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Toaru Majutsu no Virtual-On MANGA ANNOUNCED on Dengeki PlayStation!

Release date: FALL
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We already know. Do a Mikoto thread.
New Index manga chapter fucking where theacceleratorr?
Somebody better make that Mikoto thread. My hands getting twitchy.

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Irony, postmodern narrative structure, metadiscussions, intertextuality and self-references
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I wanna fuck Konata.
Is there an anime that aged worse?
Haibane Renmei and Kimba
>fucking a flat chest

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what was his problem?
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What is yours?
Tossed salad and scrambled eggs
Actual autism

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So this got a season 2. Why do you hate this anime so much?
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Because ironic weebs like you OP.
they can't fathom the idea of Lucky Star. They're not ironic at all.
That's every shitposter's favorite anime though?

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Why do people still put up with this series? Has there been a bigger fall from grace than this manga? You at one point had, arguably, the greatest manga of all time yet after the golden age it progressively got worse. It was still great during the conviction arc, and solid during the Millennium Falcon arc, but flaws started creeping up and becoming more apparent culminating in Fantasia which seems to be the nadir of the series. The plot has been protracted for decades and most people are just exhausted and have given hope on the series ever being completed. Even Togashi seems to be progressing towards something and the manga is better than ever in HxH, which is the exact opposite for Berserk.

It seems like Berserk is one of those series that people fall in love with and get super emotional about, but frankly Miura doesn't deserve loyalty. The last time Berserk was in it's prime was in the early 00s (and I'm being generous), to put it into perspective, most artists hit a peak and fall off. Miura's prime has come and gone. It's like expecting a band to shit out a classic album 15 years after they fell off. And Miura certainly isn't getting better like Araki or Togashi, so why does he get a pass? Is it just cause everyone loves Guts and the Golden age is everyone's favorite arc?
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>Berserk ever being a top manga
Lmao read more stuff faggot
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The Golden age is better than any part in JoJo, matsumoto (Jiro and Taiyu) manga, AnJ, LW&C, any Asano series, better than any Inoue series, Farmland Saga, YKK, Blame!, Eden, 7 Seeds, BoTI, Dorohedoro, Golden Kamuy, One Piece at its peak, KKH, any Fukumoto series, Akira, Nausicaa, TWIM, Bokurano, Gunnm.

It was by far the best manga I've read if we just isolate it in it's prime and the only thing I prefer over it are some western comics.
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but can it end?

Anime in VR, fucking when?
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you can already watch anime on a headset

if you're talking about 2D animation that is being done to mimic 3D, for VR headsets

is it a gimmick?
Emma is best.

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Oh yea
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No chapter this week.
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Pudding? More like....stabbing
Is Oda okay?
I'm afraid if his health keeps getting worse we'll suffer the pain of hiatus.
SJ is on break this week

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Sword Art Online is the anti-christ and evil incarnate.

All who like and/or tolerate it are human trash. I'm depressed no one wants to physically SAO loving filth.
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Don't use emoticons on /a/.
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Chapter 9 up.

Anyone reading this?
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It's cute and gay.
And that's all i asked for.
Touma is fucking beefy.

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Who is watching this great series? I have too much nostalgia for these anime for real men (Like all those who went out before 2000)
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>anime for real men
I too enjoy depictions of tits and ass.
this is the real party

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What did he mean by this?
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>that translation
Holy shit
death manga
rip bleach

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Tell Japan to stop, please. It looks stupid. Black is fine.
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Red makes the characters look warmer
It's a pain to work with when you are trying to create transparent reaction images.

You know what,OP? I'll tell everyone I know to use red outlines from now on. Just to spite you.
I hope you learn something today.

The group was perfect when it was just these guys. Why does shonenshit always have to add more and more characters until the show is ruined?
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Shut the fuck up and go back to 2004 where you belong then you poofter
I would read a spinoff just about Franky and Robin,desu
I actually consider this the core crew, myself.

Those who marched on Arlong Park are the closest crew.

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Why isn't AOTY more popular?
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People are scared of fujobait.
Not that it's actually AOTY but I'd say it is fairly popular here.
I don't watch these type of anime but I like it. I'm not expert but I like the rough style of the animation except sometimes when their necks look long and big in some scenes.

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