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I have never self-inserted so hard in an anime
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>Implying you're dependable or have those strong arms

He's a great role model for /a/ though.
we need more middle aged MCs with strong builds in harems

no more gay little boy harem shit

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Seriously, what the hell is this supposed to mean? Is this Shirou at his most retarded?
>inb4 secondary
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It's pretty clear if you're not autistic
it means while you can be correct, it doesn't mean you are right

how hard is that to understand?
"right" as in "just"

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>good with money
>fluent in english

how can other rabbits even compete?
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She's not my wife Chino.
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That's my WIFE you posted.
>pretends to be rich

>>good with money
>good WITHOUT money


>>fluent in english
Can't even appreciate green tea or coffee.

Compare that to best girl.
>good at mathematics
>has imouto
>has money
>turns people into rabbits

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Trickster Episode 17

>Be a dick to Hanasaki
>Blame him for someone almost dying
>Ignore him
>Get surprised and mad he found other friends
I thought Inoue was supposed to be the rational one
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This series and its characters make no sense anyway.
They are gonna fuck in the end, right?
Inoue's been a jerk from the start, but I think he's finally figuring that out.

What I really liked about this episode was the "Kobayashi wants to live when Hanasaki is there, and wants to die when he's not." I will be hugely disappointed if there's not a homo end for these two, like what >>153150304 wants.

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Why is Onii-chan such a big meanie?
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>tfw reading the OP and the first thing that comes to mind is that this is how NTR corruption doujins start
I've been here too long.
Don't worry, it won't hurt as much after the first time.
Probably because you were being a cunt.

.hack//SIGN had fantastic atmosphere and effectively depicted what virsues in VR would appear like. The concept of a virus in true VR is terrifying and deeply disturbing and the anime conveys this.
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Did he ever use his character's abilities at any point or did the big monster following him around do all the fighting?
He did at the climactic fight. He healed people.

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Why is she so sexy?
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Because Asanagi is a god tier artist.
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She got nice tits.

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How is this shit still going?
It's some weirdo's rape harem fantasy that he jerks off to in the shower each morning without ANY porn.

Why are people translating it???

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> that handsome guy was given to a few female goblins

That's hot.
So why was he mad when that other Goblin tried to rape a human woman? Or when grandpa did it?
Man, just how deep is the author's gonna self-insert in, I hope everyone reading this is doing so to make fun of him

We wuz GODS

So now that Goku is officially Sun wukong does Vegeta get to kill him?
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Sun Wukong wasn't killed on the original novel, he was punished by Buddha and received a task to redeem himself by bringing the buddhist scrolls to China, what made him into a hero
And outside of a fanfic you will never get to read, was never horse-thieved/car jacked by Freddy Mercury and his amazing gang.
>Goku becoming more and more Saiyan-like to the point of risking multiple universes just for a good fight
>Vegeta becoming more and more human to the point where he's willing to pass up on training just to be with his wife when she gives birth

Posting chapter 6.
Please point out any typos or errors.
Broken ellipsis and inconsistent quote marks symbols are trivial and I'll fix them later, feel free to ignore broken commas and dots too, though pointing out any punctuation that seems extra rare is helpful.
Still posting 1 chapter a day, mhm.
Also, if anyone has HQ illustrations from Yen Press please share them.
And yes, I'll share the full volume later.

Chapter 1: >>152935775 (colored illustrations inside)
Chapter 2: >>152976705
Chapter 3: >>153012570
Chapter 4: >>153060226
Chapter 5 Part 1: >>153101246
Chapter 5 Part 2: >>153105648
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11:00 am, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 31, 2022.

Asuna stood in Shiyaya, a small village on the northern side of the fifth floor of Aincrad.

It was a Non-Code village, meaning that the Anti-Criminal Code did not work here. But Asuna was in a state of utter relaxation, without her sword equipped and without her armor on—without a stitch of clothing, in fact.

She could do this without fear because Shiyaya was an instanced map that allowed only party members within its borders.

And the reason she was not wearing clothes was that she was submerged to her shoulders in bathwater.


She stretched out her arms and legs as far as they would go.

The water temperature was a bit on the lukewarm side, but the floating bundles of fragrant fruit and herbs filled her nose with a pleasing scent that permeated her core with pleasant warmth.

Not only that, but the bath was quite large. Not as big as the great bathing chamber in Yofel Castle, but the granite bathtub could easily fit at least ten at once. It was clear that the dark elves truly loved their baths.

“I wonder it the forest elf village has baths this big...” she
speculated idly, trailing her fingers in the water. Her answer came from a short distance away.

"Not so, apparently. The forest elves have tiny baths, but their food’s supposed to be phenomenal.”

That was Argo the Rat, floating freely on the surface of the water. Naturally, she wasn't wearing her trademark short hooded cape, but even in the bath, those whiskers on her cheeks didn't wash off.

"Oh, I happen to think the dark elf food is quite good on its own," Asuna remarked, but Argo only chuckled without changing position.

"They bring out feasts like they came out of a three-star restaurant. But after experiencing this bath, I'd have to say that I personally prefer the dark elf side. Thanks for letting me into your party, A-chan.”

She looked up to the left. Instead of the usual two HP bars, there were now three.

"Don't be silly. I wanted to thank you properly, Argo, for camping out in the catacombs for an entire day to nail down the boss's attack patterns.”

"Not at all, not at all. I didn't do much. In fact, I should apologize for lettin' you and Kii-boy worry about me. And I hear you got yourselves into a bit of trouble when you came lookin’ for me?”

The events of two days prior returned to Asuna's mind in vivid detail, and she felt her face grow hot.

It0s not red, right? If it is, I can always blame it on the bath...

She glanced over to her right, where the floating information broker chuckled in all-seeing delight. Asuna lowered herself down to her nose and blew bubbles in the water to hide her embarrassment.

After Kirito's rescue on the third level of the catacombs two nights ago, Asuna resumed activities with him—he had been on a search for Argo, after all—once she had regained her composure.

Fortunately, they found Argo less than an hour after that, but
the reason she couldn't be reached by messages was not nearly as ominous as they'd imagined.

Argo was camping out in a small safe room right in front of the area boss's chamber at the end of the dungeon. It turned out the boss's name and appearance were totally different from in the beta. At first she was planning to mark the location of the chamber, then go back to town and put out her first issue, but when she noticed the boss was entirely different, she figured she might as well collect some info while she was there—a process that was harder than she expected and ended up taking an entire day.

The boss was an enormous zombie far too large to have been a human in life, heavily resistant to slashes, thrusts, and piercing damage, but by manipulating levers scattered around the chamber and solving a stone puzzle in the ceiling, sunlight could be let through to weaken the boss—assuming it was daytime, of course. Argo ran into trouble solving the puzzle, and at one point was basically just trying combinations out of sheer trial and error.

Thanks to that, the boss was defeated handily by a chosen group of top players on the thirtieth, but Asuna still didn't rest easy during the fight. Not just due to the openly competitive DKB and ALS, but even more so due to their reliance on Argos information as a whole—and the dangers that Argo was putting herself through to get that intel.

It wasn't polite to comment too heavily on others' playstyle, but there wouldn't be a better opportunity, so Asuna pulled her head out of the water and hesitantly asked, “Um, Argo...?”

“Hmm? What is it?” the girl replied, sitting upright at Asuna’s serious tone.

"...It was thanks to your work that we were able to beat the catacombs boss that easily, and I'm very grateful for that... but I think its too dangerous for you to be collecting data on an unfamiliar boss all by yourself."

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>King Gainer
>The Wings of Rean
>Zeta Gundam: A New Translation

What are your thoughts on 21th Century Tomino?

I generally liked his pre-2000 stuff but his new shows are terrible.
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Is Tomino just another word for shit writing?
King Gainer wasn't that bad though, it was okay. G-Reco could be better if it was 50 episodes, with 25 it was a clusterfuck with pretty visuals, but still kind of fun show.
Didn't watch ANT and Wings of Rean, can't say anything. But I saw some scenes from Wings and yep, they were really bad.
>Zeta Gundam: A New Translation

He created the absolute worst compilation movie in the entire medium, throwing in new and old scenes left and right something which ultra budget Z Grade 5000 USD productions did(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Godfrey_Ho).

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I'll dump some pages soon. Gotta finish that cup-a-soup first.

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Nobody? Anyone here even interested?
I'm interested, please dump.

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How would you rate each episode and why?
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>Episode One: 7
>Episode Two: 6
>Episode Three: 9
>Episode Four: 6
>Episode Five: 8
OVA 1: 10/10
OVA 2: 9/10

Characters plebs dislike. I've never seen an intelligent Megumi hater.
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Neither an intelligent Megumi fag.
Why did she put her hair in a ponytail at the end of the series?
Wow, she's truly mediocre in every way

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So most of the times, we are lucky to even get an anime that does not have the ''Read the manga'' ending. Then there are the shows that wrap up nicely (TTGL, Steins;Gate, Parasyte, Gankutsuo, Hellsing ultimate etc.).

But what are the best anime endings out there? What are the ones that not only tied up everything nicely in a wonderful climax, but also left you really satisfied?

My top endings are (From great to amazing):
School days
Wolf's rain
90's Berserk
0080 war in the pocket
Tatami galaxy
Every entry from ghost in the shell (except arise)
Neon genesis Evangelion (tv ending)
Legend of the galactic heroes.
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Samurai Champloo was amazing.

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