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The Guide™
Read it: buyfag.moe
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Is the guide worth reading through?

fuck no
Read it and find out.

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>mfw Umaru Season 2 literally postponed my suicide
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>yfw a nigger breaks into your basement tomorrow and mistakenly shoots you because he gets spooked.
Reading these two posts just made me realize being on this site is why I'm so socially retarded. I'm going for a walk.
Have a nice walk, Anon!

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S2 when?
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Did you mean "Sore ga Seiyuu S3 when"?
Same thing.

Well, /a/?
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gay, no thanks
Sure, where is she?
Only if that drink is her pee.

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Would you use your allowance to buy her strawberry milk from the vending machine?
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No, my milk.
I'd fuck her against the vending machine and then take her allowance.
Yes, she needs to grow into an oppai loli.

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If I were that guy I would impregnate her
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Drowsy comfy while waiting forever.

If I were that guy, I'd make sure she ate a healthy amount of eggs.

Is this worth watching?
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If you're a faggot who doesn't care about mecha action you'll hate it.

Otherwise it's stellar.
Do it
Cool mecha action

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so I understand that teacher-student relationships are taboo, at least if the student is still underage/in high school.

But what about after the student graduates? Would some stigma maybe still be there like "oh my god, that teacher is dating his former student"? Especially among students and teachers at the same school
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Not sure OP, would be interesting to see get explored. Picking up Gal Gohan, thank you.
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chap 12 pg 1.jpg
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or is it something like the student should be at least 20 years old since that's when you're considered an adult in Japan?

Otherwise, maybe Gal Gohan Chap. 12 discussion?

Not sure I like the introduction of the student council member at the end of the chapter who's effectively becoming a "public morals enforcer" for the club. Sounds like she's just gonna introduce some unnecessary tension and drama when I'd rather the series just focused on the main relationship. The one saving grace I can think of is Miku's gyaru friends finding out about this interference and joining the club to start some hijinks to get the SC member out.

And/or the principal giving the club his blessing because Miku's actually learning useful skills for the future whether she becomes a chef or just a housewife while offhandedly reminding Yabe that teacher-student relationships are technically not allowed.
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You will not regret it

or at least maybe until the end of this latest chapter and some unreleased chapters with this new development

This girl is absolutely adorable and beautiful, true waifu material with how devoted and loving she is

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Has Yukarin expired?
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Fruit cake doesn't expire.
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This anime is racist, it implys that isekaiers can not cook as well as japanese.

Will we ever get an anime as good as Macross 7?

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yes every other macross
>pop shit from other macross
>as good as rock from macross7

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is he gay?
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No. He's just too busy being a single dad to Hamster-Chan to be able to date and stuff.
>10 years of density and not fucking his qt friend who wants the d BADLY

honestly, he deserves hamster's abuse

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Galko Sisters.jpg
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These are your gyarus today.
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And this is your meat for today.
>noo Gal Mother
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Galko breast tanlines.jpg
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What did they mean by this?

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What's your favorite "ecchi" anime?
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To Love Ru

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Are the Netflix shows quality or QUALITY?
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I really, really, really, like Kemono Friends.
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But why the sad Serval?
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they really really really like you too, anon
This sure was a nice surprise for me when I peaked at twitter.

Then I realized his youtube and niconico irodori/irodoriginal accounts have a bunch of little shorts. I guess I'll check them out tomorrow. A lot of them have a really weird atmosphere. Webm not exactly related, though still weird

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