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If you watched Inuyasha for Kagome you're probably a homosexual now.
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I always wanted to see an upskirt shot but I never got it.

they're not likely gay, but they are dreadful boors.

main girls are always the boring option
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Has anyone been more deserving of a win than Haruka?
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How the hell did she evolve from a 10/10 cutie to a fatass granny?
Is that the Christmas cake in Rahxephon?
Fatass granny? What?

I've never felt like this before, /a/. The desire to kill someone and fuck them, in that order, is pilling up me within me. This alien in humanoid form needs to be eradicated from every timeline ever exist in this world.
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You appear agitated.
There were only a few cases where a character made me hate them so much that I wanted to kill them. This is one of those cases so I can't blame you OP.
I would advise against it. Lest you become the next serial killer, seeing as how she is 3DPD personified.

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Endings that got to you
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Rudeus dying of old age
Velvet Kiss
Wait I thought this was a Doujin?

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this manga so cute
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What was the point of Kaguya /a/?
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Wasn't she just tossed in there because Kishimoto had writen Madara to be way too powerful for any of them to believably overcome?
To cuck Madara

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Will Citrus save yuri anime?
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No. Citrus is shit-tier when it comes to yuri.
Unfortunately, there's not actually that much yuri anime either.
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I will never forget this day.

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Just finished watching Monster and found it very enjoyable. Went through the internet and found a whole lot of praise and acclaim, until finnaly stumbling upon a realy bad review/childish rant on the shows boring idiotic plot, pacing, charecters, langth and development. What ensued was a lot of pepole agreeing and some disagreeing. I'm geniunly intersted into how many of youguys liked/disliked it and your reasons for it (would appriciate actuall reasons and not just rants like the one mentiond above).
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Great series with great characters. People who dislike it tend to do so because they claim the pacing is far too long and could have been resolved far under the 70+ episodes. I personally don't have a problem with it though as I liked the fact the plot was so expanded/spread out to really allow the viewers to contemplate on the whole thing more. Monster's always going to be in my top 3 for sure.
Lurk for two years before posting.
You too.
I'm just starting ir OP, please just tell me if it has a conclusive satisfying ending. Also does the thief with rodent teeth become an awesome recurrent character?

Post them faggots
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You first
I already did, ignoring your sarcasm.

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Why wasn't Space Dandy more popular on /a/? it should be considered an instant classic like Cowboy Bebop and FLCL.
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None of those anime have casts of predominantly cute girls.
Because it was being compared to its predecessors as it was airing and soured people's opinion of it at the time. Give it a few years and people's opinion of it will change.
Various reasons, but the 2 main ones are

>associated with /co/

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Which is more cancerous?
>isekai where the hero is worshipped and treated like a saint with no effort
>isekai where the hero is hated and persecuted for no reason
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Treated as a saint is worse.
Being the praised for being a clean, well cooking and moral Japanese is so fucking tiring to read.
After some time I'm into it, it will be both.
worse, being praised as being a "nice guy"

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New chapter:Get in here bois. Satou just keeps giving.
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Just finished the series and loved it. Is there much more
Satou is so fucking based.
Majority of the second season was anime original. Manga is significantly better.

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Are we in an anime depression /a/?
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No, 2016 was a great year for anime
This year will be a good year

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Hold on to your pretty butts!
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Make or request /a/ related art
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Advanced 33-2.jpg
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Requesting Mimi Tasogare from Duel Masters and Mimibro-tan enjoying a nice slice of strawberry cake together, please!


Thanks if you pick this up!
Old >>152940875
Requesting a film based mahou shoujo.
With old cameras-like designs; film tapes flying around her or using them the same way a plant-themed mahou shoujo would use vines; flying fresnels to shoot lasers; you name it.

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