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/ck/ ?
I vote coffee
i go both ways

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Post only the best /a/ kisses
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White Album has the monopoly on these, sexual kisses, romantic kisses, WA1 and 2 has it covered.
Someone post Spider Man.
>my tongue started moving on it's own

This is nice.

Is there a most hateful character this season?
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I actually really relate to her
I want to fuck this slut
Can someone pretend to like me so I can ride this fucking bicycle?

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anime of the years.jpg
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Has this been updated for 2016?
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Here you go.

>AOTY: Reddit edition.
Yeah it's shit.

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Baki Dou.jpg
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ITT convince /a/ to read a manga with one page.
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Strong is beautiful
>reading muscle porn
Arent you meant to not give sauce in these threads so people would give you (you)s?
Am I missing something?

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Why are loli characters in anime/manga so sexually arousing?
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When a man gets older, he turns into a confused mixture of wanting to hug and wanting to fug. Loli is the shortest route.
>Loli is the shortest route

Loli are pretty short
For the most part, loli characters in anime/manga are drawn with several adult features. For example, wide hips, a slim waste, and a thin face. Real little girls don't have those things so they aren't attractive. Loli characters in anime/manga are more like very short girls with no breasts rather than little girls.

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Are they seriously censoring the serie??? Not really lewds lately... it is time to drop it?

Even in 4chan they are closing all related to it.
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I couldnt dl the censored one because thread 404'ed.
>Drop because no boobs
To each their own, but that seems pretty shallow a reason, especially if you are getting it free via scans. Just go look a porn, 4chan is full of it.
>Closing all related to it
Spergs being petty scrotum chokers. Main focus on petty. At this point one person can take a 400+ post civil thread and get it pruned. There's nothing that can be said as to what a goddam farce this has become.
Anyways its a function of this place not the series.
Is not "no boobs" if not the simple censoring. I hate censorship... like seriously, you dont like it just dont touch it.

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>the only good anime this season is actually the good anime of this season

I wonder if this is a good or a bad thing
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>>the only good anime this season is actually the good anime of this season
...what? I don't understand what you said.
Yeah, Maidragon really blew my expectations. Demi-chan is getting worse by the episode, I'll probably drop it soon.
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>the only good anime this season is actually the good anime of this season
Are you drunk?

>[HorribleSubs] Yowamushi Pedal - New Generation - 05

Come on boys, it's out.
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This isn't just dead, it's advanced dead.
R.I.P thread
Damn, you at least were able to get one thread out of a new episode of this in previous seasons.

I guess totally non-homoerotic cycling with all of your virile male friends is just not good enough shitposting fodder nowadays.

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>Worst show
>Best girl
How did she do it?
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Shit series.
Shit girl. A shiny and polished turd is still a turd.
Best girl was Tsunade though, even if she did sorta fade into irrelevancy by the end. The shit in her intro arc > anything Hinata related in the entire series.

Also shounen romance isn't engaging when it's with an MC as insufferable as Naruto is.
>he actually watched/read nuruto

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Anime webm thread
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I wish we had sound on webm's.
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smugness cascade.webm
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yuri bondage harem bath.webm
1MB, 710x400px

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coming soon F A L L 2 0 1 7
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This is going to be such a blast from the past since all these years of waiting added nostalgia flavour.
titel is "Invisible Victory" - its official
Will it cover main story and how much of it? Will we actually see Chidori killing Tessa animated?

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moe kaiser2.jpg
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This is a Japanese moe space kaiser.

But what are moe space kaisers for?
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Pledging loyalty too.
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Moe kaiser doesn't want such illiterate subjects. Into the grammarwagen you go.
Loving tenderly.

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How can a little girl be so handsome?
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was she ennobled?
>was she ennobled?
At some point, yeah.
I don't think she would refer to herself as Tanya von Degurechaff if she wasn't a noble.

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Holy shit, I never thought I would see a anime this good. It was fucking hot. How come I don't see a thread about this anime here?
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Kill yourself.
Uhh... Why?

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