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Baki Dou 144

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kahahahaha what the hell

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Direct mirror of the Sekigahara page.
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And Moses stretched out his hand over the sea; and the LORD caused the sea to go back by a strong east wind all that night, and made the sea dry land, and the waters were divided.

End chapter.
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Was that a laser?

I'm actually more ok with it than with Musashi cutting the truck in half.
Fire hose.
First for Musashi.

R.I.P whoever isn't baki or yujiro.
What the fuck
I really hope those cops give up or at least he kills them offscreen. That's enough Musashi wank chapters in a row.
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Found what I was looking for; it's in a weird place in Dou.

So they sent *more* than what we've seen so far out to stop Morihei Ueshiba - who wasn't really doing anything that bad - back in 1921 or whatever, but they won't send more than one fire hose (nor as many soldiers) out to arrest a man who is so high-profile that they've begun to shut down portions of Tokyo in order to make sure he doesn't get away?
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The original manga is surprisingly enjoyable.
That line wasn't in the anime.
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Yeah, it is. Not the Bruce Lee name-calling bit, but the rest is.
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>this offends me, delete it
Didn't know Retsu was a tumblerina.
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no... NOOO !!

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It's still early in the morning. Bump.
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>killed a police officer
>still using non-lethal methods
It doesn't seem like jap cops actually have guns, at least in Baki. The guy who got cut in half probably got one illegally.
to bad the release schedule is at a glacial pace
I'm pretty sure every police force in the world had armed police in some capacity

t.noguns country with unarmed police but armed detectives
Heebs was an armed detective. Was.

It's speeding up, I swear. I think the next ~two chapters are about ready, at the very least.
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These cops are probably considered like Gaia by Musashi, big kids that have no real intention or methods to kill so they do not pose a threat to them, by the face musashi is making here >>153131970 I'd say he's already bored and that he will leave without giving these guys any more attention.
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RIP in pieces Retsu
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>by the face musashi is making here
Are you sure he's not just trying to figure out what the fuck the fire hose is? I mean, to any straightforward rational mind, it seems like a massive step backwards from the modern weapons he's encountered so far. I read that expression as a "the hell is this water gun thing?" expression.

>considered like Gaia
>big kid that has no real intention or methods to kill
If he coulda, he woulda.
>Was that a laser?
>musashi moves faster than the speed of light, disintegrating into fundamental particles for an extremely brief period of time in order to accomplish this feat without annihilating the earth
sounds pretty Baki to me
Baki already has light speed jabs, musashi could dodge lasers if he wanted to.
where the hell are you all getting this laser impression from
when has a laser weapon ever been attached to the top of a truck, in like any media format
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>Boeing to begin tests on truck-mounted laser weapon system
Still only exists in theory
And you know damn well what I meant
>Are you sure he's not just trying to figure out what the fuck the fire hose is?

To me that expression conveys more disappointment than curiosity.

If he coulda, he woulda.

That's my point, to Musashi, no matter how hard Gaia tried to kill him, he was never a threat.
Fair enough. But that makes me curious as to why he killed Heebs, but not Gaia. Heebs was surely no greater a threat than Gaia.
He was just fucking around with gaia but now he's serious.
What would you rather see? A better-scanned version of volume 17 of the second series (pic related), or maybe some Baki Domoe?
Because Heebs was overconfident in is gun and was straightforward, Gaia was trying to do a surprise attack.
A better scanlated version of the second series so we can finally burn the shit WFP did would be fucking awesome.
Thanks for the weekly dose of Muhsashi.
Thread posts: 58
Thread images: 34

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