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Who's your favorite lolicon?
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I am.


Why couldn't it have ended like this?
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Because that girl is a shit
Tsumugi best girl
They look like siblings. Cute.

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Viz media had special livestream today for some anniversary, did they reveal anything new? Will they Jump Start all six new Jump Series? Will they pick up some 100%? I know they wanted to reveal some big news, but I havent watched, because, well, who the hell would normally do that.
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>Viz media had special livestream today
When? I will watch it, if it is soon.
I don't really know if it's already over or not, but see

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ITT: Post severely misunderstood characters.
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no one misunderstood spinaku they just believed that lelouch was right
>no one misunderstood spinaku
They do. All the damn time
>they just believed that lelouch was right
Which is all the more satisfying when the show tells him that he's not
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How fucking triggered are you /a/ that this magnificent bastard's legacy is so great that years after his last movie, his side project's side project, The Red Turtle is getting an oscar nom over the apparent """"greatest anime movie of all time"""
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We can only hope that meme dies for good now.
Haven't seen Red Turtle but I'm sure it's better than any Shinkaishit so not mad at all
I liked Your Name and I'm not mad. Why would I be? I'm a bit disappointes that it didn't get nominated, but that's it.
I have the feeling these wars between directors and studios are caused and fought by external trolls.

Would you read/watch a hypothetical Dragon Ball spin off focused on Vegeta and the other Saiyans doing space pirate shit for Frieza after their planet blew up?

Prospective title would be Dragon Ball V.
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It'd be nothing but three edgelords slaughtering people over and over. It would get old fast.
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You can read an unofficial Dragon Ball what if with Vegeta at the pleace of Goku.

The first Dragon ball part is a bit boring because Vegeta is too strong, but when Goku appears (in the reverse role of Vegeta) things get interesting.
Seems like a better concept than Dragon Ball Super tho

Why do you hate her, /a/?
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Only someone who hates her would pick up this show unless they're some kind of genius at spoiler avoidance. Typically, one doesn't discuss a show one has dropped without some reason. Therefor, someone who is talking about her either hates her, likes her but has some reason to talk despite the previous reasoning, or is somehow fucked in the head.
Why would someone emotionnally invest himself in what is known for being a walking corpse?
>I keep hearing this shit
I haven't been on /a/ for the last couple of seasons, so I'm still unspoiled. I was about to drop this show due to it being terrible but now I'm intrigued what the fuck will happen.

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Was rejecting instrumentality a mistake?
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>3 or 4 EVA threads up
>make a new one
Was it a mistake or not?
Learn to use the catalog, retard.

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Mashup time! Both these sites let you make your own.

youdubber.com (one video, one audio)
vmashup.com (two videos, adjustable preset volume levels)

If you don't want to make any, feel free to share anything you might have. I'll start us off.

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Konosuba x Pokemon Johto.

Works a lot better than you might think

Nichijou x One Week

It's better than it sounds.

Darkwing Duck x DTB

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Who /DFC/ here?
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I'm still sad when I think that she has so few good doujins with such a perfect body.
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So are there any girls who cut their hair in more recent anime (2010-)?
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Mikasa Ackerman
Shirayaki a cute

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ITT: anime tropes you hate or love
>villain can't stop giving bad people good ideas
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MC ride, pls go
>we can't kill this man planning on killing all life everywhere
>we'd be just as bad as him!


>shitty, needlessly edgy mc's

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>tfw no one to play Goblin Slayer DnD 3e game about low level monster exterminators
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*Goblin Slayer inspired
Oh yes, I see, the other thread died because of no attention. Good luck this time, OP.
N-no bully :'^(

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I am the fin of my fish.
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Freddy on the fish page!
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It upsets me.

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What are you staring at, anon?
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The void anon, the void...
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