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What is /a/'s opinion on girls taking other girls to dances and dates?
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Having opinions is for losers.
I just disagree with whatever other people say.
God Fine-sama still makes me wet.
Calm down Izetta.

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So...she ISN'T gay?
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Of course not.
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You're thinking of another Sailor Scout.
>Constantly talks about love and her senpai
>Is she gay?

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>shit show
>best ED
How did they do it /a/?
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had a lotta goat-tier OPs and EDs, that started going downhill halfway through shippuden though

in terms of the original series I wouldn't say it was shit, mediocre at its worst and pretty good at its best. Some really good moments but a lot of forgettable ones too.
Shippuden was a pile of dogshit for the most part though.
oh also, it kinda reminds me of the .hack//sign ed
https://youtu.be/F5dZfuQXOiw OP 2 is ascendant god tier as far as pre shippuden naruto goes

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14 year olds are literally the best
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They're good but not the best.
12-14>10-12>14-16>16-18>under 10>over 18

Posting last couple pages of chapter 5.
Please point out any typos or errors.
Broken ellipsis and inconsistent quote marks symbols are trivial and I'll fix them later, feel free to ignore broken commas and dots too, though pointing out any punctuation that seems extra rare is helpful.
Still posting 1 chapter a day, hmmm.
Also, if anyone has HQ illustrations from Yen Press please share them.
And yes, I'll share the full volume later.

Chapter 1: >>152935775 (colored illustrations inside)
Chapter 2: >>152976705
Chapter 3: >>153012570
Chapter 4: >>153060226
Chapter 5 Part 1: >>153101246

Oops, thread died.
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Since when did this sword belong to you?! You called it "Cilvaric"!! she thought furiously, all hesitation gone.

Perhaps screaming the way she did wasn't exactly the politest of tactics, but it certainly wasn't a stroke of luck. Asuna aimed for that very moment based on a specific, precise logic.

She was certain that the piece of parchment that guided her to this point was written and discarded by the first player. Messing up on the simple act of writing a number was, if not the act of someone with an FNC (full-dive noncomformity) disability, at least the sign of trouble with fine finger movements in a full dive—in short, proof of clumsiness. If she startled him at the very moment he moved the weapon from one hand to the other, he would surely drop it. That was her reasoning for shouting like that.

And she made it so the looting shrew would pick up the rapier so that she could kill it, thus ensuring the sword was officially hack in her possession. She would never let it go again and could light another player to protect her precious weapon.

Asuna pointed the tip of her Chivalric Rapier forward in a display of that will.

The first cloaked player clicked his tongue and squeezed the handle of the dagger.

But at that point, the situation took an unexpected turn.

In the back, Kirito turned and raced past Morte's left side, straight for Asuna.


As Asuna leaned back in surprise, he grabbed her around the breastplate and leaped into the hollow where she'd been hiding. He pressed her flat against the wall, covering her with his coat—and activating the Hiding skill.

Obviously, this was not going to actually hide them.

But the next moment, Asuna heard the reason why Kirito had done it. From the north hallway came a great many sounds of clanking metal, the sign of a group of monsters. But why so suddenly...?

And then it hit her.

Of course. It would be strange for such a thing not to happen in a dungeon after the way she’d shouted.
She couldn't see the cloaked men anymore, but she heard the first one hiss, "Shit, they brought a buncha mobs down to MPK us! The dirty bastards!”

“Ah-ha-ha-ha, coming from you?” Morte laughed, but it was not as confident and cocky as before. She heard them drawing their weapons, but as the monsters approached, his order to his comrade was tense and worried. “Never mind,it’ll suck fighting this many of them. We oughta pull back.”


“Whoops,that’s a dead end down there. We gotta sprint to the staircase, so do your best to keep up, bud.”


Two sets of footsteps raced away, eventually eclipsed by the raucous pursuit of the monsters. The sounds gradually, gradually died away, and disappeared at last.


No, not quite. There was one sound left, tirelessly throbbing in her ears in a bass register... the sound of her heart. The sound of blood rushing from her virtual heart. Or perhaps it was her real heart, beating so loudly that it got through to her ears. As she listened, the pulse slowly, slowly calmed, gradually pulling her away from the absolute state of tension.

For just a moment, she felt her wits grow distant, and she nearly dropped her rapier. But she would never let that happen again. She willed strength into her fingers and returned the sword to its sheath from her spot beneath the coat that covered her body.

In response to that action, Kirito let out a long breath and prepared to stand up from his crouch over Asuna. But she unconsciously lifted her right hand, pulling on his left as he rose.

There, right within reach of her arms, was the reassuring presence of her partner.

Yes... it was all right now. There was nothing to fear.
Asuna trembled powerfully, overcome by the sudden upsurge of all the emotions that had been pressed and compacted inside of her from the moment she fell through the trapdoor. Heat gathered in her eyes, and something roiled up into her throat. The strength went out of her knees, and she nearly slumped down to the floor.

But Kirito’s hand propped up her back. His voice said in her ear, "...You did well. I’m glad... you’re all right..."

Those words permeated her mind instantly, removing all self-control.

The demand that she had to be stronger.

The admonition that she was always getting help.

And the fear that if she showed any weakness, she would be left behind.

All these emotions were temporarily set loose, and she pressed her head against Kirito's chest. Through trembling lips, she blubbered like a young child:

“…I was scared... I was so scared...”

She squeezed her eyes shut, letting her emotions do the speaking.

“There was a ghost, and I fell into a pit… then I got lost, and dropped my rapier, and I thought I was done for... I thought I was going to meet my end in this horrible dark cave... I was so, so scared, ,so scared... I really mean it...”

Her whole body trembled intermittently. She clutched at Kirito's shirt, craving direct, if virtual, contact.

Suddenly, a pleasing, gentle sensation enveloped her.

Kirito was rubbing the top of Asuna's head. He repeated the awkward but heartfelt motion over and over.

“It's all right... You’re all right, he whispered," barely audible, but the steadfast will contained in those words was more trustworthy than anything else in this world.

"If we ever get split up again, I'll find you and come help. You're... my partner, Asuna."


Like the flipping of a switch, Asuna stopped trembling. But she didn't let go of him, and Kirito didn't stop rubbing her head. They kept a long, silent embrace in the little corner of the catacomb dungeon.

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Is 91 Days anything special or is just something like Gangsta and gets attention for being action?
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It has more than action going on, the families conflict an such. Better than Gangsta for sure, decent watch, had some good moments despite the usual QUALITY.
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>Comparing 91days to fucking Gangsta
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I wish I could see BD rips, the improvement looks good.

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Why aren't there more pear shaped girls in anime?
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Because Japan is a land full of women with stick legs. It's sad, really.
Hot damn those girls are lovely. I should look into this artist.

Find the Dofus/Wakfu thread.

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Was it rape?
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No means yes and yes means yes.

So no, it wasn't rape. It was just a bit of a surprise was all.
ok, what anime is this?

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This girl is 12286 years old. Say something nice about her!
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Welcome back.
Nice tits
You mean nice pubes.

>she's 17
>he's 28

why was this allowed?
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It was common at the time. In fact, Kaworu is a little old for marriage, a borderline Christmas cake
It was a different time.
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Because older male x younger female romance is the purest, most traditional form of love.

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perfect chocolate.png
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Why are brown girls so perfect?
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their bodies are built for sex

just like brown men
This better not be shota shit or NTR.
that looks like chink shit

Who is the absolute worst Shounen protagonist of all time? I don't just mean "Oh, he's kinda cliched and generic/annoying".

Which MC out there is so, so bad that you had to drop the series?

Pic related for me.
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Tokyo Ghoul is a seinen manga you stupid fuck.
>Pic related

But I agree that he was terrible in the anime.
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Best example a failed character.

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What was his name again?
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Lord Humongous.

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Ok, last special will be out Feb 24. Let's little speculate until then.
Synopsis for last special states:
>Sapphire finds Ruby before bathroom unconscious while being in camera mode. She then looks at her recording and is shocked by what it contains.

Now who do you think (and hope) that will on that "shocking" recording and thus focus of last special? Vote here:
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>no Tatsuko
Shirou and the old buttler washing each other private part in the bath.
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You can't have characters, that aren't currently present in Emiya residence in Miyuverse.

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Describe this 11 year old girl.
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Top breeding material.

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