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You wouldn't send a little girl to war, would you?
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Depends on her specs.
you're speaking about her as if she's a computer. she's a human being!
In times of war, people need to function.

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Happy Miuna Monday (and Valentine's Day in advance) from Orchestr/a/


If you would like to participate in future songs please visit:
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>that fretless bass
It took forever to find someone who had a fretless bass but it was worth the wait

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This guy just joined my party. Does anyone know his name?
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That's the bathhouse owner.
First post best post
Sha ra ra ra sha ra ra ra sha ra ra ra sha ra ra ra shan shar rarara shan shar rararararararara SHAN! SHAN!


JACK joined your party.

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is Masamune-kun a flop?
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More importantly it's a shit.
/thread. Can't believe i actually checked out the manga what a fucking piece of shit how did this get an anime?
The preorders are pretty horrible right now so unless something changes soon, yes.

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>Alright, here's your generic,cute,quirky talking animal companion that will stay with you for the entire mang-


I'm in love with this series.
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Nice, that's exactly what I wanted him to do.
>Cute talking animal companion
>Invasion of Evildoers that corrupt normal people
>MC chosen to be the hero and inherit the megical power
I think this Manga is missing the Magical Girl Tag.
Let's hope that little shit isn't some sort of QB and won't ever come back.

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>you're waifus face when you tell her you love her
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Post in this thread the rarest pepes and cute 2D's related to law course
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Just kill yourself.

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one of my youtube friends did a good discussion talking about panty and stocking character designs actually giving me ideas about the show i never even thought of have any of you noticed how they use the character designs to promote the themes of the show https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5S2yY1FXoU
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Fuck off.

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This is a elementary school girl with her girlfriend. Explain them why this is wrong.
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It is not wrong.
It is beautiful.

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Tomorrow I will gather all my courage and ask Mugi out.
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She's 25, anon. Are you sure she hasn't already been married for five or six years with her third baby on the way?
Have you been married for five or six years with your third baby on the way?
fags can't marry in nipland

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ITT: Characters only normalfags like.
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Chihiro is patrician-core.

She represents the background girls who you'd rather go after but don't have a route.
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ITT: Shonen asspull powerups
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All battle tendency
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final getsuga.jpg
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Plot force.jpg
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Mechazawa-kun seems to be weird lately. is it just me?
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I guess chicks dig bald guys, I never knew.
Is it just me or does he remind you of a fridge or some other house appliance?

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What are you reading/translating/cleaning & redrawing/typesetting?
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One Piece, Black Clover, Shokugeki no Soma, Haikyu, Boku no Hero Academia, Demon's Plan and the Author's Comments from Jump.
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what do you mean?

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So can we finally agree that Ryuko's ass > Satsuki's ass?
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Ryuko > Satsuki
But I'm not a fan of stuck up bitch characters in general so I'm a bit biased. Besides, Ryuko is cuter.
That's a great figurine though, is it fan-made or official?
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Hot damn, I may just have to go full degenerate weeb and buy one if it's in my price range.

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