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Left or right?
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Right is superior in everything.
nice anime and manga thread, thanks gaia

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>Watching dubs
>Feeling thirsty so I look away from the screen and take a sip of water
>Had a meal prepared. Take a bite.
>Check the time on my watch real quick.
>Look back towards screen.
>18 seconds have passed. No dialogue missed. Heard it all
>MFW subfags have to rewind.
>MFW subfags are too stupid to watch dubs or just learn Japanese and watch Raw.
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Ok and what, It's your opinion man and it has no affect on me as an individual.
If you've been watching subs for long enough you can pick up on basic dialogue naturally, and unless you read at the pace of a fucking snail, you won't miss anything if you decide to eat whilst viewing.
>caring about the plot
I only watch anime for the tiddies tbqh

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Hello, let's Guru Guru.

Post Kukuris.
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My cutest girl
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Well, what SHOULD she do?

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Is there anything else quite like Nichijou?

Something about the combination of dry, slapstick, and odd humor with art style ranging from highly detailed to simplistic just made it perfect for me.
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A torinói ló (Tarr, 2011)
Daily lives of highschool boys and Azumanga comes close.
>Daily lives of highschool boys
I hated that show but even that does a way better job at providing comedic value since the jokes arent just pointless "physical comedy".

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It's all downhill from here.
I'm still really sad about this scene
No,you won't
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just fucking stop, I don't even know what series is it from, but I see this page in my nightmares now, because of how many times I have seen it on /a/

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FSN or Apocrypha? Which one is worse?
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Apocrypha by a mile.
Which is worse. Trash or Trash...
Zero was the only thing close to being good in this mess of a franchise.

Great concept put to waste
This. Zero is worse. The concept was alright, the backstory of the 4th war mentioned in many routes. The execution wasn't so great.

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Spread the word.
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f/u/ck off
Is anybody on /a/ new enough to believe these posts were made by different people? Photographing my post and uploading it is a waste of bandwidth.
This is a dead thread.

Why does the most american character in the show speak the worst english?
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Americans are shit at english, actually. But there's no American character there.
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Now that the dust has settled, did she deserve it?
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DooD ozzo.png
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Are you fucking a invisible girl?

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Will HF be a better adaptation than UBW?
Will ufo actually care?
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Well at the very least the director is better.
Highly, highly doubtful
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The director is a huge Sakurafag, so I have some hopes for it. Pic related, he drew the second picture.

Also, it seems that they've actually toned down the rhino noses, which is a good thing.

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>My dear Shinkai-san, you leave your pictures in such a sketchy, unfinished state. Why don’t you ever finish them? I saw Your Name, it was big. Very. I'm sure you make very nice lunch boxes, but that's about it. Many of us can draw a phallus with our eyes closed, but to create something serious? That’s hard, that needs to be studied. Anyone can be an amateur shit-doodling hooligan. It’s unpleasant and casts a shadow on all serious artists.
This fucking mad man.

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-------------------------------------------------- droll line xD
So much butthurt.
Oh, wait, it's not SOL. It's most likely gonna be trash.

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Are you ready for the gay

This was a nice chapter though
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I'm ready for eternal suffering. Taking the gay way out would be weak. I hope the writer has more decency than that.
I don't think Taichi will be gay for him honestly.

Besides, its a coming of age story. Those often end with nobody really getting together.
I kind of hope none of them get together simply because I really like all three of them and I'd feel so bad for the one left out, regardless of who it is.

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So is Eren by his own in Marley no? Did he betray AM and got tired of their shit and want to do things his way? Will he try to make a deal with stupid sexy Reiner and Zeke? Does Zeke know that Eren is in Marley? How fat is Armin now?
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Mikasa is for ___?
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Best boy.
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Bow to your Queen.

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What was her fucking problem?
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Subs when
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>Ends before she even explains the box

Bonedruid never
She has to deal with manlets constantly
We were never going to reach Bonedude

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