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Kino thread?

I think a new Kino animated series could really be a magical thing, with even a little love put into it. Is there any chance, /a/?
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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter
What Hayate is the big brother of Nagi???
They have the same father???
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Whaaat? Hata, WTF?

Occasional reminder to always skip the first episode of this classic show.
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Reminder that the rest of the show isn't that good either, skipping the first episode accomplishes nothing.

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How do you feel about this Japanese fish?
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This is not /v/, talk about Kamiya over there.
I want to try an egg on her abs

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jojo posing.jpg
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Are the characters in Jojo chuunis?
They're all posing weirdly and screaming their attacks' names.
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> Screaming their attacks' name
By that logic every battle anime character is a chunni
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>not posing weirdly and screaming your attacks name
the fuck is wrong with you?

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Let's be totally honest.

Misato Katsuragi was a pedophile
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I don't remember her fiddling with any prepubescent kids.
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She's essentially diddling an underage boy in this scene
That makes her an hebephile at worst.

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Crimson Chin.png
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Since no new chapter, next month let's speculate the preview images for 348
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Why didn't I know about this masterpiece sooner?
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Not at all, the little girls are irrelevant, the older sister of protag and the eldest sister among the 3 girls are the only fanservice material, and I'm not into older girls.
Other than that, it's a boring game and predominantly male character focused.

tl;dr it's shit
It's the best shit that's aired in a while, so you could show some respect
I'm not a woman, and you can shove your shit opinion up your ass.

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Bring me another towel, anon.
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Get it yourself
Why do you need two towels?
How else is she going to dry her big baibais?

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female shinji.jpg
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Was she a lesbian?
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Admiring someone to the point of adoration and love /=/ Being a lesbian

She would love anyone in the same position and with the same behavior as Ritsuko, it's just that Risuko happens to be a woman.
Look at her hair

She's Ritsu-sexual

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Just watched ep. 4 and had to pause it 6 times. When does this show get good and watchable? Taiga is a shit, and Kushieda is a baka.

Let me know if I'm wasting my time.
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Taiga is best girl and Toradora is the greatest love story ever told. Stop watching if you don't see that.
The only answer.

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Kiritsugu Emiya.png
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ITT: Characters who did nothing wrong.
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Kiritsugu couldn't save anybody besides Shirou
That's not doing something wrong.

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>"By the way... I can see you."
What did he mean by this? Did he mean physically or philosophically? Was he referring to her naked flesh or her internal self embodied by her soul? Was this truly the thinking man's anime of its generation? It's existential scenes like this that really make you ponder the meaning of life as it applies to interpersonal being.
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>Have sex with me anon
OP's thoughts
>"Is this a trap? I certainly can't remember raising her levels of affection to the point of this? Sure, I've been a virgin for +18 years and I'd like to lose it with a special someone? Is this girl special to me?
~3 mins later of not speaking
>umm, anon I'll be leaving now, it's ok to have said you don't want me..
goddamn why is lelouche such a faggot i'd bust so many nuts in Kallen
nigga for real tho how can any homie not smash that

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Revy is for _____
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revy black and white.jpg
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Drinking with and fucking
Brutal raping in police custody.

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This kind of show is sometimes ruined (or at least goes through a slump) following the introduction of a magical baby, but it's looking pretty good so far.

This episode (92) was very good.
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good mother 1.jpg
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Geddons died for nothing.
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Last thread was not very Love You~

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