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For some reason, Aho Girl is getting a TV anime.

By Diomedea.
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I guess it's because they're seeing that Fuuka isn't going to sell well so they're going to try again with another WSM manga? Though that would be weird given how poorly Mangaka-san sold.
Well. Fuck.
So who wants to flip the coin?

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>Anime about cooking needs generic anime romance subplots
>Hypersexual and aggressive women turn into a quivering mess when even thinking about holding hands
>For all of the hypersexualization, you never see anyone have anything resembling a relationship
>Even people's parents when shown tend to be single parents with no mother/father in sight
>2 characters appear to be in a relationship but never act romantic to one another

Does this explain the declining birth rate?
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Other way around
The anime is a product of the culture and ideology it was created in
No. What, you think Japan isn't having sex because cartoons won't show them how? That's stupid.

It's more likely the opposite: large parts of Japan's population aren't having relationships, so the kind of relationships they look for in fiction end up being weird.

So it DOES explain the declining birth rate?

I just finished Kill la Kill

Nui was my favorite character. I didn't like her at first but then I found myself falling in love.

What are your thoughts on Kill la Kill and Nui?
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Fucking annoying
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>What are your thoughts on Kill la Kill
A very flawed but very fun show. It had its fair share of low points but the high points and engaging cast make it an overall enjoyable experience. It also gave me my waifu.

>and Nui
Literal filth, worst girl by miles.
The only redeeming factor of that show

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I just finished Oda Nobuna.
Did you also enjoy the lolis?
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Goemon a best, I want to eat her.
S2 any day now.
S2 never ever

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Why does Nonon dress like this? Is she attempting to attract a mate? Does she just want to entice virilie young boys? Is she LITERALLY a succubus?
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>Why does x dress like this?
watch the anime

they explain
>Why does Nonon dress like this?
She doesn't.
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Why does Nonon have such a fat ass?

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Megumin has the best best body.
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I'm a meguminfag but if I had to choose one to use it'd YunYun only because it would make me look slightly less creepy

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Rin is a total BABE!
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>tfw only 25

Do you think that counts as old enough that I could pay Rin to fuck me? I've heard she does it with old men for cash.
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_______ ___ _______ ___ ___ ___ _____
No. Try again in 40 years.

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Why do the Japs love him so much?
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Because he's the ultimate cuckmaster.
He's a gary stu pacifist.
Fucking ew

Whoever drew that should be shot

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This Mary Sue and her bully squad blocks your path.
What do you do?
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Rape her then dump her body in they ley line

I'll get away with it too, or my name isn't Mohammed
Show them my dusty Elder Wand and ask them to clean it.
Scale the wall, bypass them, and proceed on my way

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>Iorin blocks your path

Quick, anon! What do you do?
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Rape her anus
beat her up

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>Hanekawa doesn't put sugar in her coffee

What the fuck is wrong with her?
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>OP puts sugar in his coffee
Once again, proving beyond any doubt that OP is a faggot.
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>Putting sugar in coffee
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Not putting sugar in her coffee is one of the few things that isn't wrong with her

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T-That's not how lasers work, Oni-chan!
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Who says they're lasers?
She did?

The subtitle has her saying "homing lasu"

Life is suffering.
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God's divine plan, man.
>walking home with multiple girls
>Think a girl is asking you out for a walk together
>its a group walk
>realize they now think you're a loser for expecting anything more

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>"I've been watching you for a long time, you should change your everything about yourself"
>"Implication is that I like you because I've spent such a long time watching you, but as you are now, you wouldn't even be worth a rejection for me"

>He trains hard as fuck nad becomes one of the coolest guys in school (if not the coolest)
>She just stays the same and doesn't improve at all

>"Now you're finally worthy of me"

Greatest love story ever told?

Greatest love story ever told!

Nisio is a hack
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Truly nisio's masterpiece.
Nobody bitches like Asian women OP

>it's a oneshot
Man this could have been one of the few new gyaru themed series, and it has a lot of potential.
But it's a oneshot.

wtf, hopefully this is staged

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