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Why is this allowed?
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Me on the left.
She's so flat, she would be a line when viewed from the side.
Purest form a love between an imouto and her onii-chan.

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Why do anime producers make so little money?
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What does a producer even do?
masturbate to anime girls
They're part of a microscopic creative industry owned by publishing cartels in a country whose economy has been crashing in slow motion since 1993.

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When will Reiner suffering ends? Do you think Eren will try to talk to him first or will he go full Grim Reminder?
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What do you think?
Grim reminder never ever.
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I can see Eren doing pic related once he kills his people

Do you think the reason influence of a mangaka's teacher is often obvious in their works is because the young assistants choose to work for someone who already inspires them or is it because generally assistants are just young artists who want to draw anything and then learn their style and way of doing things from the teacher and never question whether it can be done in other ways?

Basically, is being so obviously influenced by your teacher's style the sign of someone who never had any vision and just carried on their sensei's teachings or someone who always knew what they were going for?
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It's never a one clear thing. But I doubt many young artists can allow it to be picky.
I assumed they didn't have much of a say in the matter but I am curious about the process of selecting assistants. Like if an artist is known for violence, does the editorial staff look for assistants that specialize in realistic gore or do assistants just generally come in saying they'll do anything and then when they want to start their own series, they naturally imitate the person they spent the most time with.
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Your English isn't particularly good, and it's not clear what you're asking.

Look at Keisuke Itagaki's works for a prominent example of independent art evolution.

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Big Mom's pirates have easily some of the best designs in the entire series, what's your favourite?

also spoilers tonight
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Why is he so perfect, anons?
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New chapters of "love-ru: ninjettes" is out.
Is this the best ecchi manga today?
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I forgot that this exist.
Updated slowly, but is hella worth the wait.
Is there an alternate title or something? Searching for it only turned up /a/ threads for me.

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Old man is survived.
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Plot thickens
God needed him to do more NTR
Did he find new girl

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>it can't be helped
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Pink Aoi has pink farts
shikata ga nai, faggot ja nai
>character goes fast

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>be Shounen manga MC
>dad is either working abroad, dead or never mentioned at all
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All Might's gonna cuck Mr. Midoriya just you wait.
But a lot of Japanese fathers actually are working abroad or dead.
You can't be cucked if you don't exist

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Read: Leave story, characters, plot, developments and anything related to the writing untouched. Same applies to the audio design (at least as much as it can). Only rework, update and upgrade the visuals in form of art and/or animation.

>Bonus points: visual rework turn the show into an almost perfect show.
>Bonus bonus points: name the studio and type of artstyle (generally speaking) that you think would match best.
Stylistic approach close to Zoku Shou or IG Productions Moribito
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New novel when? Anime continuation when?
Make Xabungle look like Gurren Lagann.

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Today is her birthday.

Happy birthday, Satania-sama!
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reddit character
Demons are not born. They are dropped.
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Here's your present, Satania-sama~

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Nina Fortner
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Shit anime but if it ever had a 10/10 claim it's that there's no burger in sight
Nina make the series because she made....
Johann is the sole reason Monster is not a solid 0/10. Literally the most pretentious pile of feces masquerading as a story.

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Chapters 262 and 263 translations wheeeeen???
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Why Hana so ugly?
what are you talkign about? she's like one of the cutest ones

This is the best isekai.

anime version, not the shitty manga
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The live action is actually pretty fun too.
What, seriously? I didnt know it existed.
Nah, it sucks.

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BD rip when?
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After you clean your room and sort yourself out bucko
What did he mean by this

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