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Do you believe in "waifu claiming"?
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No. But I claim my waifu anyway.
I remember that in the first waifu claiming thread on /a/ that I saw, the first response was "go back to /v/."

Evidently that did not help.
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Why do people like this series?
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because it's edgy
First volume is good.
Maria is a qt

This arc started with the reveal of Kiira, Kino and Kyurii as the three dangerous liminals.

>Kiira got 2 chapters - ch. 44 and 45.
>Kino appeared only in chapter 46.
>Kyurii shows briefly at the end of ch. 46, was mentioned in 47, and then from now on every chapter (48, 49, 50-... and it's still going) focuses on her.

Was Papi role only to befriend and introduce the Vampiress, anon? Back in the days, Mero's got a somewhat similar arc with Oct, but she's gotten some character development and was relevant to the end, though.

So, is it possible that Papi saves the day, in the end, and what's going to happen to Kyurii?
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Another shitposting thread made by the same OP.

Come back when the chapter drops in a week.

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Could Ippo or Mamoru even compare to this guy?
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Kenshiro and Jotaro could.
But could any character from Hajime No Ippo possibly out-perform Gaolang (picrelated) in boxing?
Is this a thinly-veiled attempt at making another Madara meme?

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The BETA from Muv-Luv have come along and they've decided to fuck up the fictional universes of the anime you've watched.

How much of a chance do your characters stand?

> Re:Zero - Not at all

> Space Battleship Yamato: Barely

> Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Maybe, definitely with Iserlohn

> Sailor Moon: ???
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>that vagina on the ballsack legs of the soldier class
I always wondered where it said Unit 00 stuck her modified clit dick in the events of Alternative
>you'll never get to fuck a soldier BETA
Anyone remember how many are supposed to exist? It was some exponent.

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It's the penultimate chapter for Jitsu wa Watashi wa and it's finally graduation time! Enjoy!
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What's /a/'s favorite Bleach asspull?
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That's not an asspull, you bumrushed faggot. That reveal was 4 fucking years in the making.
Anything involving the mad doctor. That fight where he injects his enemy a drug that accelerates his reflexes was Giorno Giovanna taken to its extreme.
everything about aizen until the last arc

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Is he the strongest shinobi in history?
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Well he lost so... no?
No that was Kakashi (after he received both of the coolest guy's eyes.)
he almost pissed his pants when he faced the 4 hokages

Who was your first 2D crush

And why was it Misty?
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My first ever 2D crush was /co/ related. My first /a/ related crush was Sailor Mercury.
I've never been romantically attracted to a cartoon.
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That's not Hinata Hyuga

This is your angel for the evening
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Nice template thread.
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Taps trully like Gabriel
she deserve win not this
het who just care of they crotch
>do i fit in yet?

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What /a/ thinks about live adaptations?
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they're fucking terrible
Thanks OP, I didn't know kissanime had a sister site called kissasian

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I hate Him so much after all these years realising he didn't do anything original with Eva.
Shin Gojira was good though
Why in particular? Or are you just trying to start a shitstorm?

Calm late night walk with friends.
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Color your favorite girl or scene!
Post successes or cool alt color schemes.
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Hopefully a later thread will stay free of troubled waters.
>no new chapter
I foresee another shitpost thread

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Why don't you believe this could happen /a/? It would work at the right speed and angle.
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fake and gay
But what about THIS?

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According to (Bushiroad) founder and president Takaaki Kidani, the company could be leading the vanguard for one of the latest trends in Japanese pop culture.

Kidani said in his column on Bushiroad's official website, "I feel that the idol boom that has continued until now is already finished this year. I think that strong content like the second generation's The [email protected] and Love Live! will remain. But as for a third generation, it's a situation where it will be difficult for a group to even stand out." The Bushiroad president said he believes the idol genre is saturated, and future idol anime and games may not succeed.

He said that he is witnessing the arrival of the band boom and has heard rumors of more projects. Kidani remarked, "I will be happy if BanG Dream! becomes the forerunner for that." Although Kidani had never cried while reading an anime scenario before, he said that listening to the second CD single "Star Beat! ~Hoshi no Kodō~" while reading BanG Dream!'s scenario made him cry three times.
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Also coming out

Tenshi no 3P.

Is the Age of Idol finally over?
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>while reading BanG Dream!'s scenario made him cry three times

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