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This was terribly mediocre, why do jps love this shit so much?
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It has a certain quality to it that makes you want to see it again because otherwise you develop a crippling depression.
It´s something other than a bittersweet ending.
genderswap for normalfags
They all went crazy as it if was some novel idea that was never done before

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Will Hanasaku Iroha be remembered as a masterpiece?
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no it was boring

background porn though
Okada's masterpiece it feels very organic.

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Gentlemen, how do we stop her before it's too late?
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steal all the panties she stole from her sister.
She just needs a good dicking, she's in college now.
I don't know, but maybe surgery can put her mouth back to normal.

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How would /a/ deworm this sourpuss ?
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I want to protect that frown.
By letting others stab her in the cunt or cars run over her which would have happened if not for Masamune.
Be alpha and win her over with my good looks, assertiveness, smarts, and take her out on a nice date.

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What do you think about Gintama. (Gintama Season 4) so far?
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It's good but understandably it will be disliked by fans as it's mostly serious plot and not parody and comedy arcs.

This is almost the beginning of the final arc after all

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>ED song/animation plays
>theres five more minutes of episode after
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>look forward to hearing the ED all week
>there is no ED this week
>anime has an alternate ED that randomly replaces the normal one
>its much better than the normal one


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Would you touch this paper?
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I'd put a hole through that paper.
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you are now imagining what it would feel like to get a papercut on your dick

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What does /a/ think of Kodocha?
I've recently re-read the manga and honestly it aged so well, especially considering it's a Shoujo.
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>Kodomo No Omocha
I downloaded it recently but didn't start.
A few other shoujo series I thought would be dated was Hana Kimi. I pray for an adaption. The use of the 90s setting will bring a breath of fresh air to shoujo romances.
I remember a girl getting pregnant by her uncle
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IMO shoujo romance shines when it's underage romance

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Domo arigatou!

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Finally started watching Monogatari series yesterday. Watched 10EPs of Bake- and so far it's been pretty weird. But weird in a good way, I like it. And soundtrack + OPs are fucking awesome.
However I don't quite understand why people like picrelated so much and she's pretty much always at the top when it comes to "best girl" contests and similar things like that. I don't hate her but after 10 episodes I prefer pretty much every other girl over her. Does she gets way better later on or maybe in another Monogatari anime? Can someone explain why people like her that much?
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cool MAL post
Where do I subscribe?
Your post smells like bait but in case you're being serious then finish the first season before asking. You will find the answer pretty soon.

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after brave witches ended up being fucking dissapointing, what can we expect of a new strike witches season? (if there is even one)
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12 episodes of the Silent Witches waiting for that Fuso recruit to never come.
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Eilanya OVA4 clear.jpg
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Well, you've got brains, I'm sure you can think. None of us know any better than you. But BW S2 will happen most likely since that's most reasonable thing to happen in entertainment industry involved with capitalism given sequels make most profit.
So expect second season in few years time I guess. OVA4 is releasing in August this year so there's that already.
I'd rather the director go back and do a new season of Vivid Red.

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Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the official Frid/a/y night Osu! thread. Come join us as we touch circles, call each others waifu and favorite anime shit, or just make new friends.

All /a/ lobbies will have the password "rage" and can be found by simply typing "/a/" in the multiplayer search bar. Please make sure to choose songs accordingly to the lobby's prescribed difficulty.

We also have an IRC channel that anyone is more than welcome to join. It is found on the Rizon server. Channel name is #osubantz.
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someone please make a decent map for this


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Which path did you take?
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Hardmode: try to keep discussion as original as possible :^)

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Don't use emoticons on /a/.
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Rei is bestgirl, just sayan
"they're just friends"

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