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I found it, can one of you translate it?
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Absolutely disgusting

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>see pic
>no Ichigo between Naruto and Luffy
>even the girls from precure made it.

Is Kubo ded in the manga industry already?
Will he create another cool story again and not fuck it up this time?
Will he be doomed to become the assistant of a top tier mangaka?
>even the girls from precure made it
nigger what, precure is popular as fuck in nipland. Also, Bleach is shit and got axed that's why it's not here.
Was bleach popular back in 2008?

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Wow Phichit looks a lot like Yuuri.
Why is Phichit so white?
They're not giving any of the characters skin tone apparently.

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With so many good shows this Spring, which are your most anticipated?
Mine are Berserk, fuck you I liked it and I'm a huge Berserk fanboy, and Shingeki no Kyojin S2
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Jesus fucking Christ.
The only show you should watch is a shotgun barrel while you pull the trigger.
Spring looks like shit.
I'll watch Uchouten 2, Natsume and little else. Maybe Bahamut will be fun for a couple of episodes like the first season.
Saekano S2

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Why is this allowed?
And does she succeed I don't want to waste my time on this otherwise.
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>Egg on a steak
No. A childhood friend character is introduced like 10 chapters in who is obviously going to hook up with him over the widow.

The only girls who lose more than Childhood Friends are older women.
It's too help mask that disgusting flavor and make it actually edible.

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ITT: unpopular opinions

subs with honorifics > subs without honorifics
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Mari > Asuka > Misato > Ritsu > Rei
Not shitposting > shitposting
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>subs with honorifics > subs without honorifics- 2 posts shown.
herkz is the only person who doesn't believe that though

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I'll start with Shiro, my turn has ended.
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I dont play video games.
>Loli self-insert

No thanks.

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> says he can move in 9 seconds of stopped time
>moves around in stopped time for over a minute
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Time doesn't pass by so long as you're talking/thinking.
Its a fucking cartoon you retard.
Time is just a number in anime :')

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Is this supposed to be a clock?
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It's a cock
Looks like a girl to me, but I could be wrong
But does it tock

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Is it that time of the year again?
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Will big-tits attempt to kill shota-kun in a yandere rage "if I can't have you no one can" scenario?
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Im hoping that the loli will win the grandpabowl.

I like this arc more than the 1st MC
>that time of the year
Fun fact: I looked up breeding season (or in heat) for humans.

No such thing. Turns out Humans can go anytime. (Though fertility still follows short cycles.)

I wonder if Animal genes break this mechanism.


Pretty much 50 million views. Is Haruhi a Gateway anime now?
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I've never watched Haruhi, but I like this song.
It's not gateway, but pretty entry-level.
Still the best concert in anime history.

I've watched Gundam 79, Origin, Thunderbolt, and Unicorn.
79 and Origin were both fantastic, seriously some of the best sci-fi anime I've ever seen. And Thunderbolt was just downright amazing - incredibly focused and a strong delivery of its themes.
Unicorn was pretty shit though, and from what I've seen of other Gundam series they tend to be more like Unicorn (teenage friendship power > geopolitical conflicts, stupid OP tech, cheesy writing) than 79, so I'm wondering - what do you think the best series are?
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Thunderbolt was amazing, IO fleming is one of the most refreshing characters I've seen in a while. Also that first person zaku destruction.
G Gundam.
Serioulsy, as stupid as it was it was also straight to the point.
MS Gundam, Zeta, Turn A, Gundam X and 0080 are the best.

ZZ, CCA, Thunderbolt, Victory, G Gundam, Reconguista in G, and Victory just below them.

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Will Namco ever give us an anime of cute cake idols doing cute cake idol things?
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No, but they will give us events.

I want to make Mizuki a single mother

This is a 28-year-old cake trying to dress and look cute.

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say something nice about usuka
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You died fighting and not like a pussy
go to bed moot
At least she's not Mari.

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What can you say about this girl?
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She pulls off a bunny suit really well.
Pretty sure she is canonically autistic
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