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Would she be a good mother?
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>Already has a mother that leaves her every day.
>Dad pretty much not there.

She will be a best mom.
For my children.
Are you a sensei.

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This show's premise is full retard. Why would he hate a girl who motivated him to stop being a fat fuck, get fit, and study hard?
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Neko a best. A BEST.

Aki a shit. A SHIT.
Because the series is targeted at people who can relate to how MC feels but didn't stop being fat fucks, didn't get fit and aren't studying hard.
Because Adagaki Aki a shit.

I hated this show.
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(you) 1.gif
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This is some low quality bait.
It's not bait. This show is crap.
It's a great concept ruined by a terrible MC. If you skip his dialogue the show is pretty good.

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This is Machi.
She's 14yo miko.
Say something nice about her.
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The first episode of her anime was funny.
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She is my daughter and needs to attend to the shrine.
You creeps better not be taking any funny pictures of her!
Was the bullying too far?

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jojo > bible
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What does it mean?
Are JoJofags actually this fucking retarded? You start from episode 1.

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Nirvana is a cute manga about a cute girl having cute adventures in a fantasy world.

>Publisher:Seven Seas Entertainment, LLC.
>Release Date:2017/8/8
For what purpose.

Well, you can still check out the full first chapter in english on that link right now.
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So you're saying that this anime is About a Girl?
>not anime about Kurt Cobain
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shows amazingly popular the time they aired, but completely forgotten now
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I want to fuck Tohka.
People still make threads about that reach bump limit, especially when a new volume is released.
[x] Touch Tohka's tohkas

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It's that time again. Let us party all night together, post gif/webm of dancing anime grills!

Come listen to anime remixes and EDM tunes straight from Japan, mixed live by our finest UNTZ DJs!
- Link is in the pastebin -

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That time again?
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The most exciting time of the week has finally arrived!
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Who is actually watching this poor mash-up of Umaru and Dokuro-chan? It's so generic even by moeshit standards. Angel and lazy otaku tropes are done to death. These guys will never be the next kyoani
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OK I was gonna pass out on your bait but you got me when you compared it to Umaru.

Umaru is fucking shit. Enjoy your (you)
Someone just got done watching Mother's Basement's animecast.

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Do you like this Tama?
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Shion go
No, she made the show less comfy.

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Which Senran would you Kagura?
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The best girl, obviously.
Hibari, Homura, Yomi, Kafuru, and Asuka a best.

Yumi a shit. A SHIT.
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big o

Your daily reminder that Mio is ethnically Korean.
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What proof do you have to back this claim?
File: 1415024830148.png (1MB, 2222x2096px)Image search: [Google]
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Korean rapebaby then.
>source: my ass

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Would you let Claire burn you to cinders?
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inb4 THK's a shit stockpost.
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No. Claire a shit and worst girl.

Ellis a best. A BEST.
>there he is

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So the earliest possible end for hiatus is fucking April huh.
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>So the earliest possible end for hiatus is fucking April huh.

I thought it was February.
Not that I care though, Berserk went to shit.
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>yfw the next season of Berserk is almost entirely 2D

This manga is really good. Didn't expect the Koe no Katachi Author to be able to write something like this too.
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I want to date her.
She was new in Koe no Katachi, hope it flops so she doesn't drag this series as well with unnecessary garbage like everything past Koe no Katachi's 3th volume.

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