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>there hasn't been a good anime since 2016 June

What's your excuse, Japan?
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More like 1996 June.
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>not liking doragons

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Fuck you lookin' at nerd
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Mirrin dose moosles
just cleaning this crossbow
Our Guy?

>short to medium length hair
>huge breasts
>generic "I get along with everyone" personality

Is this just the prototype for losers and doormats? Is it some kind of trope for these characters to exist usually for the sole purpose of losing and being worst?
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Chiho is garbage. I hate her so much. She exists solely to cockblock and be a mary sue who gets praised by everyone around for no good reason despite being so useless and shoehorned.

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Is nasu secretly a closeted homosex?
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this time literally stop being a fag
If only that was the extent of his degeneracy.



what a compelling mc you got there.
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If 80% of the world had superpowers and you didn't, you'd be pissed off too.
What a compelling post you've made, anon. I'm sure you'll get tons of fun replies.
>Live in a world where everyone's superior to you. Bonus learn at a young age that you are useless.
>OP expects you to be happy knowing that.

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Some of you guys are alright, don't go to Hyakkaou Private Academy tomorrow.
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Why wouldn't I? That would be too boring.
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Have fun freeing the cylinder. Fucking Japs can't into guns in their anime.

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What the hell, I could've sworn I'd read this before and it had easily 30+ chapters scanlated instead of the 2 that are currently available. Is it possible I'm confusing this with something else that also had charmingly bad art and kids punching ghosts? I remember at some point they find themselves on an island that's been taken over by a death cult and shit gets absolutely real. Does this ring any bells?
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This is driving me nuts. Flipping though nip discussion sites reveals that the MCs do go to a cult island, so this has got to be the manga in question.

If you did a quick search on the archive, you'd see that raws were dumped with live tl here a few years ago (although it looks like it was never edited together)
Looks like the actual threads might have been lost when foolz died.
I think that's exactly what happened. I feel foolz's loss more deeply with each passing year.

Read the guide before asking questions.

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I'm really torn about which one to get, on one hand, the left looks nicer, on the other, late aftermarket anal rape.

Could Izayoi beat onii-sama in a fist fight?
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Whoever gets the first strike wins.
Is that a girl
One uses magic, the other beats the shit out of magic with his fists.
Seems pretty clear to me.

Fortunately, one of them has triple digit mach speeds on the low end and FTL on the high end.

>chapter 112 marked the end of teacher's relationship with the MC
>chapter 113 was the MC recovering from the breakup
>chapter 114 is every character masturbating to hardcore porn on their phones, with drawn genetalia and nipples, which are both firsts for the manga
Where were you whe Kiss x Sis became hentai
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Proof? I stopped reading Piss X Sis long ago.
Proof is the fucking manga, I said what chapters had what. IIRC, Only up to 112 is translated.
They have a fb page. mss3k

>August 4 at 4:36am
>Chapter updates: We are currently working on typesetting chapter 113, and currently beginning to work on chapter 114 translations. We hopefully will have chapter 113 out by the end of next week.

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Liberio plot development when?
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Endgame right here, brothers.
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This is my wife.

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Is Fune wo Amu a masterpiece?
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No, I think it's largely accepted that everything post-timeskip is bad.
No, but shouwa rakugo is.
I liked the first season a lot better than the second...

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Finally the fucking banana is going to be animated
Not sure on how to make this a 24min series.
Maybe be an anime with the same time length as Tsurezure children.
That is one of the most lifeless PVs I've ever seen.
The manga isn't all that great either.

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Did I missed it or is still untranslated?
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We all did it without you.
Don't bulli.
No Kaguya this week. We had an Aka oneshot.

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As the best gender bender, you know this would make a great anime.
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>You take the blue pill—the story ends, I'll be a girl like you always want to believe.
>You take the red pill—you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep my boy pussy goes.

>Remember: all I'm offering is the truth. Nothing more.
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theres a doujin? how have I not seen this

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