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>just a group of supporting characters are best girls in the show

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They really didn't get enough attention outside of that one episode
its kyoani magic i aint gotta explain shit
They hardly get any screentime though.
Only Muse seems to be relevant as a character.

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and it's finally here!

And on Valentine's Day, the holiest of holidays...

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Oh, right, the link.

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Would you join the literature club for her sake?
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I still think Kyon was a dick for making her cry
>literature club
>reads the SF Hyperion

No. I'd go back to real Nagato and kill fools with her in LAN parties.

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manbavaran incest arc when?
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Why is LWA flopping lads? It's not fair.
It's flopping?
The nips don't like western cartoons.

Just for you, /a/.

We can make it a Hokuto no Ken thread if you want.
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I only watched 20 episodes but I have a little collection of those.
>only 20 episodes
So you dropped it just as it got great?
area any of the spin-offs worth reading, same goes for the ovas/movies

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Why is Kurapika so perfect?
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Because he's cute.
Has it been confirmed he's actually a boy an not a reversed trap?

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>50 days
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>24 episodes of people yelling in a courtroom
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I stopped at when Hannes got eaten

Someone redpill me on the story

Will season 2 consist of a bunch of people talking?

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So, anyone watching retro stuff here? Currently watching pic related, it's cool and it fills up my need for cyber dystopia material.
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You keep doing it.
Did I say something wrong? It's 90s stuff, it's old enough to be considered material as far as I know. Especially since the artstyle isn't something that would appear in anime that come out nowadays.

If you have a feud with a anon, I suggest you keep it for yourself.
Retro does not mean old.

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>no ass
>flat as board
>bland and boring personality
>vastly inferior to other characters in the anime

Is she the worst character of the season?
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>Is she the worst character of the season?
Not so fast.
She's just there for self insert.

I like her.

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Never forget about your waifu anons.
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Good taste
>seasonal waifus
Not him, nor have I found the one deslite years of searching, but all waifus were at onw time seasonal.

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ITT conclusion never
>You will never live in the database again
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I dropped it while it was airing the first time because it was kind of slow to watch week-to-week but I recently marathonned both seasons and I want more. I hope the author has his tax fraud sins forgiven eventually.

>tfw William's stupid speech actually impacts you
>tfw you're the real sucker now

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>people still defend this garbage and destiny to this day
truly baffling
I liked the opening thene
Eh, I think it's okay before the part where Athrun and Kira become friend again.

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this shit is promising indeed
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What a damn retard.
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Is the MC literally retarded? He has a dumb look on his face in every fucking panel and he just sat and watched as a frog turned his girlfriend into a mutant.

Fucking dropped

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Are you looking forward to Fish Blowjob: The Movie?
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Sombody say fish blowjobs?

Never heard of this movie coming out and quite an introduction to it. I am intrigued.
PV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W5W9eHDxBDc

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Will there ever be another moe anime golden age?
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This is Ritsu
She likes drums
Say something nice about her
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These are Ritsu's legs
Say something nice about them

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