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But he always does that one voice
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Are you watching Rakugo?
Having a recognisable voice doesn't mean someone is bad at voice acting.

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I want to fuck left.
I want to fuck Ibuki
>fucking ningens

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Three x Three Thread
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lets get it over with before it starts: popular things are popular, deal with it
Pretty much nobody ever shits on anyone for liking popular things in these threads. Why do insecure plebs get pre-triggered like this?
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++ NGE, GitS
+ everything else

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what's her name?
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Fairies don't have names.
My wife Watashi is so cute.
Someone ages ago said it was Margaret or Margie, but they didn't say where they got it from, so it's probably bullshit.

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Either way i would be dead.
Fuck off, /tv/.
No, with Zamasu you would be dead. Zeno'a victims don't even get an afterlife.

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Gentlemen, how do we fix Re:Monster?
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Re:monster's story format is like a re:hash so you have to remove the Re: of Re:monster to change the way the story is being told.
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It's fine, people hate the way the rape is written but it nicely depicts women submitting to the cock.

Which Star would you drive? Wako or Keito?
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Only one answer.
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Her ghost sister was better

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kahahahaha what the hell

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1080p or 720p
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season 3 when
Always 1080p if it's available.
Always 720p

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Manga and anime were very popular a few years ago. Anime even got 2 seasons. The story was average, but the characters were very cute and relatable, so I start reading the manga too.

The story doesn't really progress much in the manga, but I keep reading it anyway. Years pass by. The manga slowly starts stagnating and going over the same plot points over and over again. I am starting to get bored/annoyed by the characters, but because of Stockholm Syndrome, I cannot quit anyway. Last chapter came out recently... I read it with total hatred... I cannot stand this shit anymore, fuck you Kazehaya, fuck you Sawako, stop making me lose my time with your "my high school crush is going to another college" drama.

I am done with this. Any thoughts people?
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I felt the same way with Nisekoi, which I managed to finally drop shortly before it ended.
Should have dropped that shit ages ago. It's the Bleach of shoujo manga.

There's plenty of better stuff to read, recently I've dropped and deleted a lot of manga that I've been reading up til now because I realised that while I'm wasting time with literal shit that I barely enjoy there's actually good manga perpetually languishing in my endless backlog.

Dropped at chapter 100 and I regret reading it that far.
Well at least the author didn't go down the path of bringing in random love rivals

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Tell me about her.
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Stop spamming rin threads.
Why are you only catching up years later on this bandwagon?
She can beat up 72% of /a/ in a street fight (with one weapon of choice). Her weapon of choice is her necklace which she uses as a brass knuckles and garrote.

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Why anime is catering so much for footfags recently?
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I don't know what you're talking about, please post examples.
I don't know but I've also noticed this disgusting trend.
I guess it's a very simple thing to include, and cathers to fetishists while normies don't even notice it. To be honest I only notice it because feet disgust me.
Foot fetishism is like among the oldest and tamest fetishes.

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Who is the best KyoAni girl?
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I dunno. I do know the best KyoAni boy though.
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This was so good. Did the story already finish? Also left or right?
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Silver > all. I don't think the LNs are finished yet, but I could be wrong.
First post best post
Why do people like silver?
Because she reference Jojo a few times? Because that seems to be her only likable quality to me other than her body, but every one of the girls in this show had a delicious body.

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>student council president
>it's a girl
Every time
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you want it to be a male you cockmunching fag?
That's actually a good thing since student council presidents tend to become best girls.
yamada and the 7 whores had all male presidents

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