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Tsurezure/Tsuredure Children anime this summer.

Studio: Gokumi
Director: Hikaru Kaneko

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I sushi this news

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水篠颯太 山下大輝
セレジア・ユピティリア 小松未可子
メテオラ・エスターライヒ 水瀬いのり
アリステリア・フェブラリィ 日笠陽子
煌樹まみか 村川梨衣
弥勒寺優夜 鈴村健一
鹿屋瑠偉 雨宮天
築城院真鍳 坂本真綾
ブリッツ・トーカー 斧アツシ
軍服の姫君 豊崎愛生
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>Cast: 山下大輝

/a/+/v/ dude.
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>Cast: 小松未可子
>“精霊機想曲フォーゲルシュバリエ” のヒロイン。

A fantasy anime heroine.
Forget to post official site.

>Cast: 水瀬いのり
>オープンワールド型RPG “追憶のアヴァルケン” で、

Open world RPG game character.

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precure geNOcide.png
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Precure thread
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This episode ended up getting way more serious than I expected this early into the season.
Seriously Soular, like holy shit.

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Would you help her or would you take advantage of her situation?
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>poop on the ground directly below her face
>go home and have sex with pet cat
I would tell her about anime and manga.
>not having seagulls poop on her

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watashi wa fat dragon dess
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Kobayashi is not fat!

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Only 10/10 anime OPs allowed in this thread.

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Like re:zero
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Is this a dance thread?
Needs more [DATABASE]

Oh boy here we go!
All aboard the feels train, it's time for final 2 episodes!
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>Tylenol PM fags in one post
plastic memories? I'd rather watch plastic mammaries
Youtube recommended me a scene from this and now you have come here and made this post. I guess that's a sign to add it to my backlog. Thanks a lot faggot.

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Today is Kanan's Birthday, say something nice about her.
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Her name sounds like Kanon
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why is it that there aren't any anime that depict sex scenes maturely
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It's a kinda touchy subject, which many people don't know how to handle, and more people still don't want to show publicly.

Not to mention heavily implications usually work better than raw and all showing demonstration of the actual acts.
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Japan Fertility Rate_graph.jpg
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Because Japanese people don't have sex

Because most anime are about children.

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>embarrassing moment in manga
>get up and walk around house
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God damn it, that werewolf is cute!
>embarassing/cliche moment in anime
>pause and facepalm
The strange thing is, anime is the only form of media that gets this reaction out of me.

Same. Haven't happened to me recently tho. Last time was this


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Is it true that the Prisma Illya movie is going to be all about Shirou and that Illya won't even be in it?
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Yes they are actually gonna make a movie out of the shitty filler flashback arc
Prisma was better when it wasn't a retelling of Heaven's Feel.
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Yeah, it's going to be great.

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mob saitama.jpg
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>having powers doesn't make you a special snowflake
>being the best doesn't guarantee happiness
>there are no shortcuts to happiness, so work hard

How can ONE create such entertaining works while distilling such good lessons?
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They're nice ideals, but the truth is talent in some areas is all you need to be popular and live comfortably.
>doesn't guarantee happiness
If you choose a cunt that don't like you back as a merit of happiness - sure it won't.
Anyone who played their favorite video game with cheats know that being OP devalues achievements and robs you of sense of accomplishment, nothing "good" about these themes, they're obvious.
Give us more OPM carnage.

Say something nice about Sasuke.
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He's an emo faggot.
His edgy mangekyo sharingan looked pretty cool
At least he is not too busy making more Uchiha.

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What am i seeing here?
A concession being accepted.
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>tfw Chapter 23 is out and we have no translation thread
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I hope everything becomes daijoubu
>that middle right Botan
My heart

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