
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Riko took good notes.
He's a fucking potato

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Dance of the Canary.gif
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How come whenever black girls are the topic of conversation the girls being discussed are always sluts, lolis, demons, or loli-demon-sluts. Does /a/ like any black girls?

I mean they're 2D so it's kinda like they are only half black.
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Coffee was a class act, though.
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Mirabell Bell.jpg
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Hilda was pretty responsible and level headed from what I remember.

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Post your waifu and we tell you why they're shit
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Take your best shot.
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Posting Kurisu is cheating

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Who has the best ass in anime?
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My waifu.
Inspector Zenigata.
i like that one

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>draw a girl
>call it a boy
>literally triple your BD sales from the flood of trapfags alone

Why is this so effective?
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Both men and women lust for traps.
Psychologically healthy people don't spend money on degenerate anime.
Because the female form is infinitely more attractive than the male, but you know what's also great? Dicks. Fucking nothing like the feeling of something warm and hard inside you, but guys are gross. They're hairy and chunky and not soft, but girls are wonderful! They're gorgeous and curvy and soft and smell nice, the only thing that would make them better is if they had a dick! And thus, traps were born.

File: sailor_moon_01_pose2.jpg (107KB, 640x480px)Image search: [Google]
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Is that a JoJo reference?
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I stopped by for Sailor Moon but now I leave because of Autism.
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usagi chingc hong.jpg
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I'm just gonna pretend OP didn't write anything and post Sera Moon.

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The mild keikaku never ends
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Has Misuzu finally made her yuri switch form Tomo to Carol? That would untangle quite a bit of stuff.
Mizusu better not try anything funny
Misuzy will get her way by kissing Jun in front of everyone.
It's a way to say fuck you to Cotton Candy.

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Genderbent Kirito is superior to normal Kirito.

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kirito in a nutshell.jpg
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Abridged SAO is objectively better than orginal SAO

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