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did it update, cause this series fuels muh despairboner like nothing else does.
Last night yes.
>“If I send you plummeting down to the most transcendent depths imaginable so you mentally regress to a childlike state, won’t that revert time to before we passed that crossroads? True, you might forget how to speak and only babble like a baby, but, well, I’m confident I can love you just as much no matter what form you take. Kyah”
How fucked, fundamentally and existentially is the MC?

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>anime has "knights"
>they're just highschoolers in fashionable coats with swords
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it's okay anon, you can say re:zero
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>reality has "knights"
>they're just old British celebrities
There will never be a good portrayal of knights in anime because Japan is incapable of comprehending anything that isn't to do with Japan.

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Another chapter out:

Now i shall watch this thread sink into nothingness.
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This is your date tonight.
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I'm sorry, can you please get me a date from a more successful franchise.
She should put on her mini skirt and I'll consider it.
Isn't really successful considering that the original creators have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING with it yet it persists?

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>gets memed into believing this show's some psychological soul crushing stuff
>turns out it's just high school drama/relationship bullshit that takes itself way too seriously
I've never trusting /a/'s judgements again.
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/a/ is one person etc etc memes
>t. virgin
t. man

Only a woman could possibly grasp the depth of Kuzu no Honkai.

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>there are enough variations ffor a Holy Grail War consisting entirely of Sabers
>now they've started cloning Rin
TYPEMOON really has no clue what they did right the first time, do they?
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>Tohsaka Rin is now the literal goddess of prostitutes
>TYPEMOON really has no clue what they did right the first time, do they?
Can't argue with the money.
Going by the Mesopotamian gods family tree, is Ishtar Gil's great-aunt or distant cousin?
Shit confuses me.

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How come Goku got much more slim as his power level increased?
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It's like how computers got smaller when they also got better?

ugh its said many times that kaioken and ssj2 increase power but increase muscle mass as well. and thats why goku has a huge strain after he uses it.
But buff Goku is much better and original.

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>The angels are the bad guys
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>The angels are the bad guys but one of them is BestGirl so it all evens out.
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>the demons are far more likeable than angels
petite angel seems to be a semen demon

BASTARD! will forever hiatus ;_;

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What anime premier moment has had the most explosive reaction on /a/? I don't mean little stuff like a girl winning, I mean things that were a nuclear holocaust of threads for weeks on end.

I'll start with one that is probably close to the top
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>little stuff like a girl winning
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good anime, absolute worst ending

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What the fuck did I just watch?
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The best anime of the 90s.
Make sure to watch End of Evangelion if you haven't yet.
The result of EoE being refused from airing on Japanese television.
The Madoka Magica of deconstructions of the mecha genre

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The episode was absolute garbage. What the fuck were they thinking?. This episodic shit needs to stop or I'm gonna drop it, I almost fall asleep Jesus fucking Christ....
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Diana once again ruined everything.
God i despise her so fucking much.
>This episodic shit needs to stop
/a/ paid for this.

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How the fuck does something with quite literally infinite power lose a fight?
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Because he gimped himself on purpose.
He didnt understand how a drill worked

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Admit it, /a/. This is one of the worst shows in a looooooooong time.
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gabriel dropout is airing so it's not even close
not that i've watched hand shakers
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gabriel is good
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stop turning your brain off

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So how are they going to make a 1-cour show out of this series? They have like 8 chapters left of content to work with (while using 2-3 in each episode). I can only see this being absurdly stretched out or filled with OC.
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Can we all agree Demi-chan was a fucking MISTAKE?

That recent snow episode was a disater.
Just make an entire episode of Archer-sensei flexing.
I've only seen 3 episodes but that Kirino looking girl is annoying me so much I don't want to continue, the sucubus is alright and the dullahan is great, maybe episode 4 will have more of those two and less of the annoying and generic genki Kirino

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Ritsu is wearing Nodoka's glasses just for you!
Will you go on a date with her now?
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I wanted to go with Nodoka on a date though.
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No, I would never cheat on my wife.

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