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Looks like Kiyoshi is becoming as oblivious as Chiyo. I guess they're meant to be after all.
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I wonder exactly how this misunderstanding works. I imagine it's related to the kanji being mixed up.
I can't think of a single character who isn't oblivious to some degree...anyways, check out the raws for the next chapter, things get ugly
if we have raws, would a kind anon care to do a dirty as fuck translation?

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For me, it's rolling girls.
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What is "Shows you know you watched but can't remember a single detail about"
You don't remember Stones?
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Best girl

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How the fuck was Wyald taken prisoner by humans?
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He probably let them.
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For fun. Diversity of experience. He could kill for fun in there, all while pretending to be a prisoner.


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Friday night has arrived! And so it is time to party the night away. Post gifs and webms of dancing cuties

And also come listen to anime remixes and EDM tunes straight from Japan, mixed live by our damn fine crew!

Link is in the pastebin

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Was she your first fap?
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no this
Stephanie McMahon
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Can't even tell you how confused hot springs episodes made me feel. Special mention also goes to .hack.

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Do you guys ever come up with shitty, or interesting ideas that would make decent manga? What do you think would be a cool story if drawn by the right people?
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I had an idea after watching Trigun for the first time, about a gunslinger that can only shoot things with bullets that ricochet of something, and cant shoot in a straight line for shit. I thought it was hilarious, imagining him setting up a street sign in the middle of a gunfight then running back to cover
I had an idea about a comedy/hentai of a working girl and the struggles and adventures of the nightlife. Or a male escort who keeps getting mundane jobs instead of dates. Not because he's ugly or non-sociable but his first client thought he was a handyman and recommended his friends to him.
Imagine punching somebody so hard that they turned into a door. Then you found out that’s where ALL doors come from, and you got initiated into a murder club that makes doors. The stronger you punch, the better the door. So there are like super strong murderers who punch people into Venetian doors and shit.

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Koume is best girl.
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Kon is best girl
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Happy Birthday Setsuna Ogiso!

The long awaited White Album 2 Valentines Day thread is here, feel free to come here to say something nice about Setsuna and wish her a happy birthday.

White Album 2 series torrent - https://www.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=597884

White Album 2 Visual Novel Torrent - https://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=86626

Visual Novel English Patch - https://www.baka-tsuki.org/project/?title=White_Album_2

Kazusa Vocal tracks (at least she tried with Sound of Destiny...) - https://www.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=884978

7 gigs of White album songs - https://www.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=679620

Kazusa playing classical Piano songs - https://nyaa.proxydesk.eu/?page=view&tid=505780
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>long awaited
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>White Album 2 Visual Novel Torrent - https://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=86626

First download a program called 'Daemon Tools Lite' to mount the eventual images you'll create.

After you have downloaded the torrent, extract the files with WinZip.

You should have 4 files that look like

White Album2_1.mdf
White Album2_1.mds
White Album2_2.mdf
White Album2_2.mds

Then use Daemon Tools to 'Mount Image' and pick the top one)

IIRC Japanese Moonrunes shouldcome up that you can click to, when it stops and gives you an option in more moonrunes, mount then ext image you extracted and then click it, it should continue.

After it's done, get the patch file from the OP, find the Leaf folder on your computer and open it to find the WA2.exe file, this is the place you put the patch

It should work, all of IC translated, and apparently only Setsuna's route in CC translatedand none of Coda translated, also a lot of the options at the top are in japanese but I'm managing fine without them.

Have I fucked these instructions up?


I've been waiting since that last thread where we had the idea

Have I missed anything?
Call it WA2 thread next time, okay?

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>there people who unironically think he won't 1 shot a sweet commander
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It's basically a guarantee that Sanji is stronger than him tho
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Ichiji will BTFO everyone soon.
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Friendly old person.jpg
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Would you meet her requirements?
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1 - im a big fat fuck, so have lots of potential strength she can mold into strong dude

2 - i want to die and do no fear death, so am fearless

3 - live im bumfuck nowhere, not near capital

4 - probably younger than her

5 - i dont smile, but she claims it would be nice, not necessary, so i think this counts for me too
isnt this the really fucking edgy anime?
No, it's the anime about little girls being fucked by giant dragon cock.

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After rewatching all of Dragon Ball from start to finish, I ask myself "Did my preteen, toonami washed brain block out any subtle hints that these two fucked?"
I mean, after this nigga saves her in ep. 19, Bulma's cunny has to be the wetest thing since Aqua-sama.
I am not familiar with 30 year old Dragon Ball canon.
Did they fuck?
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they better have. Young Bulma is still the cutest anime chick I've ever seen
Back before I even knew how to handle my boners I was looking at Bulma. I mean I know I am like 15 years late, but I guess I never had a reason to watch DB in its originality.
But now that I am, I am asking myself how much was cut out of the US release of the dub.
I mean every 5 minutes is a dick or boob joke.
Man no wonder why I barely remember this as a kid. Fucking US censors must have had a field day with this.
On a side note, does anyone have the "4kidsTV" version edit of Black Lagoon.
I saw it 2 weeks ago and I regret saving it.
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bulma slut.png
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What a slut. Showing her pantsu to a whole audience.
Jeez I though Bulma was best girl of the DB franchise.
Chichi is a husband hungry naggy bitch, Bulmba is a panty flashing whore.
Is there any DB girl that is worth the waifu status?

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Got damn is she ugly
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delet this
i wana suck her face

I don't care what anyone thinks,this is the only version of Death Note worth anything.
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>I don't care what anyone thinks
Then why did you make the thread?
he wants people to care about what he thinks
Does it only cover the light vs L conflict, or does it end the same way as the manga/Anime?

Why is this allowed in what is technically a shoujo manga?
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Why not?
girls like boobs too. breast envy among grade school and middle school girls is a thing.

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