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QB Unlimited Melona Preview.jpg
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Melona is looking to be okay and Elina is still a crazy lesbian.

I'm less worried at least.
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Needs more Menace, preferably not in "MUST RESTORE COUNTRY" mode.
We'll see her next month probably.
I sure hope so.

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would be nice if this was concept art for S2
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top tier girls from MANime series
pic related: her designation is Ple 12 and she is my wife.
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Beg your pardon but I think you mistook my wife for what you think is your wife. Please refrain from such mistake from now on
>MC is a whiny newtype who switches between sides faster than a zeon targeting computer.
>His rival is a consistant fuck up who turns into an edgelord after the girl he was trying to woo literally jumps off of a building and then out of a plane to get away from him. Then he turns into the MCs backup dancer.
>Main antagonist is an almost literal clone of a much more popular and sucessful antagonist. When the spirit of that antagonist leaves him he becomes the empty shell of a character that he really is.
>The lead robot is literally called "Unicorn " gundam which glows in different colors as a gimmick and saves the day through hippy psychic space magic in the end.
>The entire conflict is over a box containing a defunct document written by a crazy man that lists a "prayer" as a law saying that basically if any space evolved people show up in the future then they should be given priority employment in government and space colonies granted more independance.

Great manime you have there.
/a/ believes anything not moe or battle shounen is MANime

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Thank you
Kirino a shit
No (You)

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Episode 6 out soon.
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You are wrong OP.
>Convenience Store Boy Friends will be off this week as episode 6 airs on August 17th in Japan.
But I need it.

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Reminder to always skip the first episode of this show.
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This has been on my backlog forever. Is this a thing that's generally recommended when watching it?
It's highly adviced.
The first episode spoils what happen during the first (and best) part of the anime.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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Forced memes general?
has the real fish sakura died? a lot of imposters posting these days
Begone fake faggot

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Now that both Superman and Tintin have showed up in Hero Academia, which comic book character is gonna show up next?
My bet's on Popeye or Dennis
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Scrooge McDuck
It's not too far off, we've already got darkwing duck
Saint of killers.

I was expecting this show to be just slice of life Moe garbage made by people who dont even play games and just want to bit the moe loving audience.
Turns out i was wrong its acualy decent and the humor is actual gamer humor and not even shit meme based gamer humor but actual stuff you expect from "Gamers!"
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Turns out it's garbage.
good to know, i almost gave this a pass completely. Im having trouble finding more comedy/slice of life shows that arnt just Moe or harem shit.
Turned out MC should fucking hang himself for being the biggest faggot ever and bestboy is the ex-nerd. All the girls are too cute for MC, especially Karen, holy fucking shit.

>inb4 it's not for you because you have to be a beta like me so you can self-insert
Cancel your life.

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Reminder that Yamcha and Bulma are alone back on earth.
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Reminder that Son Goku is beautiful.
Why did you make this thread? There already is one up
Toriyama did really hates yamcha?

I just finished getting caught up on the manga.

How the hell are they going to adapt all of this?

how many kids are going to be mentally scarred for life by watching this?
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Thankfully it airs way past thier bedtime
I suppose that's why AnimeStrike is behind a double paywall so Gen X parents can't accidentally watch anime with their kids
>How the hell are they going to adapt all of this?
They aren't.
We'll get up to end of vol3/maybe somewhere into vol4 and then it'll be over, and I doubt there'll be a second season.

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Name literally just one intro that is better than JJBA: Battle Tendency (2)

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Literally any other OP.
Not even the best op of this series

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I want to be like my dad, and be a champion of justice. What's wrong with that? If you walk down the path that you believe is right, you cannot be wrong
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>if you believe that you are right, you cannot be wrong
Is Shirou the basis for the system by which the Throne of Heroes operates?
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Archer should have just let Gilgamesh kill Shirou after this fucking comment.
>Just because I can save you doesn't mean I will

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