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Fujiko dressed.jpg
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Why there are so few femme fatale in modern anime?
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Because it's a shitty archetype and anime already has enough of those.
They will experience a resurgence thanks to this lady.
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I wanna fuck Fujiko tbqh.

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What was the best decade for anime and why was it the 00s
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>dividing history by decades
if not decades then how would you divide up the history of anime? would there be a moe era?
Well at least you didn't say 80s, fuck those tards.

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Prove me wrong
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I really like her voice, is a bit different of the average.
>starts a thread talking about best girls
>posts worst girls

I'm 8 episodes into Gundam IBO and so far the only good parts are this shot of Kudelia's ass and the scene where the other hot girl paints her nails. Does it get better?
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>the only good parts are []
Do you mean this literally, as in, you have not enjoyed the battles so far, and find the cast boring?
Yes. I don't like all these boring boys, they remind me of 00 and Wing. This is a huge letdown after all the onee-sans of G-Reco
Then I'm not sure why you've watched it this far at all.

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What the fuck is her problem?
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Used goods.
>boyfriend lost his memory
>lost her powers to some inane scheme
>all her friends are losers
Too used to impunity. She tones it down a notch after she gets some tough love.

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This won't end well, will it? Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu for the however few of us are actually watching the show.
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>letting genres get in the way of quality shows
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Senpai, he ded for sure.

The moment that ear splitting noise started in the background and his acting got beyond unholy good I immediately thought pic related.

No catgirls allowed.
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Madara or Sakamoto.
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Who are you quoting?

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Is this true?
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Is it surprising?
1 out of 5 is not bad.
Because few people bother to fill out reader surveys.
No, that's not the reason.
Big hits like One Piece will take 30% of the votes at the least.
But there are currently over 20 titles running in WSJ.
That means that you have to divide 70% of the votes on 20 titles. The average would be 3.5%.
If you get 20%, you are way over the average.

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>random girls walks up to you
>nuzzles your cheek for several seconds

How does this make you feel.
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>walks up to me
>and touches me
unrealistic, reported
Disgusted,because she touched my Raf.
Really confident in the fact that I can enter a lucid dream, because this is a pretty good reality check; there's no way something like that will ever happen in my life.

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Rose is a sweet girl and she did nothing wrong. I'm even more in love with her after I heard the backstory and about her hardships. There's a reason why she didn't turn into a hellion.
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Why does Ufo have such a hardon for girls suffering?
Do Japs still hate her?
They shouldn't.

>Sad past that would make most people insane.
>Still manages to be positive and a very popular girl in her merchant guild.
>Helps out the community.

Yes, I'm about to replace my waifu for 11 years now.

Hey anons, it's my birthday today so can we have a nice peaceful Rei thread? Everyone is welcome even if you don't think she is best girl, but please keep it Rei themed.
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This is your new squadmate Rin. Say something nice to her!
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>Rin is the cause of the 4th shinobi war
>you want m to say something nice about her

Fuck Rin
>Fuck Rin

I want to FUCK Rin sexually that's for sure.

Why is she always pissed off?
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Because she's old.
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She just likes to bully people.
too old to get a bf
constantly tense from not getting the dick

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umaru shitpost.webm
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>10 million views and counting

sasuge, nugget
That can't be the case when there are several, several OPs that are better than that.

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real human bean, and a real hero
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Why is this popular again?
Good story with interesting characters, god tier OST and art style, one of the best final episodes a show can have, etc.
I think a better question is, why wouldn't it be popular? Most of the criticisms boil down to "muh words" and people not paying attention so they fail to make sense of everything that happened.
>muh words
But Bakemonogatari is somehow popular.

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