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Is every KonoSuba girl a pantiless thot?
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This is the first time I have ever heard this word. But the urban dictionary knows it, so I have to assume it's real.
It sounds like a fucking abortion of a word though. Like you bit your tongue on the way to a real word.
Megumin and Chris have confirmed panties. The sluts hanging around the hero guy seemed concerned about having their panties stolen, but they didn't really seem to be wearing any either.
>Megumin and Chris have confirmed panties
Not anymore.

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/a/ are you willing to get a waifu like this?
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It's a small price to pay for eternal NEETdom.
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At this point of my life, I'd get any waifu that asked me out.

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fuck anime just fuck it i'm sick of it it's shit
talk about manga only in this thread
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I sure love anime, what are you guys watching right now?
>no discussion topic
>just "manga general"
Can't wait to see your thread on /qa/ complaining about wanting a manga board because this shit thread gets no interest.
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my manga nakamas will come to my aid, i believe in them

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I just started watching Bleach. What am I in for?
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>I just started watching Bleach.
>I just started watching Bleach
>I just started watching Bleach.

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It's my first time when i hate the Gundam pilots and want them be dead.
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You just haven't gotten far enough, they're the best by the end.
Depends on why you hate them, they are terrorists.
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Exia F. seiei.gif
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Of course you hate them. They're terrorists.
Hallelujah is also edgy as fuck in the beginning.

Give them time though.

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What is the purpose of giving these girls ages in the teens instead of just giving them normal loli ages?
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>tfw they're all taller than me
which one would you bully?
The one on the right seems super familiar. idk where tho. the blond one.

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images (34).jpg
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It's not a robot, dad.
Sheesh, you are always so embarrassing.
You know, sometimes I feel like you have an NTR fetish, the way you are watching me enter.
It's really creepy.

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Does Outlaw Star get any better? I'm on episode 7 and my interest is waning. The first episode set my hopes high with Gene shooting and then stabbing a dude; followed up by fucking a bitch; and then eviscerating a dude with a magic bullet. But since then the only thing he has done is get away from battles with wacky hijinks like a boring shounen protag. Space ships with arms are dumb. The cat girl is insanely annoying. And those caster shells that decimate everything and are overpowered aren't stocked because "they are old and nobody wants them lel",

The only thing keeping going the past few episodes was the ever present 90s "finish this shit fast" derp face Melfina has
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Sorry, anon. You're just too big of a faggot for this series.
You don't watch Outlaw Star for the story. You watch it to make screnshots and go complain on /a/ about how modern anime is all shit.
Outlaw Star doesn't actually get any better, mate.

It's an episodic series meant to entertain kids once a week.

You don't watch it for the story.

Has there ever been a manager in sports anime that wasn't a cute girl?
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she looks like the kind of girl who would have a big cock
Yeah, in Ace of Diamond. They had a guy in a wheel chair for one of the team's managers.

I really wish Sorey would just shut the fuck up and be fun again.
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>"You don't have any malevolence because you believe what your doing is good!"
>"Everything I did was pointless and a lie!"
>despaired scream
So, why is she not a hellion yet?
She believed everything that was pointless and a lie was good. Even the despaired scream was good.
>Even the despaired scream was good
Good for my dick at least.
Not gonna lie, I love girls screaming their lungs out in rage and suffering.
That's why I love Velvet so much.

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find a flaw
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>find a flaw
I found two.
You didn't capitalize the start of your sentence, and you didn't finish it with a period.
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I know its only episode 5 but I really thought she would be more involved.
She isn't bullying Akko right now

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What was the point of the rape scene?
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Pretty much this.
Pandering to the swedish audience.

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Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu was 7 years ago.
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Happiness was 10 years ago.
Years feel like months to me now.

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Choose one.
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Purple. Easily
The loli.
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If Satania was the MC of Death Note, how quickly would she be caught?
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In a minute.
Not at all.
Kira needed some serious flaws and bad writing to be caught. Satania doesn't have those flaws.
Why would Satan need a Death Note?

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