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#part5 please
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Why did Johnny lose his stand the first time he lost all his corpse parts but kept it the second time he lost them?
It just works.

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Has there ever been a character who was more ruined by their doujins than Tohsaka Rin?
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Shimakaze says hello.
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Best Sensei.

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ITT : Anime you suddenly remembered for no reason
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Fuck, there was this one show with quest in the title and it featured a green haired girl. Someone help me out.
I always found this really memorable because my neighbor's house burned down while I was watching the finale
Is this any good? I liked Saya no Uta and Madoka Magica but I haven't really looked into Urobuchi's other works.

>MC and Megumi finally plan to fuck
>Megumi gets run over by a truck
What is Maruto thinking?
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What a waste. Maruto should have saved truck-san for Utaha.
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More forced drama to stall Eriri getting BTFO.

Good thing the superior spin-off featuring best girl doesn't suffer from this.
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Reporting to daily saekano waifu war thread, Haruno is best

Say something nice about Chain Sumeragi on her birthday!
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For werewolf birthday, I may as well dump Werewolf Mission.
I liked her character

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How do I cure my Shinka addiction?
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Season 3 when?
Shit taste is incurable.


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Chisame ruined Bakuon!! the same way as Azusa ruined K-ON!
Really makes you think.
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The only think Azusa ruined was my dick for fapping too much to her with a death grip
Chisame was ok.
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Is Anette still around in the future? Or did she die?

Don't forget, Stream today.
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Probably ded when BETA CHOMPED their way through Europe.

Thanks Katia.
Thanks Katia!
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Katia did nothing wrong

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Left by a lot

Middle and Right look retarded
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Kagura is tomboy perfection.

What did the poor girl do to deserve this?
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Ignorance, should have opened her mouth from the get go and give lelouch up.
A combination of bad luck and being unironically "too good for this world".

If she had been luckier, Lelouch's eye wouldn't have activated in that exact moment, or he wouldn't have made such a corny joke.

If she had been more cynical/evil, she simply would have had her guards arrest and unmask Lelouch on the spot, then put him under "house arrest" back home in Britannia indefinitely (basically letting him live his old life as a prince, only by force).

Or if she had been really evil, then she would have just killed him.
*Also, Lelouch's arrogance. He never wanted to hurt her, but he was arrogant enough to think he could involve her so heavily in his plans without her getting hurt.

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Has Guts lost his edge /a/?

Should he have never taken friends under his belt again after losing the Band of the Hawk
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Guts didn't lose his edge, the mangaka just lost interest in finishing the story. He's too deep in that loli rabbit hole to do Berserk justice anymore. We're lucky we ever got off the boat.
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>implying we're off it

they still have to go back to griffith's kingdom remember
Guts didn't lose his edge. Miura's release schedule is so shit that we don't see it as often.

Listen /a/, there are times when the author doesn't know what's best. Kishimoto was right. Komi was right. Kubo was wrong, dead wrong.

What good reason is there for Ichigo and Rukia not to be together? Why Bore-ihime? Bitch has no chemistry with Ichigo. And it gets even worse. Fucking Renji the Jobber? Is he trying to spite us?

Kubo had one chance to redeem the shitshow that was Bleach and we royally fucked it up. No one will remember this bowl of feces fondly thanks to him. I hope he's happy.
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The butthurt and tears are so delicious.
Given kubo was clearly intending for the ending to be as bad as possible, what makes you think the ship wasn't part of the formula
Did we ever find out what Aizen's bankai was?

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Should an imouto ever be so lewd?
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Mikan's the best.
She used to be a good girl.

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What's with the prevalence of suffering time travelers and loopers in anime? Why are they always so depressed?

Are there any shows with happy time travelers?
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Why would anyone use time travel if they were happy?
Go read Thermae Romae if you want non-suffering time travel
Not all of 'em are voluntary, you know.

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! !
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Holy shit, it's Jun-okaa-san.
Jun mon is qt

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