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Chu chu chu
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Umaru is for ______.
Never getting a second season
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It's not true!

If you had the choice between the two, which of these would you in having a new season?
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big O
Re:Zero. Fuck White Fox for pussying out on the ending.

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Can a westerner make a manga?
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I think I've heard of people self-publishinging their own manga in the west. Probably doesn't sell very well though. There's no publication structure for it here and the vast majority of your potential audience will never find out about it if you do self-publish. You could try asking /co/ about the possibility of publishing a manga through comic book publishers but I think they all require color and their preexisting audience is looking for different kinds of stories than you may be interested in writing. That said, I think if somebody wrote a break-out manga in the west that hit all the right notes for the entry-level anime crowd that watches things like One Punch Man or Attack on Titan it would be possible to generate interest in a western manga scene. Once interest is there preexisting publishers would have a precedent that shows the viability of the market and could start expanding down that path.
Of course.

If your art and storytelling is good you can be successful. Just distribute your shit on the internet for free. If it's really good, people will start reading your shit and if you're persistent you'll make a name for yourself and at some point also money.
yeah it is called comic

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Experience counts
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which episode
Hestia is a virginal goddess, she's pure.
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How is it possible for one girl to be so perfectly cute and lewd? She'd be the perfect mother but she would also destroy your dick.
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Kobeni has a fat butt!
A fat butt that I would kill to have on my face!
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>A trashy SoL with dragon maids has better character development and dialogue than any "serious" anime airing this season.

Why is that?
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>better character development
That's what you are for liking that trash
It's going to be a top contender, you'll see.

Episodes 36-50 or so today.

Live Stream Link:


Alternative link: http://pastebin.com/FSfApYGb

Starts at 11:30pm UTC, 3:30pm PST, 6:30pm EST

I make no profit from this, it's all just for fun.
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Poor guy.
5 minutes

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Run, run to keep your purity
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who dis
No. I will embrace my fate.
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Why is Succey such a pure?

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misuzu gundou.png
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What the FUCK is her problem?
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It's ok, when he wears a skirt she is a girl.
She needs that fluff
the fuck is YOUR problem?

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I just finished this masterpiece, it was perfect from begining to end, literally no flaws, it's probably the most inteligent piece of art a have ever watched, not only from anime, but in general.

This scene in particular... is this best directed scene of the audio-visual media ever created?. I did know that this show was gonna be special and I did know that it was gonna have deaths, but this... This scene is just so fucking great, it has not epic or sad music, or blood, or a close-up or an emphasis, and nothing, I don't know if that is the reason why (probably is just a part because I've watched this kind of stuff many times and it never felt like this) , but it actually fucking does manage to convey what you actually feel when you find out that a familiar/friend has died. It just feel so fucking real, everything in this show feels real, the characters, even the context of the abilities is actually plausible (its very possible that if there's a civilization advanced enough they could be trying to stop the theoretical eventual end of the universe caused for the lack of energy aka "big freeze"), I mean, even the most fanciful things would make sense in the real world, but holy shit...the fact that even the fucking deaths feel real is what put this in a entirely new level for me...As someone who loves Eva I'll have to say that this is better..

What does /a/ think about it?
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Lurk two years before posting, then kill yourself.

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What was the purpose of this story? I get the "stop being a neet" thing but not everyone has a supportive cute girl by the side
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>but not everyone has a supportive cute girl by the side
>missing the point of misaki this hard
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It was about people trying to act big even though their own house is a total mess.
No it's - "look at me i'm kusoneeto" gimme money so i do not need to work.

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Please thank the kind folks at World-Three for the scanlation.
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left or right?
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Right, in a heartbeat
Only a faggot will pick left over right.

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>watching anime at 1.5x or 2x the speed

Why do people do this? It's not like your time is worth anything.
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I do it if characters are just gonna flap their mouths for 20 minutes like that Re:Zero episode.
Which one senpai?
Some anime are shit and need to be watched in a shitty way.

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why did this happen
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It can't be helped
>maybe it's just a phase
To show you they were brainwashed into homosexual relationships during the period of time their hormones were at their peak so they wouldn't risk getting their partners pregnant, that way they avoid unwanted children and potentially those baby monsters which I forgot what they were called.

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