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Reminder that bittersweet endings are the patrician's choice.
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>not reading raws
Piwi saved the day.
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Bittersweet endings are, indeed, the best endings
Orgy endings are better

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Pretty sure there are more than two...
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So the anime pretty much killed the hype, right?
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Seems that way. It's also on break right now.
Ch.99 is awesome though, it's great to see Zaganos finally unsettled.
we got two complete turnarounds in two chapters. It's great

>become a superhuman chosen by god
>just go on chill adventures with cute girls

That's how you do it.
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Maybe these segments where he hangs out with the girls would be moderately interesting if the characters in them were distinct somehow, but they just aren't. All three girls used in these bits have the same personality flavor of ‘chipper but gets embarrassed easily’, to the point that they could star Touya hanging out with just one girl three separate times and you wouldn't be able to tell the difference.
What is even the plot? At least other isekai always have a clear goal like "defeat the demon lord" or "find our way back home", or even "build the best robot". This guy is just doing nothing and that's why it's so shit.
Too bad the guy himself is the definition of bland and boring.

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Hey. Dumping a 1-volume comedy I scanned about a girl who runs off with the mechanical bear suit from a movie studio. Shenanigans ensue.
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sounds stupid. post it
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Left or right?
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Shit I don't have pics of Dejima.
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Here ya go.
Dejima is terribly used goods.

Lewd moments from populars mangakas, i will start with masami kurumada.
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Another one from him

I want to tenderly kiss and fug Ochako!!
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How can someone be so wrong?
I want Kirishima in the Deku squad!

Something I didn't expected in Patlabor TV.
Because I'm watching slowly I had forgotten that Kanuka was in Japan temporally. She was my favorite and I don't know what to expect now from the new girl that will be introduced. Never heard anyone mentioning her existence.
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I watched Macross a while ago, and I'm not sure what I was expecting, but it sure as fuck wasn't a shitfest of a love triangle. In the end I was honestly rooting for Hikaru and Minmay to be together since these 2 awful pieces of shit belong to eachother.

I sure hope the rest of the series isn't like this, because the original series left a very sour taste in my mouth.
the rest of the series is bad asides from Plus and DYRL

Honestly, the original was pretty great besides the last 9 episodes
>In the end I was honestly rooting for Hikaru and Minmay to be together since these 2 awful pieces of shit belong to eachother.

Yeah, in the end Hikaru didn't deserved Misa after all that unnecessary suffering.

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>It's another "chill guy who minds his own business is gonna fall into spaghetti spilling autistic girl" anime
Come fucking on
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It's too bad hot autistic girls arent real
I can't tell which part you're angry about
>its another crossboarder scum making a cliche thread

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Ririn-chan a cute. 50 days until a possible Kamachi anime announcement and hopefully some news on the Railgun novel and Virtual-On. NT19 and the long awaited Shiageluck vs Accelerator round 2 will come a week after that.
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I want to fuck Academy City
I beat them both first try
Git gud, don't be afraid to roll twice to ensure safety
Misaki falling for Touma is the proof that this series is nothing more than otaku wish fulfillment

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Would he be a good slave/pet/maid/servant/wife/lover/toy?
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Of course. Best friends and snuggle Astolfo is best Astolfo.
Friend wasn't an option though. Are you buying him just to be a friend? That sounds kindof awkward and almost a waste

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for me it's Furuta Nimura Souta Kichimura Washuu, Intelligent, Nihilistic and with a Wicked Sense of Humor.
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A non-edgy 8man. But doesn't that leave him devoid of all character?
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Is Hunter x Hunter intellectual?

>While the series as a whole has received widespread praise,[134][135] the Chimera Ant arc in particular has been often singled out. In addition to being met with rave reviews, the arc has generated considerable discussion and analysis of its themes, symbols, characters and structure throughout and in the aftermath of its run. The arc is commonly viewed as a deconstruction of shōnen and action anime;[136][137] other readings have focused on supposed symbolic parallels with Buddhism[138][139] and nuclear war. Nick Creamer compared the arc to a “war drama”. In a lengthy essay, Creamer read the arc as a study of, and in the end a simultaneous critique and defense of human nature.[140]

>Much of the writing surrounding the arc focuses on its villain, the Chimera Ant King. Largely echoing Creamer’s conclusion, Luke Halliday, in an examination of the character, describes his story as “an exploration into what it means to be human.”[141] In the piece, Halliday describes the King's development as “one of the most interesting and captivating in anime . . . [the King's] journey is simply unforgettable” and states his own belief that the arc “will go down as one of the greatest stories told in anime”.
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What the fuck?
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>humans ebil but also some are good

Having lengthy explanations after every battle scene doesn't make it intellectual. Nor does placing a nuke inside a main character and talking about how bad nukes are

Still love the series though.
No. But it's rabid yet small fan base will scream and cry that it's deep or intelligent when it's pretty basic like early Naruto level easily.

This thread and Minori-chan are similar to one another.
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This thread can't be as cute as Minori.
But it can be just as forgettable.
there's a thread already.
why must you divide us

This series deserves much better than some anime original CGI shitfest.
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>did literally nothing wrong
>the "villain"
The CGI was actually pretty fucking cool

She's not even really a villain in the manga.

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