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This is Asuka. Get your dicks out for her.
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is she canon with the eyepatch and cat ears hat ?
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asuka is for girls
I like Soryu better. This one looks like she has chuunibyou.

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Why is she always so excited?
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Best girl sees the bright side of any situation, no matter how grim.
She is always thinking of cocks.
anti-sociopathic crippling deppression?

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Pink cunny.jpg
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The final novel of Zero no Tsukaima will be released THIS MONTH. Can you read it despite what happened to the author?

Does /a/ still wants to fuck Loise?
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I wanna fuck everything.
Siesta is better
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Henrietta slutting up.webm
3MB, 826x464px

WTF is wrong with this mangaka?
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It's an optical illusion that only works if you actually are reading from the physical book, you have to look at it slightly tilted.

He wanted to give the reader the perspective of being the soccer ball.
>you will never end up between a japanese soccer player's sweaty muscular thighs
this is the reason because all prefer the anime.

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Can someone explain to me why /a/ seem to rank LWA on top of this season?
Most of the character are boring.
The artsyle is bad.
It's not really fun.
It's not really cute.
The story is kind of shit.
The writing is bad.

LWA is the only show I have actually dropped this season. And to put it into perspective, I still have not dropped Schoolgirl strikers or handshakers. Yet /a/ seem to think LWA is AOTS. What am I missing?
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Kill yourself.
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you are weird.png
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I will if you can explain what's good about LWA.

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>Ghost in the Shell
>the next-gen Matrix
Jesus Christ, those baka gaijins
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>next gen
But it was there before Matrix.
>all those remakes and capeshit
Is Hollywood finished? They are so out of ideas they have gone to Japan for original movie ideas. Pathetic.
Nice ass

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comfy smug loli bitch.jpg
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It's out.
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A very important question:
Is she a loli?
What a cunt of a daughter she is.

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images (70).jpg
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Why is she so ugly?
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She's moegly
She's supposed to be you (female).
She's fine, I'd do her.

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Keions are dirty no-good whores! They only live for sex!!
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*except Mio
Fine by me.
>Paying 100000 yen to fuck that homungous forehead.

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1. Those who've read it, is it any good? How's it stack up to Zero?
2. Anime adaption coming out, except it's done by A-1. Is it going to be shit?
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Good for Mordred.
Additional question: was reading Zero and it said that the homunculus like Irisviel were created by magically-imbued 精, does this imply sperm or just essence/energies?
Considering it's Fate: sperm.

what the god-damned fuck am I watching
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It's genocide!
A story that was already hanging on a thread completely collapsing on itself and devolving into pure (if still enjoyable) nonsense.

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The first half of the OP is mediocre. Post a cap from the second half.
Disagree. Best OP of the season.

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Well-Well look what we have here. How will explosion slut and her pedo fans ever recover?

Keep in mind this is the equivalent of penetrating inside and then cumming and taking responsibility multiple times in Japan, the otaku world in particular
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aqua posting.png
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Sup Aqua.
Drunk again Aqua?
People who care that much have already read the LN and megumin is still winning the kazumabowl.

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yea he didnt retards just like making retarded memes
why with the wing

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So I just dropped hxh after watching 132 episodes . I'm not sure why I kept on watching it maybe because every 10 or so episodes it would have some great moments that convinced me to keep watching. What I just don't get though, is what people find so amazing about this show. hxh is filled with flaws for example: the "main plot" of kid wants to find his dad isn't really being actively pursued throughout the show with the exception of the greed island arc. There's no sense of urgency to find ging and yorknew city, heavens arena and the chimera ant arcs have very little to do with gon finding gin or even getting closer to him. (continued)
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(Continued) The Exam arc is alright and has some decent moments but overall is mediocre as fuck. Heavens arena is terrible with the exception of the hisoka fight at the end. Yorknew City is by far the best arc and starts out slow but has some great moments albeit a shitload of very boring ones but not nearly as many as heavens arena. Greed Island is painfully slow paced. Then there's the chimera ant arc which at 60 episodes is about 2/5s of the show and most of it is incredibly boring, filled with unnecessary characters and a ridiculously slow pace. Then once they assault the palace which takes up about half of the damn arc the pacing goes from very slow to extremely slow. The narration had always been a little excessive up until that point (show me don't tell me) but once they get in the palace practically every single fucking footstep is narrated and they could have easily cut that shit out and shown us what was happening instead. Sometimes the narration is completely unnecessary as what the narrator is explaining is painfully obvious and it's frankly insulting that the writers of the show act like its viewers are too stupid to see what's plainly on screen. Due to the pacing and narration moments that would have been tense and suspenseful lost all dramatic tension and became tedious. Netero's fight was great but by the time gon fought pitou and ended the fight via super saiyin mode in 10 seconds I felt disappointed after all of the hype. These aren't even hxh's greatest flaws however. The real problem with hxh is it's pointless story lines and characters. All throughout the show there are both major and minor characters that are revealed to have goals and motivations that simply end up going nowhere. For example we learn that Kurapika is dedicated to killing the trope but after killing 1 trope member he decides to say fuck it and just kind of forgets about them killing his clan.
(continued) Also there's no point to that mole bitch melody in the york new city arc. The writers take the time to give her screen time, a fleshed out personality and backstory and a goal and then her entire character and buildup for her involvement in the plot in the future is forgotten. The real problem with hxh is the lack of focus and a strong main plot. Will Chrollo get his nen healed, they sure did build up his inevitable confrontation with hisoka once he was healed but nope that plot line is completely forgotten. Kurapika and Leorio despite being practically main characters in the first 6 or so episodes are completely forgotten with the exception of kurapika during york new city. How does fighting ants get gon closer to his goal? It's like the writers took all of these great ideas from the source material but couldn't decide which ones to prioritize and then started dropping side stories as they went along. There are some great moments in this show however 90% of it is fairly mediocre or just flat out boring.
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Killua is cute!

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