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Where are you fucks ?
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>[ron] Vivid Strike! - Volume 2 (1080p BDRip Hi10 FLAC)

>[ron] Vivid Strike! - Volume 2 (720p BDRip x264 AAC)

This obviously includes the 05.5 OVA. Seeding as fast as I can.
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Totally Not a NanoFate Extra #XX - 「They Stole My Gimmick」

Please also note that there was another bonus comic included with this BD which I wasn't expecting but have taken the liberty of scanlating and bundling with both torrents. This one is actually #02.5, putting it before the previous comic.
Is the 1080 an upscale? And would it be too much to ask to include VividTrans's script as an alternative sub track?
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Looks like Murata is a hack
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We bleach now.
> it's real

B-but I prefered the first version...

The 4 eyes looks silly as hell here, why the fuck.
sweet soul eater reference bro

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This is romance manga done right. Give us some cute shit, some drama and then cap it off with a good sex scene. Is that so hard?
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I remember literally nothing about this manga.
sounds like a boring as fuck romance manga. good for escapist neckbeards and not much else.
If this was an original creation and not based off a greentext story on 2ch's version of /b/, I doubt that "good sex scene" would have made it in

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>Anime full of interesting powers
>MC have a boring one

Why BnHA and HxH do this?
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I think Deku's is pretty interesting.

Not everyday you see someone breaking his hand to save someone.
They're only as boring as the setting allows them to be
square peg round hole problem OP.

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>people reacting Samurai Jack S5 trailer
>shocked at little blood on the screen
I forgot how bad the animation age ghetto was in the West.
Aren't you glad anime generally doesn't treat itself as kids' shows to the point of forcibly making the stories "kid friendly" where no living thing gets hurt even off screen?
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edgy shit with loads of blood is usually aimed at 13 year olds
You can show blood and mature themes without being blatantly edgy or immature about it.
>forcibly making the stories "kid friendly"

But you are wrong. Anime does that. But the shows that does it are the ones that are aimed at kids. Just like how western shows that are aimed at kids.
There are western animated shows that are more mature as well you know. It' just that most western animation is aimed at kids.

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>he did nothing wrong
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I wish people hadn't spread this spoiler, it so radically changes the way you watch the show.
Why has this become a meme?
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I don't get how this makes any sense.

So, Ichigo's first sword gets broken. And in order to "fix" it he uses shikai so it's a full sword again. (I also don't get why he never releases his shikai.)

And then his shikai gets broken, but somehow magically gets fixed with no explanation.
Why couldn't he have fixed the first version of his sword?
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just get on the ride
It's quite literally all plan of Aizen's keikaku OP
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If Aizen's keikakus can have plans of their own, do you think they can outsmart him?

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She's going to lose isn't she?
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She never stood a chance.
why do these god damn japs keep doing that? Write up a nice girl and completely shit on her

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What were you watching?
What are you watching?
What should you be watching?
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You keep misusing this word.
All anime before 2005 or so is overrated and dumb.
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>You keep misusing this word.

Forget it. It's a lost cause.

Which one is smarter?
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who figured out that the parasites were magic butterfies?
The one on the left.
Akko isn't "stupid" in the traditional sense, while Aqua is almost deliberately obtuse.

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>every single anime will have a group of people not liking it
Is it even possible to make an anime that will please everyone in this board?
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What a stupid question.
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code geass

ITT: Great anime /a/ forgot about
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That was boring shit. The somnifer anime before hyouka was a thing.

this sucked

are the later movies better
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No. Just watch Handshakers
>5.1 on MAL
is it actually decent?
kill yourself

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I fee gay watching this.
OP2 > OP1

Still one of the better Gundams overall.

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